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Viewing your life through your ego lens inevitably makes you doubt yourself. If your intention is to speak your soul’s truth and share your wisdom, you’ll often be misunderstood by others. Your ego will tell you this is because you’re a loser and you’re too different to fit into or succeed in this world. But once you remember that you carry a light inside you that cannot be extinguished, you’ll no longer doubt yourself. Your uniqueness is your gift.

Your physical self is part of the reason why you struggle so much. Your body is a great weight that you carry in this heavy dimension. Sometimes this heaviness is too much and pulls you away from your divinity. But your body is also a great gift that can be used to connect to the Divine.

Practical Steps to help you rise into Higher Frequencies

There are several practical steps that can help lift you into the higher frequencies. These include physical movement, getting outside in nature, feeling gratitude and laughing with others; there is also meditation to quiet the mind, crying to release the pain in your heart, and sending compassion and forgiveness to those who misunderstand you.

Once you remember that you’re here to enlighten others and be a teacher, you’ll stop being disappointed by those less evolved than you. By aligning with your Higher Self, you’ll see the pain that others carry and you will become the healer.

No one can wound you when you stand in alignment with your soul. Those less evolved than you will be drawn to you because you carry the light inside you.

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It’s because of your open heart, your powerful soul’s wisdom, that others who need healing will show up in your life. But if you allow yourself to be wounded by the judgments of others, when they don’t react as you’d hoped, by stepping into their divine light as you have, you might feel discouraged or defeated. This only pulls you out of your divinity.

Feeling worthless and discouraged is an enormous waste of time.

There is no soul that is worthless.

There is no soul that has any reason to feel discouraged.

All is evolving as it should.

You are evolving as you should.

The judgments of others reveal infinitely more about them and their seeming unwillingness to grow than they reveal about you. How many lifetimes will it take for you to learn this, to see their criticisms and contempt as misunderstandings due to their low level of consciousness, rather than as a statement of your worth or value?

Once you absorb this lesson, you will never be hindered by criticism from yourself or others again. You’ll become the source of loving wisdom for others, and everywhere you walk you’ll fill the room with light.

Shift into the confidence of the Divine Lens View

  • Take one deep, slow breath; follow it in and out. Repeat.

  • Chant a mantra like Om Namah Shivaya or say a prayer such as the Lord’s Prayer for several moments.

  • Make your request:

    Please help me see my soul’s perspective on this challenge. I pray to be hooked up to the wisdom of my Higher Self and of the divine realms and the guidance of all the divine beings. I pray to align with this wisdom now in order to see from my soul’s perspective, and choose my words and actions from that perspective.

  • See yourself and others as one expanded soul on a shared journey. Invoke the Divine with the request,

    Help me to see the path my sister/brother walks, understand their pain, and realize how to love them best in their journey, knowing that their limitations and mistakes have nothing to do with me.

  • Ask, How do I move forward through my doubts and fears?

    Write this question over and over until you begin to sense the answers channeled from your Higher Self. You’ll know that the words are coming from your Higher Self because you’ll be writing quickly, without thinking or editing what you write. This is how divine guidance comes to us.

  • Complete these sentences:

    I am grateful for . . .

    I open my heart and send love to . . .

  • One positive step I can take today is . . .

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photo of Sue FrederickSue Frederick is a lifelong intuitive, an ordained Unity minister, a certified past-life and between-lives soul regression therapist, a certified creative arts therapist, a career intuitive coach, grief intuitive coach, and master numerologist.

She’s the author of Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side; I See Your Soul Mate: An Intuitive’s Guide to Finding and Keeping Love, and I See Your Dream Job: A Career Intuitive Shows You How to Discover What You Were Put on Earth to Do, and the memoir Water Oak: The Happiness of Longing.

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