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The turning of the year provides an opportunity to set a clear intention for 2022. Uncertainty and fear will surely persist, but that can’t stop us from enjoying a meaningful year, if we create a reliable compass to navigate with. That’s what the following is for.

“Something wonderful is happening”. I first heard those words during a solitary writing retreat in Mount Shasta. The cascade of insights that have developed since then will appear in my new book but are concentrated here into a brief New Year’s Eve 2022 activation, intended to help us make this our best year ever.

We’ll begin with this activation:

Place your hand on your chest.
Something is beating your heart...
and steering the stars.
Feel that miracle!

Be Grateful

Something wonderful is always happening, obviously, because our hearts keep beating and the stars aren’t colliding! Something is in control and I call it Love. But Love, or God if you prefer, is more than a divine janitor doing maintenance work. Love is creative. Love is intelligent. Love is transformative. And Love must be the force behind the chaos and uncertainty we’re all experiencing. Love’s plan must include all this radical disruption.

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For years, personal development gurus have referenced the caterpillar-becoming-butterfly metaphor to describe human evolution and transformation. But the way this model has been applied to humans has minimized the human implications of the caterpillar dying before the butterfly is born.

This transformation happens in a cocoon, a chrysalis, and it’s not romantic. The caterpillar digests itself with enzymes that dissolve its tissues into mush. Caterpillars literally disintegrate, before reconstituting as butterflies. But that part of the process has been under-reported. "Our promised transformation will be virtually instantaneous. Something magical will activate our incredible potential and we will soar into the heavens as Humanity 2.0. In fact, it could happen right here during the weekend seminar!"

Quite the opposite seems to be happening. We’re not flying; we’re trudging through a morass of chaos and the world is engulfed in fear. “What if I get Covid? What if I infect someone I love? What if I get the vaccine and experience severe side effects? What if I can’t pay my bills? What if I lose my job? What if vaccine passports become law and trigger a descent into fascist totalitarianism where all our freedoms are revoked? What if I die?” Which, in our culture, we fight against to the bitter end.

Make 2022 Different

Faced with more of the same, and no end in sight, what could we do to make 2022 different than 2021? First, let’s develop some confidence in what’s behind the scenes of everything that’s happening.

If you place your right hand over your heart again and focus your attention, you will feel your heart beating, which it does about 80 times a minute, 100,000 times a day, 35 million times a year, and 2.5 billion times during the average lifetime. There’s no battery for this, no wires and no wireless power source that we invented.

If you gaze skyward, you may see the sun, 91 million miles away. Perhaps you’ll notice a few of the three billion trees on earth swaying, with a handful of their quadrillion leaves fluttering in one of the three global winds, the prevailing westerlies, the tropical easterlies, or the polar easterlies. Beneath your feet, each tablespoon of soil is teeming with over 50 billion living organisms, including one billion bacteria.

The earth is rotating at the speed of 1,000 miles per hour while orbiting the sun at 67,000 miles per hour. Our solar system travels at about 448,000 miles per hour and, at this speed, will take roughly 230 million light years to traverse the Milky Way. The Milky Way galaxy is spinning at a speed of 130 miles per second (not hour), while hurtling through space at 1.3 million miles per hour.

Meanwhile, back inside our human bodies, 330 billion cells are replaced every day. That works out to roughly 3.8 million cells dying every second while the same amount are created. Lunch travels 30 feet through our digestive tract, which hosts over 500 different types of bacteria, and 380 trillion viruses live in and on every human body, more than all the stars in the universe.

Something Wonderful Is Happening

Given the unimaginable complexity of Life-in-action, how could one not feel confident that whatever is controlling all this is fully capable of handling a virus, climate change, supply chain issues, and a few rich old men who want to rule the world?

Something much, much larger is going on. In fact, something wonderful is happening. But it sure doesn’t look or feel wonderful. How could it? What happens inside the chrysalis will always prove fatal to the caterpillar. And this is what we’re feeling, our own impending mortality and perhaps, some predict, the near-term extinction of our species.

But ... Love/God is in control. There’s a greater power at work. This doesn’t mean that we can fast forward through the goo stage and soar into the heavens next Tuesday. Nor does it mean that we should sit on our hands and wait for a miracle.

Life will become more, not less, oppressive. We will find ourselves confined in prisons of all sorts as we die to our caterpillar selves in order to be reborn as the butterflies we’re destined to become. Since this is not a two-hour Hollywood movie, we’ll be in these cocoons for a while.

Advance the Transformative Process

Think about how different the butterfly is from the caterpillar and ask yourself: “What might I become?” But here’s a more practical question: “What should I do this year, different than last year, to advance this transformative process?”

If all this seems confusing, daunting, even impossible, that’s because it’s such a formidable unknown. So, let’s reference one profoundly powerful success story. Someone already completed the transformative journey we are undertaking. I’m referring to the historical figure of Jesus.

Mentioning this has nothing to do with religion; it’s a relevant success story. If what we read about his life is accurate, he didn’t fight against his oppressors. He didn’t even try to avoid his imprisonment. He voluntarily entered his chrysalis (cave) and emerged transformed, ascending into another dimension of being. And he remains vividly real today to many millions of people.

Jesus wasn’t on Facebook. He didn’t have an email address, he didn’t tweet, and he wasn’t on Oprah, not even once. There was no internet back then, no television, no stadiums or churches with huge congregations. He just wandered around the desert and spoke to a handful of people. He had twelve disciples, not millions of fans. He was persecuted, crucified, stuck in a cave, yet ... somehow, he completed his personal transformation and shattered the status quo in a way that still inspires us today, two thousand years later.

Focus the Power of Love

Jesus demonstrated the power of Love through “concentration.” To understand the principle, picture this scenario: It’s a sunny, cloudless day. You place a piece of paper on the ground outside. Nothing happens. Now, you hold a magnifying glass above the paper. Again, nothing happens. Finally, you jockey the lens into the exact position where it concentrates the sun’s rays onto the paper and ignites a blaze.

The power of the sun was there. The paper was there. Even the lens was there. But until that lens was focused, nothing happened. When it was ... transformation!

The sun symbolizes Love. You are the lens. And the paper? Wherever you aim Love.

So, we have the ability to directly participate in the transformative process, if we learn how to focus the power of Love correctly.

This is what we can do with our lives in 2022: We can learn how to focus the power of Love. It starts with giving up trying to become a better caterpillar and committing to transformation into the unknown. And that’s as simple as being fully present in each moment without complaint or judgment, finding the most appropriate and effective way to give and receive Love.

This is how we can make 2022 our best year ever.

Nietzsche wrote, "He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how." This can become our why. And for those who doubt – and we will all doubt at times along the way – here’s a fact that none of us can dispute: We are going to die. You are going to die. I am going to die. We are all going to die. We will experience a fundamental transformation into the unknown.

Here’s a radical thought: What if the caterpillar-becoming-butterfly metaphor simply describes death plus whatever mystery comes next? And what if 2022 becomes the year you and I finally accept and appreciate death as a natural part of the life cycle, rather than continuing to fear and deny it? I wonder if the increasing possibility of species death is connected in some weird way with our denial of individual death? That’s worth contemplating.

Be An Inspiring Example

Here’s something else to ponder: What if our understanding of “retirement” also underwent a fundamental transformation? Some cultures respect their elders. Some elders deserve that respect because they continue participating in society as mentors. Some even contribute their amassed wealth to improve the lives of others.

Imagine... rich old men releasing their grip on the world and allowing youngers to steer. What if they stopped protecting and increasing their wealth but shared it? What if they gave up trying to increase control with a one world government through The Great Reset? What if they welcomed death as transformation, rather than fighting to delay it as long as possible with obscenely expensive “end of life” care, or avoid it entirely with A.I. technology?

Imagine them even quitting their obstruction of efforts to address climate change and abandoning their dreams of escape to another planet when this one is ruined.

Well, I won’t be holding my breath waiting for “them” to change. But I also understand that nothing motivates like an inspiring example. Remember that famous restaurant scene from the film When Harry Met Sally, where Meg Ryan’s character faked an orgasm and an elderly woman nearby said, “I’ll have what she’s having!” She wanted that experience.

Our Mission for 2022

So, here’s our mission for 2022, should we decide to accept it: to become inspiring examples of just how fulfilling it is to make expressing Love our priority. We need to glow in the dark! We need to make this practice irresistible and we can, if we become experts in what I call Love Casting.

Who knows what miracles could happen in 2022 if we actually did this? Who knows how our personal lives might change, who we might inspire, and how the world at large might transform? Rainbows and unicorns aren’t likely, at least not over the near horizon, but it will be fun to begin flying before we get our wings.

Inspired by this vision, I’m feeling more confident, more secure, and more excited than I ever have at the beginning of any new year. I can’t wait to find out what amazing things could happen! And I won't wait. This is the moment ... something wonderful is happening ... I am creating the future with Love, right now!

Your Own Energetic Blueprint for 2022

Let’s complete this New Year’s Eve ritual with one final spell. Speak these words to create your own energetic blueprint for 2022:

I accept the reality of this transformative process with gratitude.
I choose to give and receive Love as my personal priority.

I concentrate my transmission by being fully present in each moment,

for the benefit and the blessing of all beings.”

Enjoy your transformational process in 2022, The Year of Activation. And spread the word!

Copyright 2021 by Will T. Wilkinson.
Reprinted with permission of the author.

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