Self-Healing and Deep Ecology: Honoring and Loving Your Wild Soul
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Unless you are able to recognize and love diversity, the wild soul— which always represents diversity—will always be put to a disadvantage by the educational process.

Generally speaking, especially during the age of development, your own peculiar traits are seen as fastidious characteristics that might even hinder a successful life later on. Deceptively it would seem that conforming to the given model of success might increase your chances of success, whereas this is not at all true. Unconsciously you are led to sedate, if not punish, the wild soul when it rears up and shows its impatience for a “limited” life, when it shows its “difficult” and “weird” ideas, when it shows its diversity.

In an interview, the Italian poet Giuseppe Ungaretti said that civilization is an act of tyranny against nature. Unknowingly, individuals favor this act of violence toward their own wild soul.

Sometimes people eat, drink, and smoke to keep this outsider away, this crazy horse that paws, quivers, trembles and fidgets, aching for something more. It is a thousand times better to let the wild soul fidget and break something rather than guzzle alcohol or sugar. To give vent to your wild soul, go for a walk in the woods, run along mountain paths, go skiing or swimming. Don’t douse it with toxins by eating badly.

Don’t punish the soul by eating poison! Everything industrialized, excessively processed, is poison for the soul because it uproots the soul from its natural context in which it breathes and pulsates.

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The stronger your soul becomes the easier it will be for you to eat better, and the better you eat the stronger your soul will become. Then this world, which definitely prefers you to be governable, measurable, and predictable, will have to take stock of your diversity through which you express your mercy and your love.

Above all, hearken to your diversity and make it your greatest patri­mony, fearlessly. In the end it’s always the outsiders who contribute best to this world, when they manage to emerge, loving themselves and their own wild soul.

Healing and Deep Ecology

I would like to give you a self-healing ritual, which you can perform on yourself or on anyone who needs your help by means of the Mystical Marriage Mantra. Our mystical bridegroom/bride is not external to us; it is not other, it is the invisible part of us that is projected into the world. It is our soul, and it is the anima mundi (world soul), the invisible aspect of everything, every person, every place.

This practice works on akasha, the fifth element, ether or space. It not only heals the individual, but, every time it is performed, it heals, harmonizes, and spiritualizes the whole planet. This is why I wish to reveal it in written form, even though it is traditionally passed on orally. I feel I have the consent of the masters, as it is now time for union.

There can be no individual healing if the planet is not healed at the same time. The feeling of being finite and shut in oneself is deceptive and a cause for suffering. Now is the time for deep ecology.

Deep ecology is an ecology that keeps its distance from institu­tionalized anthropocentrically stressed environmentalism and ecolo­gist movements. Deep ecology is expressed through a heartfelt interest for the fundamental philosophical questions about the role of human life as part of the ecosphere, differing from ecology, which is a branch of biological science, and differing from utilitarian environmentalism, which is centered merely on human well-being.

Deep ecology makes the effort to go beyond the rationalist duality of the human organism on one hand and its natural environment on the other, allowing attention to focus on the intrinsic value of other species, systems, and natural pro­cesses. Deep ecology can offer a philosophical standpoint for environ­mental legislation, which, in turn, can guide human activity away from self-destruction. Deep ecology is scientifically based on ecology, and systems dynamics on the one hand and, on the other hand, on peoples’ ancient spiritual knowledge.

The self-healing practice that I am about to reveal to you is in every sense definable as a practice of deep ecology, because it is performed with full awareness of the indivisible unity of persons and planet.

Ritual of Self-Healing and Deep Ecology

Preparatory Practice

Sit in a meditation posture.

Place your hands over your belly button. Breathe deeply through the nose synchronizing the silent repetition of the Mystical Marriage Mantra with your breathing: AYA exhaling; SAMAS or SAMAYA inhaling.

AYA SAMAYA; for those whose visionary power imagines a female bride

AYA SAMAS; for those whose visionary powr imagines a male bridegrrom.

Feel the belly move under your hands. When you inhale it swells slightly to make room for the incoming air; when you exhale it empties and contracts slightly to help expel the air. Breathe with your belly and lower lungs; don’t involve the thorax or clavicular region.

Feel that your belly is the cave, the cavern, which represents all the caves and caverns on the planet, above sea level and below sea level, full of water underground or in the seas. The cave represents the elements of earth and water. With the mantra send love vibrations to the planet’s caves, to the earth and the water.

After a minute, shift your hands to the rib cage and start breathing with the chest. Feel the thorax expand slightly under your hands when you inhale and contract slightly when you exhale. Don’t involve the belly or shoulders in the breathing now.

Feel that the movement of your chest is a flame that expands and contracts in the wind. The thoracic space belongs to fire and air. With the mantra send love vibrations to the terrestrial magma, to fire, and to the air, wherever they may be.

After another minute shift your hands to your shoulders: right hand on left shoulder, left hand on right shoulder. Now breathe with the upper part of your body, the clavicular region. Feel the shoulders gently rise when inhaling and gently fall when exhaling. The clavicular cavity represents infinite space, the ether, akasha. With the mantra send love vibrations to the universe.

After another minute lay your hands on your lap, palms up, right hand resting on left hand. Join the three respirations in one big, deep continuous breathing cycle.

Start filling your lungs with the belly, then the thorax, and lastly the clavicular region, without interruption, and then empty your lungs inversely, from the top to the bottom, repeating the Mystical Marriage Mantra all the time and sending love vibrations to your underworld or celestial bridegroom or bride, who is the king or queen of invisibility, the soul of the world. This last phase lasts a minute too.

The whole preparatory phase takes four minutes.

Self-Healing through the Marman

The marman are areas of the body known in shamanic yoga as “energetic joints,” inasmuch as they are points where the main nadi, energetic merid­ians, meet.

The practice consists of transmitting the vibrations of the Mystical Marriage Mantra to these marman points by tapping them with the tips of the index and middle fingers. Every group of marman tapping is preceded by the repetition of a psychic formula of the imaginal creation.

Marman Tapping: Group 1

Recite the psychic formula inwardly, then tap every marman for about thirty seconds, whispering the Mystical Marriage Mantra while you breathe gently and deeply through your mouth.

First psychic formula: Evoke pleasant memories from your childhood and adolescence. Your mind is about to be deprogrammed; it is important for you now to evoke memories so as to widen the borders of your awareness and allow the energy of the Mystical Marriage Mantra to act throughout the space of your mind.

First group of marman: nape of the neck, neck, shoulders, coccyx, soles of feet.

Let the vibrations of the Mystical Marriage Mantra penetrate the marman.

Marman Tapping: Group 2

Repeat the psychic formula inwardly and then, starting with the palms of your hands, tap each marman for about thirty seconds each, allowing the vibrations of the Mystical Marriage Mantra to penetrate, and then move on to the other marman.

Second psychic formula: Remember that you are loved.

Second group of marman: palms, ankles, around the knees, elbows, wrists.

Marman Tapping: Groups 3–5

The same scheme is applied for the other formulas and groups of marman, as follows:

Group 3:

Third psychic formula: Let go now of all the traumatic memories, beliefs, and emotions that hinder your full healing.

Third group of marman: belly button, heart chakra (center of the thorax), throat, closed eyes.

Group 4:

Fourth psychic formula: Relax your eyes and enter deeply into peace.

Fourth group of marman: temples, forehead in the point between the eyebrows, the fontanel on top of the head.

Group 5:

Fifth psychic formula: Your psyche has been deprogrammed. You are free to be healthy and fulfilled.

Take some rest, repeating the Mystical Marriage Mantra inwardly.

Offering Healing to Others

This simple and effective healing practice may also be offered to others, asking the receiver to lie down. During the preparatory practice the person is asked to lie on his/her back and place their hands on the various body cavities. Then the person places his/her hands straight alongside the body. The Mystical Marriage Mantra Carrier then takes over and taps the points of the person’s body corresponding to the marman. For the time it takes to go over the first two groups of marman the person lies face downward, whereas for the rest of the groups the person lies on his/her back again.

Healing, or self-healing through self-tapping, may be performed at any time of the day. In the morning it has an energizing effect; done in the evening it has a relaxing effect. Regular practice greatly improves the quality of life.

Hopefully this practice will spread and catch on quickly for the benefit of the planet and everyone on it. It could trigger a real spiritual revolution if enough people (the critical mass) are reached. Let’s hope it happens soon, for the sake of peace and freedom.

Reprinted with permission of the publisher,
Inner Traditions International. ©2019.

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The Mother Mantra: The Ancient Shamanic Yoga of Non-Duality by Selene Calloni WilliamsHidden at the heart of nearly all spiritual and esoteric traditions lies the powerful teachings of the Mother Mantra. Its initiates have preserved its consciousness-expanding techniques for millennia. Originating in the ancient practice of shamanic yoga, this tradition allows us to perceive the full complexity of reality. It helps us see both the visible and the invisible, moving beyond the consciousness of duality that limits us to only the material world. Operating in this heightened state of non-ordinary consciousness, we can see beyond our subconscious programming and behavior patterns and understand our possibilities and powers. By removing all fear, it allows you to love yourself exactly as you are.

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