Feng Shui Can Counteract Negativity In City Living

Feng Shui Creates Harmony In City Living

Hong Kong is home to many multinational companies that compete in both markets, East and West. There is no other city in the Far East that uses Feng Shui more than Hong Kong. The majority of businesses and families with economic clout consult Feng Shui experts before buying land or beginning construction on their homes or buildings.

A real estate advertisement speaks of a luxurious apartment with wonderful amenities and an excellent view of the South China Sea. In addition, it mentions of the quality of Feng Shui present in the design and the shape of the building. The Chinese emperors always consulted with Feng Shui experts before choosing the site and designs for their palaces and monuments.

The New Building on the Block Can Bring Chaos

Even when a city has good urban planning, new buildings can change it. Residential neighborhoods that have plenty of green areas, walkways, parks, lakes and good Chi are often changed with the construction of apartment buildings, corners, highways and other buildings that destroy the harmony of what was there originally.

In cities, buildings take the place of hills and mountains, the streets are the rivers and vegetation is the vital life-force. The shapes of the buildings, the alignment of streets and the presence of vegetation are very important factors that affect the harmony of a community.

Frequently new buildings alter the Chi of a locale. A family came to us for help when a new apartment building's construction overshadowed and pressed in on their apartment. One of the traditional solutions is to hang hexagonal mirrors on the outside of the house to reflect and return any type of negative influence.

Ba-Gua mirrors can also be used. There are three types: flat, concave and convex. A convex mirror reduces adverse or negative influences that come from outside. It should not be used in the entrance of a business as it could reduce the number of clients who enter. (Though this negative effect can be solved by using the Three Secrets.) A concave mirror attracts and retains energy where it is.

During times of change and periods of much work and stress, simple adjustments based on the tradition of Feng Shui can be of great help. They can bring more clarity of thought, mental well being, and prosperity.

Nine Ways To Improve A Space

1. For more clarity, hang a bronze wind chime exactly nine units (9 inches, 27 cm, etc...) from the ceiling inside the front door.

2. For help with intellectual matters, place books in view of the front door.

3. For better mental and physical health, position both your bed and desk so that you have a view of the door.

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4. For stress reduction, hang two mirrors facing each other so that when you enter your home or office, you have to pass between them.

5. To cultivate love, harmony and understanding with your partner, hang a circular mirror in the bedroom.

6. To improve your financial situation, install a mirror in the kitchen behind the stove so that the burners are reflected in it. Burners represent wealth and good luck.

7. To improve the general well being of a space, place flowers in the bedroom, study, and kitchen.

8. To reinforce personal evolution, move 27 objects that have not been moved in the past year.

9. During difficult times, do breathing exercises with the light of the moon.

In 1990, a real estate developer built an office tower in Coconut Grove, Florida. A few weeks after finishing construction, the most important tenant declared bankruptcy, leaving the building virtually empty. One of the principal stock holders deemed the situation "chaotic."

Among the partners in the real estate company was a Chinese man. He suggested bringing in a Feng Shui Master from China to go over the building's design. By 1993, half of the building was still not leased. Finally, they decided to bring in a Feng Shui Master who immediately told them that the building's design impeded the flow of Chi. The main entrance was blocked by a water fountain and a sculpture that had very sharp and aggressive angles. The lobby design also blocked and restricted the flow of energy.

The Feng Shui Master went through the entire building and recommended changes in the design of the main entrance and the manager's office. Not long after making these adjustments, the building's luck began to change. New businesses began signing leasing contracts and a number of already existing tenants expanded their businesses. Now this office tower has 100% occupancy. This developer is now building an apartment complex in that same area using the principles of Feng Shui. The building has a majestic view of the ocean and its lines and balconies have pleasing shapes without sharp corners or missing pieces.

Creating Harmony in Buildings, Spaces, and People

Feng Shui is a tool capable of creating harmony in buildings, spaces, and people themselves. The nature of this art can also be seen in the ancient Greek, Roman, and Arabic cultures. However, this ancient tool is something very new for our modern architecture and culture. It is a system that helps to open up our awareness and integrate it with nature. And its arrival in the West comes none too soon, as we find ourselves overwhelmed by a multitude of problems.

The destruction of our ecological system is affecting the very basis of life on the planet. The ancient method of Feng Shui, with its logical and illogical solutions, teaches us to create harmonious spaces. With it, we have the opportunity to complement our modern culture (Yang) with the simplicity of solutions that come to us from long ago (Yin) to create the unity of Tao.

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Fairy Rings Inc. ©1998.

Article Source:

Feng ShuiFeng Shui The Harmony of Life
by Juan M. Alvarez.

Easy to understand and with examples of situations not covered by other books!. A must read for the serious Feng Shui student.

Info/Order this book.

About the Author

Juan M. AlvarezJuan M. Alvarez is an internationally recognized authority on Feng Shui. Juan lectures extensively through North and South America. He is the author of The Practical Manual of Feng Shui and contributing author of The Feng Shui Anthology. Juan is also an engineer and licensed real estate broker. He has created the Feng Shui Center located in Miami, Florida. The center offers seminars and certification classes in Feng Shui in both English and Spanish. For more information please contact: The Feng Shui Center, 73 Merrick Way, Coral Gables, FL 33134 USA, Phone: 305-448-0859. Website: fengshuiculturalcenter.com/

Video/Presentation with Rodika Tchi: How To Apply the Classical Feng Shui Bagua in 3 Easy Steps

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