Why Do People Get Ill? Shedding Light on the Shadows
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People don’t get ill. People do illness. You are a spiritual being created by love. Love knows no illness. You are a vibrating mass of particles. You are energy. You are light.

Energy is continuously moving through form, into form, out of form and back again. Energy is expansive and is always on the move. If you look at me today I look like Jerry Sargeant. If you look at me next week I will look like Jerry Sargeant. In three weeks or a year’s time, I will still look like Jerry Sargeant. All you are looking at is a pattern.

Our Bodies Are Always Changing

We are all patterns. What do I mean? Because we are energy and because energy is always on the move, it means that the energy inside of us is changing. I am new atoms, molecules, carbons and a variety of different chemicals, which are constantly changing. It’s like a whirlpool in a stream. The whirlpool is always there but the water that is running through it is different. It’s consistently different and not once does the same drop of water pass through the whirlpool.

If our bodies are always changing, being refreshed and rejuvenated by new energy, how is it possible for illness or dis-ease to hang around? It’s actually impossible. Impossible that is in a body, with a mind thinking empowering thoughts. When our body does a dis-ease, it’s simply that negative thoughts have bypassed our security system.

Our body is a highly advanced communication device that lets us know when something has slipped past our radar system, and caused unhappy or negative emotions, such as anger, hurt, jealousy, rejection and so forth. When we have negative thoughts, they generally lead to (if not vented, expressed and released) negative emotions because the mind and body are intrinsically linked.

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Living Life and Living Peace In Your Heart

You can harness these negative thoughts by living life in your heart, as an observer, watching yourself living in this life, instead of being caught up in the constant stream of illusory information. When you remember to observe your own mind, you can catch these thoughts in the process. You can clearly see them and so re-direct your thoughts and focus on to that which will empower you. Wherever your focus goes your energy surely follows.

Mother Teresa once said, “Please don’t invite me to an anti-war demonstration.” She knew that by going to an anti-war demonstration, even though it’s anti-war, she would still be giving her focus to war, and so her energy would create more of it.

It’s actually important to create peace but to create peace you cannot want peace. As soon as you want it, by the very nature of wanting, you create separation and so, by default, you create its polar opposite, war or non-peace. To create peace, you must know and be peace.

Re-Direct Your Thoughts

I often get cases of women with breast cancer that work in breast cancer charities. They were perfectly healthy when they started work there, and because their entire focus has been on breast cancer, they manifest it themselves. They have created it with their thoughts. A constant stream of thinking about breast cancer.

I knew a lady once, before I started healing, who had cancer and had her womb removed. Every week she would go to a ladies’ cancer group and all they would talk about was the dis-ease. She got it back again and had a breast removed. Then she went back to the group again and again, it re-ignited and the other breast was removed. She wouldn’t listen to her family’s advice, and stop going to this weekly group. I am sure spiritually she is learning lessons and it’s her journey. It’s not for me to judge. It’s her path. Acceptance of everyone, always, is important.

Learn to remember or re-direct your thoughts and you will control your emotions. We are conditioned from a very young age, by our environment, and this affects our behaviours, thought patterns and the way we see the world. I was fostered and eventually adopted as a child so rejection and a lack of love for self has been a huge challenge for me.

Especially when it came to following my true purpose in life – writing books, speaking publicly etc. Having to face my massive rejection issues. That, my friend, is the way the game was designed. To follow my heart and discover my destiny I had to face my greatest fear – and your most extraordinary version of yourself, always lives on the other side of your fears.

Genetic Conditioning and Emotional Links

Also, our ancestors affect the way in which we think. Genetic conditioning is ingrained within our DNA, at a cellular level. Our bones also carry lifetimes of “stuff”. If your mother was fearful of losing her husband, it’s possible that you will be too. And it’s possible that your grandmother and great grandmother all thought the same thoughts and had the same feelings, created by the same experiences. It’s passed on down the line.

Every dis-ease has an emotional cause. The majority of the time it’s fear based or a lack of love based. Let me give you some examples. If someone has something simple such as stiffness in their body, it’s usually due to their being rigid in their thinking. In other words, stiff thinking. If someone has something more severe such as cancer, it’s usually because of deep-seated grief or the lack of love one has for the self – constantly eating away at oneself.

In the end, the cancer eats the body away. It’s just mirroring your internal way of viewing yourself. You are “doing” the dis-ease based on your thought processes. Spots are often an outburst of anger. Haemorrhoids, which is something I tend to deal with a lot, in men especially, are caused by anger at the past, not wanting to let go of what happened and in the end they feel overwhelmed with burden.

Every dis-ease has an emotional link. It’s not actually necessary to know them all. It’s not necessary to know any. The reason I am sharing this with you, is to help you understand, that because every dis-ease has an emotional link, it’s simple to remove it. Move or change or shift the emotions and the dis-ease will dissolve. This can all be done at a level of light.

Shedding Light on the Shadows

What happens when sunlight shines on a shadow? The shadow disappears. That is all that is happening during healing. Star Magic journeys deep into the cells, and the soul of the individual, and goes fishing. It casts its rod into the archives of the Universal Database and catches the emotional cause that is causing harm. It reels it in and brings it to the surface, where the human being must observe it, and then let it go. In other words, shine light upon it.

Sounds easy, right? Well it is. It’s so easy. No need for long-winded treatments, and a concoction of pharmaceutical drugs, administered by the drug industry. Simply transmute the root cause of the problem.

There are times when operations are necessary. In serious road traffic accidents for example. I have dealt with many of these. In a road traffic accident someone may be losing a lot of blood and may need a transfusion, and to be sown up. The bleeding will need to be stopped. In this case it’s imperative for surgery, and a caring team of specialized doctors and nurses.

We can all self-heal because the root cause of every dis-ease is held within us. One thing is certain. A pure connection with source/love = zero illness/dis-ease/problems of any kind.

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