Written by Laura Aversano and Narrated by Marie T. Russell.

“Come a little closer,” the darkness said, “I want to see your light.”

“What is there to see?” I quivered.

The darkness looked bemused and took a step back as to not frighten me so.

“Your perceptions of me are unfounded, rooted amidst desperation in trying to understand who you are.

You are as much afraid of me as you are of your light. Those heavy emotions that permeate your soul when left to despair, powerlessness, and hatred make me out to be something that I am not. I don’t fuel those emotions within you. You do. You give those emotions power over you and then project blame onto me. And all I want to do is simply help you understand the balance between your light and myself. And in order to do that, I need to get closer to you. Sometimes that may not be so comfortable, for both of us. As afraid of me as you are, I find myself a little frightened of your light too.”

Seeing how vulnerable darkness was becoming, I walked closer to it, more curious of its nature. “How could you be afraid of my light? Look at all the harm you have perpetuated throughout humanity?”

“I didn’t cause humanity to suffer. Humans and their interpretations of me, their ability to choose—that is what caused their suffering.

I have been and always will be a silent partner in the midst of...

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Affirmations of the Light in Times of Darkness

Affirmations of the Light in Times of Darkness: Healing Messages from a Spiritwalker
by Laura Aversano

book cover of: Affirmations of the Light in Times of Darkness: Healing Messages from a Spiritwalker by Laura AversanoIn this collection of inspired prayers and powerful affirmations, the author actively transmits her healing wisdom and spiritual support, guiding the reader through thoughts and emotions into the uncharted territory of the unknown, through the abyss and into the light hidden within.

Addressing trauma, depression, grief, anger, and revelation, her words awaken individual spiritual paths, provide solace and protection, and contribute to the collective evolution of humanity and the earth.

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About the Author

photo of Laura AversanoLaura Aversano is a medical and spiritual intuitive, an ancestral empath, and a spiritwalker. Descended from an ancient lineage of Sicilian adepts, and seers, she has been communicating with the spirit world since childhood. She is trained in the divine mysteries of esoteric Christianity, in plant medicine and shamanism by Native Americans, and in many modes of hands-on therapy.

Visit her website: LauraAversano.com/

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