surrender to the process

Ever felt like you were falling through space? Everything that held you and tethered you has disappeared and evaporated. You are simply bobbing in the cosmos awaiting your next signal. You look to the right; you look to the left. Up, down, over and around, yet, there is no sign indicating your new direction.

You are all dressed up and with no place to go. Your foot tap, tap, taps restlessly on the edge of the galaxy. Is anybody home?

You took the leap; you made the jump, but you are still floating and drifting through time and space. You are free falling – and lest you belittle this stage of your development, know that this part of the adventure requires huge doses of courage. It's hard to keep the faith; much less the knowledge that there is a larger vision to be had when there is nothing — nary a blip on the screen –- to call your soul forward to its larger, best self.

Spiritual Funk: What Will Happen Next?

There was, way back when, the glimmer that gave you the push to take the leap, but the free fall has whipped and whittled away the fine light. You just feel the rush of the downward trajectory and worry what will happen or, more precisely, not happen next.

The not-knowing is crazy-making and unnerving. You are accustomed to having a focus and concomitant plan. Your heart is thumping; your mind is playing Suduko with "what if" scenarios; and your adrenaline levels are looking like Pike's Peak.

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So, what is a free-falling, spiritually-inclined person to do? Pull off the galactic highway and take a little snooze or hitch a ride on a screaming meteor? 

There might be another way.

Stay in the Game: Surrender & Allow

Surrender to the process and allow. By fretting and crunching and cramping and knotting, you only make yourself miserable. If you allow yourself to go with the flow, the ride is less bumpy. Scarier, yes, because you have no idea exactly where you will end up, but easier and less jarring to self and psyche. And who knows, the unknown could be totally fun and satisfying. You know what fear is, now try a little faith — faith in yourself, faith in your process and faith in whatever face or name you give the Divine.

Remember that law of physics that goes something like this: the more things are in motion, the more they stay in motion. And, conversely, if you stop, it is very hard to get the energy revved to get going again. Therefore, if you pull the plug on your free fall now, you will have lost valuable momentum as well as the grace of your initial commitment. Stay in the game. It has your soul's handprint all over it.

Be Creative: Follow the Energy of Delight

The article: Spiritual Funk--Surrender to the Process by Adele Ryan McDowell

Don't think. That's right: don't think. It really will not help you at this moment. Thinking can take you out of your body and away from your feelings. You feelings are excellent detectors and trackers of what calls you forward.  

Observe what crosses your path and presents itself to you. The cosmos abounds with symbols and portals. You may zig; you may zag, but follow the energy of what delights you, tickles your fancy or fascinates you. Being excited, curious and interested are signposts to lead you to your next platform of unfolding.

Allow yourself to be creative, even in the simplest of ways. Creativity is life force. It keeps the lights on inside the home of your being. Do whatever sings to you and you will always be on the right track, free fall and all. 

Surrender to The Perfect Moment

Welcome mystery. Flirt with the unknown. Tango with enigmas. Put that rose in your teeth, stomp your foot down, take firm hold and tango until the cows come home. You will have had one terrific experience.

And, above all, remember that the time-space watch has many, many cogs and wheels that must be in alignment. Trust that it all happens at the perfect moment, not a minute sooner or a minute later. You aren't too late, missing the boat or behind the curve, you are right where you are supposed to be.

Now, smile. This is all to be fun.

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