Protecting Your Energy and Your Aura

Having a strong and healthy mind can help you a lot in achiev­ing your dreams and goals. When you stay positive, you improve the strength of your mind, and you will possess valuable qualities like determination, persistence, passion, tranquility, dedication, and patience, just to name a few.

A strong mind can cope with a weak body, while even a strong body is no use if you have a weak mind. Healing is recognizing that you have the ability to be able to command your thoughts and do anything you set your mind to do. Remember that your aura is simply an extension of you. When strong, it acts as a protective shield. When fragile or damaged, it can leave you drained, unwell, and feeling disconnected from yourself.

Remember: The intention of protecting your energy field is what protects you. When you create a protective shield, it is important to have a firm con­viction that it is there, it protects you, and it cannot be pene­trated by unwanted energies. If at any time you show signs of fear, doubt, or anger, your protective shield weakens and can be pene­trable.

Just a note: you can apply a protective shield around other people such as a child, for instance, who may be bullied at school. You can put protective light around your home, car, and any other items you wish to protect. Everything has an aura, and mostly everything needs some form of energy protection.

When using any form of protection, always send negative energy down to Mother Earth with love and light and healing; we want the negative energy to heal. Trust your inner guidance and follow your intuition.

Excellent Methods Of Energy Protection:

Become Nonreactive

When someone gets very angry with you, what you can do to protect your own energy in such situations is to stay calm and remain detached. Then you will not be energetically affected by their anger.

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You must be the one to think clearly and respond without attachment to the emotional outburst as long as you are not in danger. Attempt to get the angered individual out of the angry mind­set. Sometimes just saying “I am sorry” or “how can I help you?” or simply listening without interrupting can decrease the anger directed at you.

When you react to someone’s anger, you become vulnerable to the negative thought forms that person is throwing out, allow­ing the negativity to attach to your aura. Visualize, imagine, and silently chant “peace,” “shanti,” “shalom,” “love and light,” or “peace is with you.” Concentrate on your heart. Bless the per­son with love and the intention that this negative energy becomes calm, loving, peaceful, and understanding.

You will also feel better about doing this because your own energy will not be depleted. I know it is sometimes difficult to focus on love when someone is screaming at you, but remain calm and you will see the effect on you reduced.

Protect Yourself through Loving

Love is a positive and creative force that repels negativity. It empow­ers you because the strength of love will block any attacking energy and push it away. Negative energy cannot attach itself when you do not welcome unhealthy attitudes or negative vibrations. Always feel and think loving thoughts. I always say to myself “love and light” to those I come in contact with.

Send Negative Energy into the Earth

When you feel negative energies around you, breathe, and with every exhale ask the energy to leave while you visualize sending it down into Mother Earth with love and light and healing.

You may want to say a prayer when sending the negative energies to Mother Earth: “We are asking that Mother Earth blesses this energy with light, love, and power to be regenerated into positive energy.”

If you do not want to send the energies down to Mother Earth, visualize a bucket of fire and picture put­ting the energies in the bucket. Then ask God, the Divine, or to whomever you pray to remove the energies safely to be recycled into positive with love and light and healing.

Ask for Negative Energy to Be Removed

This simple technique is done with the intention of removing residual negative energies when handling, manufacturing, or dis­tributing food, clothes, cosmetics, etc., that other people have handled. It is important to clear their energy from the products.

Place the palms of both hands over the food you are about to eat or beverage you are about to drink and ask for any unwanted energies to be removed. Ask for healing energies to be directed onto the food and water. Then eat and drink slowly, visualizing eating and drinking healing light. Do the same with cosmetics, clothes, and so on.

Ask for the negative energies to be sent to Mother Earth with love and light and healing. Repeat this tech­nique until you feel the items are clear of unwanted energies.

Cocoon Your Body

Imagine a protective (encircling) cocoon of white and golden light beginning from under your feet and going up around your legs, thighs, hips, waist, stomach, chest, heart, throat, face, and head and around the entire back of your body. Set the intention that any negative energy not penetrate this cocoon but that love spreads out to all people you come in contact with or any situ­ation you encounter. You can cocoon yourself prior to going to work, traveling, having guests come in your home, or going out for a night of the town, etc.

Sweep It Away

Just as we need to clear our homes and workplace of clutter, our energetic fields must also be cleared of the old energy, thoughts, and emotions that do not serve us any longer. When we clear our aura and energy centers, it helps to restore and strengthen our connection to ourselves and to our Divine inner wisdom. It is very important to rid our energy bod­ies of fear, pain, self-hatred, judging, or any other emotion that does not serve us well. When we do so, we are able to set ourselves free on a conscious level so our body, mind, and spirit has the ability to be free to grow.

The intention of sweeping is to remove all negative energies that may have attached to your aura. This technique is quick to use and works very well for those in contact with many people throughout the day.

Cup each hand, palms facing you, with fingers of each hand together and fingertips pointing toward each other about three inches apart. Begin about ten inches above your head and sweep your hands in a downward motion to your feet in front of your body. Visualize and set your intention to do the same sweeping motion down your back. Repeat the sweeping motion a few times.

Always sweep downward and never upward. Sweeping downward clears, but if you sweep upward, you can cause more energy congestion. Always send the negative energy to Mother Earth with love and light and healing to be recycled. Even though you are not touching the physical body while sweeping the aura, this motion heals and bal­ances the aura and directly affects your physical health. The more you use this technique the more you will notice you are not being affected by other people’s energies.

Vacuum It Away

The intention would be the same as in the sweeping practice example above. Instead of sweeping energy away, sit with your hands on your lap and visualize the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner beginning at the top of your head and moving slowly downward going around your body pulling out all the debris from your aura.

Make sure you go all the way down slowly to the bottom under your feet. Make sure you send the unwanted energies collected down to Mother Earth with love and light and healing. If you feel there is still unwanted energy, simply begin at the top of your head again and repeat.

The White Light Bubble Technique

You can use this White Light Bubble Technique anywhere, at any time of the day, and as many times as you feel it is necessary. It will not only protect you against negative thoughts or energies, it will con­stantly uplift your spirit.

Say the following White Light Prayer as you visualize a light sprinkle of the purest, cleansing rays of white and golden light pouring onto your head and covering your entire being, engulfing you in a bubble or a very close and tight outline. Visualize this light cleansing your body while creating an impenetrable barrier. (Note: The usage of God in these prayers does not represent any religion. Please use any prayer you feel comfortable with.)

The Light of God Surrounds Me
The Love of God Enfolds Me
The Power of God Protects Me
The Presence of God Watches Over Me
Wherever I Am God Is, Amen

                  —James Dillet Freeman

Important! The bubble/outline technique keeps “out” neg­ative energies, but it does not restrict the good energies of love from entering or leaving.

Try this technique a few times a day, beginning in the morn­ing. While in the shower, visualize yourself under a shower or gentle waterfall of silver and golden cleansing light. Let this light pour over you, through you, and out into your surrounding aura, asking God to remove any negative energies that may have attached to your aura.

Become aware of any heavy energy in your body and make a note of this observation to see if there is a pat­tern. Then send those energies down the drain into the earth with love and light so they may heal. If you feel heavy energies when you are out and about, just visualize the same as above, sending the energies to Mother Earth with love and light so they may heal.

Surround yourself with white light when you’re out and about. If you’re sitting in a bus or train, on the way to work, or you’re feeling stressed during the day, visualize the calming white and golden light pouring over you. Use the technique in the eve­ning before retiring to bed, too.

Practicing this technique on a regular basis will improve the way you feel.

Becoming An Empow­ered and Loving Human Being

Our beautiful Mother Earth and the universe need empow­ered and loving human beings. Whether you clean streets, manage large companies, or are the president of the United States, your real contribution will come from the love, attitude, and positive energies you radiate.

Any kindness or love we show to one another will have a ripple effect throughout the world. When you are in line at the grocery store or in the mall or just walking down the street, the greatest energy work you can do is to smile at one another. Let’s put a little love in our hearts and let it shine throughout the world.

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