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George P. Shears was a retired American chiropractor who became something of a minor wellness celebrity in the 70’s with his invention of Love Casting. George could heal people in one-on-one real time sessions, but as he aged and his own health deteriorated, limiting travel, he developed an effective technique for reaching beyond the physical level to offer what is known today as remote healing. He called it Love Casting.

Being in George's presence was transformative. I only knew him during one magical summer in Colorado where I was engaged in an energy healing apprenticeship. Our visits and conversations always left me in awe. How could he do so much by doing so little?

George had a home base, an inner state that I would describe as "Love first." Without speaking a word, George communicated that Love was his prevailing priority. He used the word God sometimes but he wasn’t into any kind of religion. Clearly, he was experiencing what I feel is the truth of God, beyond beliefs and beyond romance: Love. This was tangible in his presence, the powerful impression of a genuinely loving energy. 

Decades later, I've come to understand that this is natural and normal for every human being and that all of us have the same potential healing ability that George optimized. So, how do we build our own home base? How can we heal, in person and over a distance? It starts with learning how to live in gratitude.

Expressing gratitude forges our personal connection with this energy. It takes deliberate practice, because the world is full of distractions. But if you love someone, you are eager to spend time with them. I start each morning spending time resonating with this feeling presence, through a "Thank You meditation". I simply close my eyes and silently repeat those two magic words over and over again. Thank you. Thank you. That's also how I end the day.

Gratitude at the beginning of each day, gratitude at the end... then living all day inside a gratitude sandwich!

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Transmitting Gratitude Through Money

One of the best reminders for me during the day is to transmit gratitude through money. After all, most of us handle money every day, in one form or another. To build my own home base strong and deep, I embrace every monetary transaction as an opportunity to express gratitude, stretching my morning and evening Thank You meditation in both directions until they meet at noon when my smart phone alert goes off, reminding me to focus my gratitude in a brief prayer. BTW, there are people doing this all over the world at noon in their own time zones, members of The Noon Club ( Please join us by setting your phone.

“Something wonderful is happening...” That’s how my noon declaration always begins. I’m acknowledging the power of Love that is beating my heart, steering the stars, orchestrating the unimaginable complexity of creation, all without my conscious management. That awareness is obviously humbling and automatically induces a deep state of gratitude.

Focusing Love through money is a powerful transformative strategy. It challenges the clever human invention, money, that has enabled us to operate outside nature, independent of Love's guidance. Money has allowed us to build a civilization based, not on nature’s primary commitment to balance, but on a feverish drive for accumulation. "More is better. More money, more control, more security."

Bringing Love Back Into The Equation

We could join the many millions who are complaining about this but, instead, let's bring Love back into the equation by consciously transmitting Love through money. After all, as a worthy part of creation, money deserves Love's blessing as much as everything else, doesn’t it?

Every time we handle money we have a unique Love Casting opportunity: to transmit love through that currency. This begins with deciding that money is neither evil nor the root of all evil, but is - in our hands - the ideal medium for energetically touching everyone else who is handling money.

Here are a few every-day scenarios where we can use money to broadcast Love:

- Handing physical dollar bills to someone else: Feel the paper. Transmit gratitude through your fingers. Let them receive money charged with Love.

- Receiving a payment. Focusing appreciation, feeling the Love flowing through the money being accepted.

- Writing out checks to utility companies, to banks and credit card companies, to friends: Writing "Thank you!" on the memo line only takes a moment. Make that a moment of broadcasting true appreciation.

- Clicking to make an online payment: Pause before the click to consciously express appreciation for both the service/product you are receiving and the technology that makes the exchange so easy.

- Paying the check in a café or hotel, etc.: Look in the server's eyes. Let your verbal thank you convey authentic gratitude.

George Shears was a frail old man who sat in his cottage in Colorado and broadcast Love to people all over the world. George was all about Love First. We can do that too, through our thoughts, our prayers and, I suggest, through the way we handle money.

In a modern world where money seems to have replaced God (by whatever name), let’s honor George’s life by becoming part of his Love Casting legacy, choosing to be God in expression in every moment, putting Love First.

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