Joanna’s Story: From Breast Cancer to Healing and Alignment
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Joanna's story:                                                                           
Type of cancer at our first session: breast cancer
Dominant character defence: rigid

Small in stature but big in personality—that was how Joanna struck me when I first met her. Her most striking features were her eyes. They were hidden behind a pair of round glasses and it was not that they were big, but they were wide open, as if looking forward to our meeting, to meetings in general, to life itself, to the future. Her stride was resolute, her posture erect, her approach direct and open, her handshake firm.

All in all, she oozed confidence. This confidence may have developed through her job as a very successful director in the corporate world in the North of England, or there again, perhaps confidence had been a prerequisite for the job.

Her story is short and sweet. I include it here because it is uncomplicated and straightforward—very much like the woman herself, with her come-on-let’s-go-for-it attitude.

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Healing and Alignment

As client/healer we met for a single series of treatments: four appointments spread out over one week. To me, she was a classic example of how easily and fast healing can occur when the physical body, emotional release, mental attitude and spiritual faith are in alignment and only need some support or clarification for sessions to be successful.

Roughly six months before we met, Joanna had discovered a lump in her right breast, had had it examined, and discovered that it was, thankfully, a benign cyst; unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), cancerous activity was discovered in the other breast. She underwent surgery, radiotherapy, and a follow-up consultation was scheduled with the oncologist the following week since he had suggested check-ups every six months.

Joanna’s mother had passed away when she was 19 years old. Partly in response to this early loss, Joanna had entered a convent and lived the life of a Catholic nun for many years. The structured lifestyle of a convent, with a strict daily routine, provides the perfect container for a person with a predominantly rigid defence. It provided an ideal place to suppress any emotions she was feeling.

After a while, Joanna began to find religious life too restrictive. She realized that her priorities had shifted and felt that her calling was preventing her from living a fulfilling life. Once that realization dawned, she made the decision to “jump over the wall”, as the saying goes. Not only did she leave the order but she also stopped participating in any form of religion. The cancer scare had changed all that, though, and she had now renewed her strong connection with Mother Mary, in whom she found the support she needed to shoulder the burdens the illness had thrust upon her.

Unblocking Energy

During our intake, Joanna disclosed that she had been sexually assaulted at 14 years old. She had never really worked on the issue therapeutically, which was evident to me when we started to work together.

Once I began to run energy through her body, I found that the right side was severely blocked; in other words, a trauma was stored there and preventing energy from flowing freely. It was impairing the right side of her immune system and exposing the entire right side of her body to illness or injury, due to the fragility of the body’s energetic buffer zone (one of the functions of a healthy aura).

The right side of the body is the predominantly male side, the side of doing, thinking, activities, work, analysis, and so forth. It is also the side where people store unresolved issues with significant males in their lives such as their father, brother, ex-partner, or husband. Joanna ticked that box.

She also had a closed fifth (throat) chakra. The traumatic experience had been suppressed for decades. Not a word had come up from the depths of her traumatized sexual organs, through throat and mouth, to support trauma release.

Another telling symptom of the same experience is a tight shoulder girdle. Shoulders, throat, and jaw hold onto and suppress the truth and expose these parts to psychosomatic symptoms, such as sore throat, underactive or overactive thyroid, grinding of the teeth, and so on—symptoms I come across time and time again.

Imbalance: The Essence of Disease

In the outside world, Joanna was a well-established career woman who performed well and was involved in a stable, long-standing, intimate relationship. Her internal world, however, showed a very different picture, symbolized by years of frequent nightmares. Decades of suppressing her innermost emotions had contributed to her becoming ill, and as a result of locking away these deeply traumatic and humiliating experiences, she was experiencing long-term stagnation of her life force.

In a nutshell, this meant that her energetic body was unable to radiate fully and her physical body was unable to absorb energies essential for the upkeep of a vibrant immune system; as a result, both bodies had become exposed to imbalances. This is the essence of disease: imbalance. Nothing more, nothing less.

Feelings of internalized, inaccessible rage were apparent in the pelvic area, where I noticed dark energies brewing during our first session, but as yet there was no outlet, no voice, and the shoulder girdle held on tightly. At the start of session two, Joanna reported that she had had no nightmares the night before.

As part of the second treatment, I started to dislodge the relational cord from her second (pubic/sacral) chakra, which was still attached to and connected with the perpetrator. Suddenly the rigidly held, emotional dam burst, her vocal cords were liberated, and the fifth chakra opened. Yelling and sobbing and crying and shouting and raging for about quarter of an hour released the energetic block. The flow of energy had been reawakened on her right side. Joanna instantly felt calm and at peace.

At the beginning of session three, she told me that she’d been crying buckets after the second healing, so I worked on connecting heart and pubic/sacral chakras (fourth and second). In combination with the intense release during and after session two, all tension in her shoulders, throat, and jaw melted, and she yawned repeatedly for at least half an hour.

The yawning happens automatically when the ligaments and tendons surrounding the jaw joint let go of the habitual holding in of “inappropriate” emotions. Such yawning is like jaw yoga. In my experience, this is the most effective way of stopping the ingrained habit of grinding teeth. In Joanna’s case, it was a clear sign that the emotional release was positively affecting the physical structure. At the same time, her upper body spasmed involuntarily as streamers of energy flushed the system, which was as yet unfamiliar with such a surge of energy.

When Joanna arrived for the fourth and final session, she could not keep a straight face and said that it was impossible to stop laughing and singing. Her complexion looked at least 10 years younger than when we started, which had been just five days earlier.

All of this is three years ago now. We’ve had no further sessions together. However, she signed up for and completed the Bodies of Light certification programme and was pure joy and fun to have as a student—bright as a bubble, light of heart, kind and compassionate towards herself as well as others, deeply questioning her inner process.

Did she manage to heal the root cause of her cancer in only four treatments? Yes is my unhesitating response.

Sometimes that’s all it takes, when everything comes together and falls into place to complete the jigsaw puzzle of health.

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book cover: Energetic Cellular Healing and Cancer: Treating the Emotional Imbalances at the Root of Disease by Tjitze de JongAs a complementary energy healer, Tjitze de Jong has supported hundreds of clients during their journey with cancer over the past 15 years. In Energetic Cellular Healing and Cancer, he provides insight into the functioning of our cells and our immune system and how energetic distortions in our physical as well as energetic bodies, for example, in our chakras and auras, can lead to illness. He explores the correlation between cancer and emotional imbalances and explains how energetic healing techniques can make a difference in how our bodies cope with, and heal, illness.

Drawing on the work of Wilhelm Reich and Barbara Brennan, the author unravels the psychological aspects of an individual’s energetic defense system and examines where possible energetic blocks might develop or have their origin, and how they can be dissolved. He also details energetic exercises that instantly stimulate the vibrancy of the aura and the chakras and offers practical advice on how to enhance and strengthen the immune system.

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