Working in Harmony with Life-Force Energy
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As humans, everything we do requires energy. We need energy each morning to open our eyes, get out of bed, and plan what we’ll do next. From our first month in the womb to our ending days, our bodies use this energy to keep life flowing. You can think of this energy like fuel and your body the vehicle.

So what is this fuel and where does it come from? It is a universal energy that flows through everything. It has no tangible form. Instead, it is energy from the same source that creates our cosmos, our Earth, and our human bodies.

Many religions and belief systems have different ways to talk about this energy. Some call it God or the I AM. To simplify terms, I am going to call it Source, Source energy, or life-force.

Working with Life-Force in the Process of Co-Creation

Most of us don’t spend much time thinking about Source energy and how it affects our daily lives. But we actually work with Source energy to create our human form in a process I call co-creation.

If we can understand how Source energy flows into and sustains our body, we have more control over how we use this force. As beings who can co-create, we have the opportunity to work with Source in ways that enrich our lives and, when the day comes, also enrich our deaths.

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To understand how we work with Source energy to co-create our lives, let’s start by exploring the fundamental building blocks of how this life-force interacts with our physical bodies through three central structures called the dimensions of light, the chakra system, and the aura. Each structure represents a different aspect of our consciousness that is essential for living our lives and experiencing death.

Structure #1: The Dimensions of Light

When explaining the journey of co-creation to my clients, I typically start with the analogy of a layer cake. Everything exists within a giant layer-cake of energy: layers and layers, one on top of the other, that start at the bottom, beginning with the first layer, and move upward to the infinite.

There is no value system attached to these numbers and layers; higher is not “better.” Each layer is simply a different layer of energy or light with its own vibration, density, and information. As a whole, this layer cake encompasses everything from the busy world around us, to the universe, to our individual bodies.

The Third Dimension (or Layer)

We experience Earth as humans in the third dimension—linear time, space, height, width, and length. The third dimension is near the bottom of the layer cake (third from the bottom). Most of us don’t think much beyond this third-dimensional existence on a day-by-day basis. That isn’t good or bad, right or wrong, it just is.

For most of us, our connection to the human experience really only involves knowing the first three layers: the planet Earth (first layer or first dimension), plants and animals (second layer or second dimension), and the human form (third layer or third dimension). Unless we find ways of connecting to higher dimensions (layer four and beyond) we pretty much exist in the third-dimensional world alone.

I believe this is part of the reason why we’re here: to allow Source energy to experience Earth in the third dimension. But as co-creators with Source, we have the opportunity to extend our understanding beyond the third dimension and recognize:

* We all come from Source and will return to Source.

* Our bodies are vehicles for Source energy in the third dimension.

* Source energy allows us to access other dimensions and be multi-dimensional.

* Each dimension of light contains information we can use to enrich our lives.

* When we access these higher dimensions, we can activate new levels of consciousness.

Information is stored in each dimension and our consciousness can help us rediscover and use this information in our daily lives as well as during the time of our deaths.

Consciousness: Consciously Aware of Co-Creating

Consciousness is the state of being aware of something within oneself. It has been defined as a sentience, awareness, having control over one’s own mind, or having a sense of selfhood.

To me, consciousness is being fully aware of my role and my own power in creating my life. It means trying my best to wrap my head and heart around the concept that I am manifesting or co-creating everything in my existence—good, bad, and ugly—each and every moment of my days. It’s as if my life were a self-contained play in which I am not only the writer, the producer, the stage hands, and the actors, but also the audience.

Living fully connected to the responsibility of co-creation and being conscious of our every moment is a lot to comprehend and accept. I find many folks are more comfortable pondering the subject than actually embodying or manifesting it, while many choose to remain ignorant of or even reject the concept completely.

Beyond the Third Dimension

Consciousness is a foundational essence of how we choose to live our existence. It is the ability to be aware and understand that although we are living in the third dimension, we can access other dimensions of light that can help us move more peacefully through life and death.

We are all vehicles for Source energy in the third dimension, and because of this Source energy, we have the ability to connect spiritually and energetically to access infinite knowledge via the dimensions of light. This infinite knowing is a part of our birthright, but as humans, we often forget most of what we know until we activate our higher senses and spiritually connect beyond the third dimension.

When we learn how to tap into these higher layers, we become aware of other bodies of co-creation. Just as we are the bodies of the third dimension, each layer has its own inhabitants, including those who serve as gatekeepers and helpers. Some of these are known as angels, arch-angels, master guides and teachers, and much more. When we are connected to these realms, we can find great solace in assistance from these gatekeepers not only in our lives, but also in our deaths.

The Human Being is “supposed to be” the gatekeeper of the third dimension, on task for connecting collective humanity with the planet and its second-dimensional keepers of plants and animals. Personally, I am not impressed with how the collective human race is doing with this task of gatekeeping the planet and its inhabitants. If we understood our role in this bigger picture, I assume we would treat others with love and kindness, as well as take better care of our planet and its elemental kingdom.

It is important to remember that dimensions of light allow us to access all we know from Source. Our individual bodies contain information in our DNA, our cells, and our energy bodies. Our meat-and-bone body holds most of our answers about our life as well as our death. Learning what we need to know, working with that information, and releasing what is no longer valid all happens via the chakra system.

Structure #2: The Chakras as Fuel Centers of the Body

“Chakra” is a Sanskrit word, and it means wheel of energy. The job of the chakra system is to push life-force energy throughout the human body and spirit. The system includes seven wheel-like spinning vortexes or energy centers that run down the center of the human body.

Each chakra wheel corresponds to a layer or dimension of light coming from Source. You can think of the chakras as divine fueling destination points allowing cosmic “gas” to fuel your vehicle. They are not anatomical (not a physical part of your body), they are incredible energy centers that activate and ignite during gestation and de-activate during the death process. Because the human body is a vehicle of consciousness itself, the chakras fuel our human organs and our mental and emotional states as well as our spirit.

Each chakra has its own job in fueling the body, and when they run at optimum levels, the human body is healthy, happy, and balanced. But when any chakra is not being fueled or is out of alignment with the Source, the body will be affected on a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level. This dis-connect, or dis-ease, is what manifests as “disease” throughout the human experience.

The human body energetically suffers or dies according to the imbalance of the life-force energy. In death, how the chakras shut down plays a key role in helping the human body return to spirit. We de-activate, the reverse of the birth activation, to die and return to Source.

I believe we choose to come here as an individual intention with a particular purpose and we have the privilege to co-create through this chakra system. When we understand the concept of our body as a vehicle (with the chakras as the system that brings in the fuel to run or power the vehicle), we can understand how important it is for us to maintain and fill our own tank, and begin to take more personal responsibility for our lives and our deaths. We can also better honor other’s choices on how they find their fuel to run their own vehicle.

Again, you can think of the first structure, your conscious body accessing dimensions of light, as your vehicle for Source energy. The second structure, the chakras, take in the gas and use it to create power. 

Structure #3: The Aura or Energy Body

The aura or energy body is a luminous body of energy that surrounds and interpenetrates our physical body. It is a structure that helps anchor the life-force energy to our physical body by taking the energy that comes in through the chakras and storing it in different layers called energy bodies or fields. Think of it like a gas tank. Each auric field stores the fuel being taken in by an individual chakra.

Not unlike an automobile, you need a vehicle that runs, gas to run it, and a tank to store the gas. When your vehicle is running in top shape, from good gas held via a healthy container, life is easy, synchronistic, and in harmony. If you have no gas, or a faulty tank, the vehicle will eventually break down and die.

These fields, or fuel tanks, hold Source energy and vibrate at their own frequency. If the chakras take in the fuel, the aura allows us to embody Source energy. It is this vibration we feel when we meet someone for the first time or can sense someone is near.

Think of what it feels like the moment you first meet someone. You might innately sense you will get along well with this person. Or maybe you sense you will have trouble finding common ground. Oftentimes, you perceive these feelings even before any words are spoken. This is because you’re already picking up information energetically about who they are by sensing their aura.

The aura primarily anchors life-force energy to our physical bodies. Source energy comes in through each chakra and moves to the aura where it is held or stored in its corresponding field. All we experience or EMBODY moves through the aura. 

Working in Harmony

Our three foundational structures need to work in harmony. When we find dis-ease in any structure, we ultimately will find disease in our experience, whether it is physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. This process is how the human form ultimately chooses to leave this 3-D plane of existence, and physically die.

Yes, I believe we do choose to die. This is a difficult concept for many when they, or their loved ones, are in the death experience. We do not necessarily see this as our choice in this plane of existence, but we do choose—from the soul’s standpoint.

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