Written by Athena Bahri. Narrated by Rosie.

You are a remarkable being of energy, individual and unique in your own right. You have both the power and ability to create your happiness no matter what challenges you face in life.

Quick vibe fixes offer a wonderful system for approaching the struggles we face and creating a shift into the positive. You’ll find which vibration-raising methods work best for different challenges and which ones work best for you.

Remember that healing is a process and can take time, just as it would if you were to receive treatment from a physical therapist, a doctor or another health practitioner, and that it’s by creating a regular practice that you will receive the most benefit. Feel free to make any adjustments you need.

Quick Vibe Fixes...

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Narrated by Rosie, AI

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Raise Your Vibes!: Energy Self-healing for Everyone
by Athena Bahri

BOOK COVER: Raise Your Vibes!: Energy Self-healing for Everyone by Athena BahriFun and easy to use, this book enables everyone to take advantage of the healing and empowering energies gifted to us by the Universe, and to take their wellbeing into their own hands. Reiki Master Athena Bahri has developed an approach to energy self-healing that combines simple Reiki techniques that anyone can use with a range of different healing modalities, from crystals to lunar rituals.

The book is aimed at all those people who are looking to improve their lives in ways that aren't too complicated and can be done without spending time and money on expensive courses. It includes a straightforward process of Reiki self-attunement that will enable readers to access the simple Reiki healing powers and combine these with the other techniques described. The emphasis is on empowering readers to use these tools to create a vibration-raising practice of their own, that they can then use in a range of different situations, from dealing with physical pain to ridding themselves of stress and lingering emotional upset to improving the vibes of their surroundings at work and at home.

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photo of Athena BahriAthena Bahri is the founder and creator of Crystal Reiki Healer, one of the fastest growing online presences for crystal and chakra education and Crystal Reiki healing. Hailing from a Hollywood dynasty - the niece of Rita Hayworth and cousin of Ginger Rogers and Donna Reed - Athena had a career as a successful actress (as Athena Cansino), before leaving her life of glamour and paparazzi to create a life of peace and energy healing. Today, she is a certified Reiki master, crystal Reiki master, chakra healer, and author, offering distance Reiki healing worldwide, leading retreats, clinics and workshops.

To discover more about her, visit: CrystalReikiHealer.com