How To Use Sonic Sounds for Healing Yourself and the Planet

How To Use Sonic Sounds for Healing Yourself and the Planet

Sound is third-dimensional. When the angels add their energy to sound it becomes a fast-frequency sonic emitted for specific high-vibrational purposes. We may not be able to hear it because it is beyond our auditory range and our understanding of it is limited but it has a powerful effect.

Sonics are angelic harmonies that respond to love, sacred geometry, pure intention and peace breathed in alignment with the breath of God.

~ Thunder ~

Thunder breaks up the accumulation of lower energies in the atmo­sphere. It shatters negativity, which has been blown into an area so that those below do not receive it.

Sheet lightening is the physical manifestation of the transmutation. Fork lightening brings the posi­tive transmuted energy down to the ley lines to be spread through the planet.

~ Sonic of the dolphins ~

Water is a cosmic element that contains the wisdom of the universe. When the frequency of the water is raised by the sonics, the dolphins can access and main­tain the wisdom of Golden Atlantis. This clears the path in front of the dolphins of lower frequencies so that they can find their direction through pure energies.

~ Sonics for buildings ~

Certain perfect notes change the properties of matter. In former times specific notes chanted by spiritual people lightened stones. Then the stones could be moved by mind control to the envisioned place of construction. Sacred buildings were erected by this method. The buildings in the Golden Era of Atlantis were all created in this way.

~ The sound that shatters glass ~

This sound breaks up constructs that are no longer for the highest good.

~ Levitation ~

Levitation can be effected without human sound but as you hold the intention to lift someone, the angels make the sounds, which lighten the matter of the person being raised. Then they rise without any support.

~ Becoming invisible ~

Like levitation you do not need sound to become invisible. When you raise your frequency to become one with your surroundings, the angels attune you to them so that you are no longer visible.

Many years ago I was sitting on a bench in the garden of a special spiritual community. I felt at total peace. When my group came to find me, they were looking at me and could not see me. Then I came back to Earth and reappeared, rather to their surprise!

~ Teleporting ~

In order to teleport your physical body so that you disappear and ap­pear somewhere else, the angels change the frequency of your cells. This was quite a common gift in the Golden Era of Atlantis.

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~ Sonics that help plants and trees to grow ~

When you open your heart and talk, mentally or aloud, to plants and trees, the angels send sonics to help them grow.

~ Elementals work with plants ~

The elementals, such as fairies and elves, hold the vision of the blue­print of the plant and the angels make the sonics to help it fulfill its po­tential.

~ A buzz or sharp pain in your ear ~

When you hear a buzz or even feel a sharp pain in your ear, your angels and guides are breaking down your resistance and trying to raise your frequency.

Both Kathy and I have experienced this many times. Archan­gel Metatron buzzes my right ear or inflicts a sudden twinge in it when he wants to draw attention to something. I know immediately that I have to pay attention, ground myself or think of something more positively. Kumeka and occasionally other guides or angels do the same in my left ear.

Kathy finds that, if she is still not listening after all other nudges from the angelic realms, such as a feeling or an ache in her third eye, they will buzz her ears.

~ Sacred geometry and sonics ~

When a building is designed according to sacred geometry the angels sing the sonics to bring it to completion in a perfect divine way. The cathedral of Sacré Coeur in France is an example of this, as is Salisbury Cathedral, which has been built on a flood plain so the water is keep­ing the energy pure. Angels do not offer sonics to haphazardly created constructions.

A pyramid that is perfectly aligned to the ascension planets, stars and galaxies attracts amazing harmonics which people can feel as they enter it.

~ Healing ~

The angels respond with sonics to the vision of divine perfection held by the healer and the person being healed.

~ Mother and baby ~

When a mother opens her heart and sings or hums to her baby, the an­gels add their energy through sonics to strengthen the bond of love be­tween them.

~ The moon ~

Angels sing over the world at full moon and the sonics enter the waters to purify them and raise their frequency. The sonics do not move the water.

~ The elements ~

In a magnificent place in nature where there are the elements of fire (sun), air (gentle breeze), earth (glorious vegetation) and water (snow, stream, lake or sea), the angels will sing sonics over that area and raise the frequency even more. This is why certain beauty spots touch us so deeply.

~ The dawn chorus ~

The angels make harmonics through the singing birds, which are rais­ing the frequency of humans, animals and the whole of nature.

~ Singing bowls ~

Singing bowls make perfect vibrations for angels to work through to clear stuck energy.

Rosemary Stephenson is one of the teachers of the Diana Cooper School and a good friend of mine. She takes her crystal bowls everywhere she goes. I have been with her in diverse places such as the crypt of Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, Angkor Wat Temples in Cambodia and an igloo in the Arctic where she has sung with her bowls. The sound is angelic and you can hear the angels responding and transforming the energy. Rosemary also plays her singing bowls at seminars and for CDs. You can feel and hear the presence of angels.

~ Music ~

When music is played, whatever the instrument, with high pure inten­tion for the greatest good, the angels create harmonics. The intention of the listener also affects this.

My friend Diane Egby Edwards plays every instrument pos­sible including the gong, the didgeridoo, flutes and crystal bowls. She finds that the acoustics in my kitchen are ideal for the didgeridoo and the angels love it too.

Kathy finds that there is a particular song that pulls her heartstrings. She knows that when it is played the angels sing over her to break up old pain in her heart.

~ Our planet ~

There is much disharmony within our planet, which is making a roar like a runaway train. We are asked to envision Earth’s perfection and ask the angels to sing harmonics over us until the planet emits a peace­ful, loving purr.

Pure joyous laughter, the gentle wind in the trees, wind chimes, a waterfall, gentle waves, beautiful singing or the flap of a bird’s wing are sonics that break up lower energies.

* The KEY is to do everything with the purest intention.

* The SOUND is that of angels singing.

* The COLOUR is pale yellow gold.

EXERCISE: Visualization to heal with harmonics

  1. Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed.
  2. Light a candle if possible.
  3. Relax and close your eyes.
  4. Ground yourself by imagining roots going from your feet deep down into the earth.
  5. Place Archangel Michael’s blue cloak around you.
  6. Hold the intention of healing someone for the highest good.
  1. Picture them in total health.
  2. You may like to hum as you ask the angels to sing over the person.
  3. Imagine a cascade of beautiful harmonics showering over them.
  4. Let go of any expectations. Just know you have done your part.
  5. Thank the angels, return to the here and now and open your eyes.

EXERCISE: Visualization for the divine perfection of the planet

  1. You can do this anywhere, inside or out, sitting, lying or walking.
  2. Picture Earth as beautiful and with a wonderful glowing aura.
  3. See all the animals, birds, trees, plants and humans singing togeth­er in perfect harmony.
  4. Ask the angels to pour their harmonics over the world.
  5. Sense the Earth purring or softly humming.
  6. When you are finished, if they were closed, open your eyes.

EXERCISE: Bathing in sound for the highest good

  1. Set your intention for the highest good.
  2. Listen to a piece of music or play singing bowls.
  3. Be aware of the angels singing with you.

©2010 by Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell.
Reprinted with permission of the publisher,
Findhorn Press.

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The Keys to the Universe: Access the Ancient Secrets by Attuning to the Power and Wisdom of the Cosmos by Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell.The Keys to the Universe: Access the Ancient Secrets by Attuning to the Power and Wisdom of the Cosmos
by Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell.

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