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We are so blessed to live on Planet Earth, yet we tend to take so much of what is here for granted. This applies not just to our fellow humans, but also to animals, minerals, vegetation, and the whole planet itself. We need to be grateful also for air, water, etc. These things are essential, not just for our survival, but for us to thrive.

Honor and Respect

As humans, we tend to think we are superior or more advanced than animals. We may think we are higher on the evolutionary scale than insects. But, are we? Bees have a whole social and communication system that we might learn from. So do ants. And what about the unconditional love we receive from our pets? They are much more advanced than us on the "love scale".

We may think that animals are here to serve us, but perhaps we are the ones who are here to serve them by providing them love, food, and shelter. By learning to honor and respect animals, big and small, we can also learn how to honor and respect ourselves and other human beings. 

Animals can be our teachers if we will just open our eyes and our heart to them. When we encounter any animals, including insects, we can honor and respect them by asking ourselves: What can I learn from this creature? What can it teach me? We may be surprised and in awe of the answer. 

The Energy of Water

Water is an integral part of nature and it is essential to life. Over 50% of the human body is composed of water. But water is more than just a liquid that supports life in our cells.

Dr. Masaru Emoto is a Japanese scientist who studied the consciousness of water. He discovered that water would change its structure in the presence of a specific energy. In other words, water that had hate directed to it had a much different structure than water that had love projected into it. (If you're not familiar with his studies, I highly recommend you read The Hidden Messages in Water. The pictures in the book are amazing.)

70% of the earth's surface is covered with water. Consequently, we can bless people everywhere by sending love and gratitude to all the water on the planet. This loving energy will then permeate the world and affect the people who drink the water, bathe in it, and even are simply in its presence. We can make it a daily practice to tell water that we love it, bless it, thank it, and ask it to spread love around the planet. 

Fire and Light

Fire is a powerful tool in the natural world. The Sun is a huge ball of fire and provides light and heat for Planet Earth and all its inhabitants. And it doesn't send a monthly bill for its service. Fire provides us with heat as we also burn various things to keep warm in the winter -- wood, coal, gas, oil...

Fire also transmutes things from one form to the other... not just when something burns, but also when the Sun's light and heat transforms seeds into plants, food, and beauty. Fire can boil water and cook ingredients to transform them into food. 

And our inner fire also can burn away grudges and resentments by transforming them into Light and Air. We can use our inner fire and light to illuminate a new path to walk... one where we walk in Light and Love and recognize the Light and Fire in each and everyone. And as our inner fire and light shines forth, it also ignites the fire and light in others.

Air and Life

While we can survive for 3 days without water, as a general rule, without air we cannot survive more than 3 minutes -- the exception being deep sea divers and others who train to extend their range. And, how often do we stop and give thanks for the air that we breathe? I would chance to say "not often". 

For all of its importance for our survival, we tend to take air for granted. Unless the air is tainted with pollutants, or loaded with heavy odors or smoke, we tend to ignore it. Even when the air movement is powerful as in a storm or hurricane, we do not think of it as air but as wind.

Air is essential. Clean air is a blessing. Let's take the time to be thankful for the air we breathe, and also take measures to ensure that the air on the planet remains (or in some cases becomes) clean for generations to come. And, as we breathe out, we can charge our exhale with love and blessings as it goes out into the world.

Mother Earth

While water, fire, and air are indeed essential, without Earth we would literally have nothing to stand on. Mother Earth is our base, our foundation, our support. She feeds and nurtures us.

As humans, we are well aware that we are birthed from our mother. Yet how aware are we of Mother Earth who nurtures and supports all forms of life on Earth, including us.

Let's take the time to recognize the bounty, beauty, and importance of Mother Earth in our existence. Let's start to honor her by treating her with respect and love. Let's honor her by treating all of her children and charges with respect and love. Planet Earth is our home, Let's treat it with love and keep it vibrantly healthy and clean.

Veils of Illusion

We live on this planet as if we are the masters of it all and as if we are separate from "others" -- whether human, animal, vegetable, mineral. or spiritual. That is the greatest illusion.

Everything is composed of energy and energy has no boundaries. Our energy flows from us to, and through, everything around us, and the energy of everything around us flows to and through us. All is connected. 

It is time to drop the illusions of separation between "us" and "them" -- whatever form we give to "them". Everything (and everyone) is our reflection and our teacher. And we are one with everything! 

Life Force

Nature heals us and purifies our energies and thoughts. Researchers have found that people who are exposed to beautiful nature scenes are more generous, trusting, and helpful towards others. 

The whole natural kingdom feeds us, not just physically, but energetically and spiritually. A walk in the woods, or on a nature path or in a park, replenishes our energy and boosts our feel-good endorphin hormones. When we are upset and go for a long walk or run, we usually end up feeling calmer and more at peace. Nature recharges, balances, and heals us.

Feelings of love and respect for nature set our vibration to a higher level... one of love, gratitude, and harmony. The more we take the time to go out in nature and commune with all the natural energies, the more we fill ourselves with healing energy, and the more in tune we become, not just with nature, but with ourselves and our fellow humans.

Let us remember, each day, to thank, bless, and love the entire nature kingdom, and to partake of its beauty and presence.

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