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A lot of the "success lore", at least in the USA, leans towards "pulling yourself up by your bootstraps". We hear of "self-made men" (and women). It's as if each person is a completely independent being and all their successes are due to only their own strivings and they are beholden to no one for their attainments. 

Of course, we are all unique and we are in charge of our actions, at least to the extent that we haven't been brainwashed or influenced by all the programming around us. Yet, even the most independent person does not stand alone. First of all, every human has a mother and a father without whom they would not even exist. So, "self-made" is an erroneous term right from the beginning.

Accepting the help that comes our way

Throughout our life, we have had people in our lives who have assisted us, either through positive or negative role modeling, in becoming who we are now. And then, there are the unseen helpers that come through a book we read, or something we heard or saw, or even a dream that we had.

We are never alone on this journey of life. There is help available at every turn. And it is our task, and our honor, to accept the help that comes to us, in whatever form - human, animal, or nature and spirit. Love is shown to us by life itself in its many aspects. And for this blessing, we can be grateful. 

Focus on what you really desire

Humans have a tendency to focus on what they don't desire. We say things like: I can't find my keys. In this example, we're not asking for a solution, we're making a statement. Since there is power in words, the end result if that we continue to "not find our keys" 

The solution is to...

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