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Looking at life in this modern world today, there’s no question that a lot of people are dealing with many challenges, both physically and emotionally.

As a medical medium and healer, my Spirit Guides have given me the privilege of helping many thousands of people and animals improve their medical conditions and the quality of their lives. I’ve also had the opportunity to witness the many causes and exacerbating factors that contribute to physical and emotional illness in so many wonderful people.

In my practice, I've seen many lives that have been uprooted and turned upside down by serious diagnoses such as cancer. This is why my life’s mission is to bring help, hope and healing to so many who suffer so much.

The great news is that we can improve our health and wellness, through a number of modalities and approaches, beginning above all with knowledge. When armed with good information, good instruction, and resilience and persistence, we can win the fight for good health.

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Healing Is Possible

My most important message to you is this: Healing is possible.

Sometimes, when battling a seemingly intractable illness, it can be easy to become discouraged, lose hope, and be tempted to give up.

This is why it’s so important to find and gather strength from multiple sources -- from within yourself, from your friends and loved ones, from the food and water you consume, and, if you’re a person of faith, from your spiritual or religious practice that connects you with your Creator.

The Web of Life

First and foremost, I like to emphasize the vital importance of clean food and water -- that are free of chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, contaminants, etc. Chief Seattle said,

“Man did not weave this web of life. He is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”

Sadly, humanity has done a great deal to disrupt the web of life on Earth—and in doing so, we are hurting not only our fellow earthlings but ourselves as well. There are few regions of the earth unspoiled and unharmed by some form of pollution. All countries and all oceans are affected in some way.

In the United States alone, almost half of all rivers and streams, and more than one-third of all lakes, are so polluted that they are unsafe for swimming, fishing, or drinking. Pollutants can include sewage, petrochemicals like plastics, industrial and agricultural wastes, pesticides, Bisphenol-A (BPA, a resin that leeches out of plastic bottles and can cause cancer), and even prescription medications like birth control hormones and antidepressants. Heavy metals are also a real problem. Mercury, arsenic, lead, copper, and cadmium and other toxic heavy metals can all cause significant health issues, including cancer, disorders of the reproductive and nervous systems, and damage to the vital organs, including the brain.

Recommendations for Food and Water

I suggest drinking quality spring water, and avoiding well water and municipal water. Avoid inhaling shower steam, as it can contain aerosolized chlorine and even potentially harmful microbes. Chlorine can also be absorbed into the body through the skin. This is why I suggest using chlorine filters to filter the water in which you shower and bathe.

I don’t recommend fluoridated water. Whatever benefit fluoride might have is topical only -- there is no benefit to drinking it internally. Many Western European countries do not fluoridate their water, yet their rates of tooth decay are no higher than in the United States. Even more concerning, some studies have linked fluoride to a possible reduction in IQ in children. Furthermore, because both fluoride and aluminum can pass through the blood-brain barrier — the structure that protects the brain from toxins — an additional concern arises for those who have fluoridated water and who cook in aluminum pots.

There is a possibility that fluoride in the water can combine with the aluminum in the pot and form aluminum fluoride. Aluminum and aluminum fluoride can combine with oxygen to form aluminum oxide, a compound found in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients, and is also associated with osteoporosis, osteomalacia, spontaneous bone fractures, and dementia.

For those who have fluoridated water, I recommend cooking with—and drinking—quality spring water. I recommend cooking and drinking from glass, and not with aluminum or non-stick cookery.

I also recommend not drinking or eating out of plastic containers. Plastic contains countless chemicals, many with concerning or unknown health effects, and some of which can disrupt your body’s endocrine system, which is how your body regulates hormone production.

I suggest eating clean, organic, GMO-free food whenever possible and limiting seafood consumption due to concerns over toxins. The pollution of our oceans, lakes -- and even fish farms -- can accumulate in marine life, and then accumulate in us when we eat them.

I also suggest increasing healthy vegetables and fruits while reducing the consumption of processed foods and sugary foods and drinks. Praying or chanting over the food you eat raises the vibration of your body and consciousness, balancing your stress hormone cortisol.

Drinking a good-quality probiotic, such as inner-?co probiotics, is also very helpful to increasing your overall health. These good bacteria can protect the body from other, more harmful bacteria. 

Many people suffer from vitamin and nutritional deficiencies. I suggest quality multi-vitamins, spirulina, flax seeds, as well as supplements to target specific deficiencies you may have discovered through blood tests.

One common vitamin deficiency that affects many of my clients is vitamin D deficiency. Your doctor can test your vitamin D levels. In addition to supplementation of vitamin D3, I like to recommend 20 minutes of daily full-body sunshine to replenish your vitamin D levels, and to also boost your mood.

Reduce Stress -- Increase Love and Laughter

It’s also important to reduce and eliminate stress as much as you can, and to increase love and laughter whenever possible. I also advocate the elevation of one’s consciousness to achieve a greater union with God, the Creator, angels, and your own spirit guides who always have your best interest -- and the best interest of humanity -- at heart. This can be achieved through numerous means, including meditating at least five minutes a day, going for prayer walks, practicing yoga, breathwork, and generally boosting your mind and consciousness to attune with God.

All of these recommendations, while vital, only begin to explore the many ways to increase health. Below, I’m including one of my delicious and nutritious smoothie recipes for your good health! Enjoy!

Kimberly’s 5D Immune Booster Smoothie

This yummy smoothie is perfect for a healthy snack that also rebuilds the immune system!

In a blender, combine the following ingredients:

Add 2 cups liquid, any combination of: spring water, coconut water, almond milk, flaxseed milk

Add 2 cups fruit, any combination of: goji berries, blueberries, blackberries, pear, apple, mango

Add 1 cup of tightly packed dark leafy greens, such as: spinach, kale, romaine, watercress, microgreens, beet greens, collard greens

Add ½ cup hemp protein powder

Add 2 tsp freshly grated ginger

Add 4 mint leaves

Blend well and enjoy!

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Awakening to the 5th Dimension: Discovering the Soul’s Path to Healing
by Kimberly Meredith

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Photo of Kimberly MeredithKimberly Meredith is a world-renowned medical medium and healer who has helped thousands of people from around the world. Following an accident which resulted in two Near-Death Experiences (NDEs), she received miraculous healing gifts. Kimberly’s abilities have been scientifically validated by numerous research institutes. In addition to hosting the syndicated radio hit, The Medical Intuitive Miracle Show, Kimberly is also a frequent guest on numerous nationally syndicated radio shows and podcasts.

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