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Worry is an aspect of the human condition that is sometimes difficult to avoid. From an energetic perspective, worry blocks almost everything, except more of that which you do not want.

When you engage in excessive worry, your energy is heavy and sluggish. This low vibration of the energy makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the higher energies to reach your consciousness. Even though you may want assistance with whatever it is you are dealing with, and you long for spiritual help, when you remain in deep and excessive worry, you become the biggest impediment to receiving the helping gifts from God.

In this worrisome state of lower 3rd Dimensional consciousness, which many people currently vibrate to, your attention and awareness are focused on the problem and not the solution. Living in this world makes it unavoidable for us to engage in some level of worry. You can, however, worry minimally and let it pass.

Moving Towards the Highest Outcome

You must not allow yourself to worry for weeks and months on end, because prolonged worry results in your energy remaining stagnant, in low vibration, preventing you from spiritual progress. You will instead attract more unwanted circumstances in alignment with the low frequency of your vibration. Simply put, like attracts like; low vibration attracts low vibrational experiences.

Alternatively, when you sincerely surrender and turn your fears and worries over to God, you allow the energy to begin to flow. Let’s be clear, surrender does not mean to give up. Surrender means that you act from a place of pure faith and trust that God will consciously move you toward the highest out­come.

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Consciousness is designed for solutions; when you raise your vibration to a higher level of consciousness, you fill your body more with the presence of God. By allowing yourself to remain open to receive soul-utions, you will have more of an intimate relationship with your Higher Self.

Since high vibration attracts high vibrational experiences, you have to utilize spiritual tools so you don’t fall back into the darkness of the 3rd Dimension. You can’t say, “I’m in with God,” and then go into a store and yell at someone, then try to rationalize your outburst by saying you were tested. The high- vibrational relationship with God and yourself is one of the most important tools to maintain a high consciousness.

Let Go of Fear

Releasing fear is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and love is the answer. Fear is often defined as an unpleasant emotion. Whether it’s real or imagined, it can hold you back.

In the traditional sense, the primary purpose of fear is to preserve life. Primordial fears and anger that were once a part of everyday life—such as being eaten alive by a vicious predator—are no longer as prevalent as they once were. Much of the fear we associate with simply staying alive has been pacified, but the way in which we use fear has intensified.

From persuasion, to manipulation and control, we have been conditioned to listen to anything and anyone but our own inner intuitive voice. We have become a fear-based society that uses fear to drive most of the decisions, policies, and agendas that are kept in place.

Fear of someone, or something, maintains such an apparent grip on the collective psyche that it no longer seems out of place. Fear signifies and perpetuates a belief that you are not safe and that you cannot let down your guard; that you must protect yourself at all times because self-preservation is of the most importance. This way of being can only be experienced within the 3rd Dimensional energy, in which every single person has learned how to live and function within the energy of fear.

Fortunately, the time of living and co-creating from a place of fear is no longer being energetically supported. With the miraculous healings and Awakenings that are taking place, we are beginning to see what is possible when we access higher consciousness. You cannot uphold the healing energy of the Holy Spirit if your energy remains attached to the fear associated with the 3rd Dimension. The fear, whether it’s personal or collective, has to be released.

When you let go of fear, you will not be triggered by outside circumstances and global scare tactics, nor will you let other people trigger you. You will know that there is no need to overanalyze a situation in anticipation of the worst possible outcome. You will understand that you do not need to try to control and manipulate outcomes to feel safe. As your consciousness rises, you will come to truly understand and know there is nothing to fear. With God as your anchor, you will come to find the spiritual freedom that can only be found in fearlessness.

Be In Your Body

When you’re grounded in your body, this is the most powerful way to connect with energy of the 5th Dimension. When you are in your body, you’re quiet.

We reside mostly in our thinking mind so it is easy to dissociate from our body. When you are grounded in your body, you can hear inner guidance and you are less judgmental of yourself and others, and you move into your heart more. Breathing through the emotional pain of your human experience makes more room for your soul to inhabit your body. That helps you to ground.

In this state of being connected to your body, you’re less vulnerable to the external chaos of 3rd Dimensional energies. When you aren’t grounded, your energy feels unstable, like a leaf blown about in the wind.

Being grounded and settled within yourself allows your consciousness to be connected with the earth and the presence of God. Like a tree firmly rooted amid a storm, some leaves and branches may be affected, but the core of the tree stands firmly in place.

Being in your body lifts your awareness out of compulsive, fear-based thinking. When you’re caught up in your mind, your attention and energy are scattered like leaves blown off the tree. When you’re in the present moment with your breath, your energy is tethered within and you’re more aware.

The more effective way to connect with the reality of the present moment is when you’re connected to your breath, because the stream of thoughts grows more silent. With fewer thoughts passing through your awareness, you become more receptive to what is trying to reach you and more available to meet the 5th Dimensional energies.

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