Raise Your Vibes and Bring Light Back to Your World

Raise Your Vibes and Bring Light Back to Your World
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Narrated by Marie T. Russell.

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There are events in life that change the course of how we interact with others, view ourselves, carry out daily tasks, and communicate with loved ones. The Pandemic of 2020 has certainly been a game changer! As the world emerges into the new “normal” many of us wonder what that will look like?

We’ve had an amazing silver lining to this storm cloud - the opportunity to pause and reflect, do the self-care practices many of us have put off for years, manifest and meditate, take our health into our own hands, and do some serious soul searching for our divine purpose in this life. With lockdowns and huge shifts to daily activities, we have had a chance to turn in and tune in to what drives our souls.

Suddenly the little things in life like looking up at the moon, taking long baths, clearing away clutter, journaling out our goals and wishes, and reconnecting with loved ones have captured our hearts. This change in focus has been long overdue and a welcome shift in the collective consciousness. All of these little things and the spotlight on health have allowed us to see and search for what we can do on our own time to raise our vibration and stay healthy.

We now know how stress releases hormones in the physical body, wreaking havoc on our energetic system. Imagine what positive thought can do for you emotionally, physically and spiritually?

However you choose to begin your journey in healing, take your power back in a world seemingly gone mad. Learn how to shift your own energy and mindset to one of love, happiness, and vitality. With something as simple as a shift in vibration, you too will see your lessons as blessings.

Bringing Light Back to Your World

So, how do you see the Silver lining in the dark and bring that light back to your world? What better than starting with a little candle you’ve had tucked away in a drawer! Or putting an extra birthday candle to new use! Intention candles are a beautiful way to not only symbolically (and literally!) bring light to your world but as little beacons of light to send your intentions, wishes, and dreams out to the universe!

The color of your candle can bring in that extra touch of magic too, but for now use what you have on hand. Carve your name and your wishes (love, healing, money, self-love, a new job) into the wax claiming your wish and as you light the candle, hold your intention in mind. Set a crystal you love next to it for that extra bit of energy! And if it’s a large candle, you can relight it for your meditations any time you want! You can make this as ceremonial or quick as you like. Intention is the key.

Do you have bay leaves in your kitchen cabinet? These little herbs are wonderful for setting your wishes ablaze too! Write down your wish and light it with a match, lighter, or even the stove top - let it burn in a fire safe dish or pot near a window or outside to let the energy of your wish rise up and out to the universe!

It’s always wonderful to remember to take a moment of gratitude after any energy practice, for the time you’ve been given to manifest, to the universe for hearing you, and for yourself for allowing this moment to make your wishes real in the present.

Soul Searching

Well before the pandemic, I was given an opportunity to do my own soul searching locked down in recovery from major back surgery. After living with debilitating pain for 16 years, it finally came to a head and I was quite literally stowed away in my “healing room.” I didn’t realize at the time, I myself would be healing in this space.

Much like the pandemic, it was a struggle at first - isolating, lonely, and full of tears, pain, and fear. But during this time of reflection and healing, I found this alone time to be a gift, a silver lining! I took my power back with Reiki and energy healing tools. I grew new bone and a stronger back than ever before, created shower meditations, vision boards, raised my vibration, and opened my heart and soul to the wonders and gifts the universe offers so graciously once we know how to connect. My three children had the gift of a new mom full of life, fun, and energy!

New Gift of Wellness

I used this new gift of wellness to help loved ones overcome the chains of cancer and clients from around the world release grief, overcome anxiety, and raise their vibration. I am honored to share with you the gift of energy healing, grateful to channel my energy and tools into a space that can serve as a light to those living without hope, embarking on a spiritual path, and overcoming life’s struggles. I welcome you to the world of energy healing that you too may take your health and wellbeing into your own hands, creating a life you love and can feel proud of!

Every journey begins with one step forward. Let us start this one with our best foot forward by creating your own gratitude practice. This powerful vibration can bring even the darkest moments back to the light. Gratitude is one of the best and easiest things you can do for yourself!

When you begin, pause within, or finish your day being in a state of gratitude, your entire world shifts into the positive. Showing gratitude for the blessings in your life each day does two things - it raises your vibration and helps you move forward from a place of love.

Vibration Shift

We all tend to focus on our worries and our troubles, stressing ourselves out before anything even happens or worse, getting lost in the midst of them. Imagine how different your life will look when you focus on the positive things in your life?

Take a moment out of your day to list off three things you’re grateful for and watch as your entire vibration shifts to the positive! Empower yourself to live a magical life with the tools to balance your chakras, manifest positive change, connect with Angels, and enjoy a life you love. We are all connected and when you are healthy and happy, everyone around you will vibrate higher.

Let us all come back to the world better than we left it - lessons learned, loved ones nourished, self-care a new priority. Shift your own energy and mindset to one of love, happiness, and vitality. With something as simple as a shift in vibration, you too will see your lessons as blessings. Let 2021 be the year we all live healthier, happier and raise our vibes!

Practicing Gratitude

Every day, before I do anything else, I take a moment to give thanks for all the wonderful things, people, and events in my life. I get to wake up feeling amazing, open to the possibility and opportunities to make my world even better!

I have 3 kids to get ready for school in the morning, so I totally understand the urgency to get moving, yet taking a moment to pause and give thanks is still my number one priority. After all, a happy parent is what every child needs in their life.

So, forget all those stresses for a moment and put gratitude at the forefront of your mind. Start with the little things – they say these are the things that count, after all. Close each gratitude ritual with “Thank you”, as an acknowledgement and a conclusion. Whether you are saying thank you to yourself, God, or the Universe doesn’t matter so much as the intention.

Morning Practice

As soon as you open your eyes you can begin! Before you do anything else (use the bathroom, look at your phone, or get out of bed), lay there and take a moment to name three to five different things you are grateful for. You can of course add in more, but this is a beautiful starting point, especially if you’re short on time, which in the beginning you’ll feel like you are.

Begin with the words, “I am so grateful...” for each thing you list, and finish the ritual with a simple “Thank you.”

You might say:

• I am so grateful for my health.

• I am so grateful for my friends.

• I am so grateful for coffee!

Thank you!

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Raise Your Vibes!: Energy Self-healing for Everyone
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BOOK COVER: Raise Your Vibes!: Energy Self-healing for Everyone by Athena BahriFun and easy to use, this book enables everyone to take advantage of the healing and empowering energies gifted to us by the Universe, and to take their wellbeing into their own hands. Reiki Master Athena Bahri has developed an approach to energy self-healing that combines simple Reiki techniques that anyone can use with a range of different healing modalities, from crystals to lunar rituals.

The book is aimed at all those people who are looking to improve their lives in ways that aren't too complicated and can be done without spending time and money on expensive courses. It includes a straightforward process of Reiki self-attunement that will enable readers to access the simple Reiki healing powers and combine these with the other techniques described. The emphasis is on empowering readers to use these tools to create a vibration-raising practice of their own, that they can then use in a range of different situations, from dealing with physical pain to ridding themselves of stress and lingering emotional upset to improving the vibes of their surroundings at work and at home.

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About the Author

photo of Athena BahriAthena Bahri is the founder and creator of Crystal Reiki Healer, one of the fastest growing online presences for crystal and chakra education and Crystal Reiki healing. Hailing from a Hollywood dynasty - the niece of Rita Hayworth and cousin of Ginger Rogers and Donna Reed - Athena had a career as a successful actress (as Athena Cansino), before leaving her life of glamour and paparazzi to create a life of peace and energy healing. Today, she is a certified Reiki master, crystal Reiki master, chakra healer, and author, offering distance Reiki healing worldwide, leading retreats, clinics and workshops. 

To discover more about her, visit: CrystalReikiHealer.com

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