Restoring Balance and Harmony With A Divine Energy Time-Budget Plan

Restoring Balance and Harmony With A Divine Energy Time Budget Plan

I often get the question how I manage to find the time to do so many things, and my answer is always the same: I have learnt to give myself time. This has allowed me to: still be happily married after 16 years of marriage, have two wonderful children, a happy household, produce (together with my husband) a Swedish spiritual well-being magazine called Inspire that is being published five times per year, write books, see patients and clients, and run my own trainings and workshops.

For me it was an absolute necessity to give myself time, because I naturally have tonnes of energy, and I love having several projects on the go. This is part of who I am. In order to not get overwhelmed, or waste my inner energy, I had to learn how to structure my life in such a way that there was an inbuilt harmony and balance within it, with plenty of relaxation time.

I don’t always succeed, and I know I feel life has got on top of me when I start to feel sad, stressed, anxious and irritable, and this leads me to feel absolutely exhausted. My mood takes a nosedive, and I get even more sad, because I can see that my children and my husband pay the price for this. Feelings of guilt then well up inside of me, making me feel even worse.

Now I have come to understand that those feelings of sadness and exhaustion are my friends too, because they are just trying to tell me that my life has got out of balance and that I need to bring it back into alignment again. And what I have learnt to do, in order to restore balance and harmony in my life, is to follow a Divine Energy Time Budget Plan. And when I follow it, I feel great!

The Divine Energy Time Budget Plan

1. Relax and Give Yourself ME-TIME!

The moment I feel sad and exhausted I usually know I have to give myself some extra sacred ME-time. This might seem really odd, as I am talking about how to budget effectively with time, and often we might think that this should mean us cramming more into our day, of us doing more, but the opposite is actually the case. The more we relax, the more life-energy we will have available, and the more efficient we will be.

This ME-time can also consist of several short breaks during the day, when you just become aware of your breathing and of life that goes on around you. Notice the sounds, the smells, the scenery. Give yourself at least 2–3 breaths to become aware of the sacredness of life, and really feel that sacred, grace-filled energy that exists within you and around you.

Then get back to your busy day. Repeat this exercise 6–10 times per day. It will work wonders!

For longer ME-time, give yourself the space to do activities that fill you with happiness, peace and contentment. Read uplifting books, meditate, exercise, take a walk in the forest, play music, write, paint, do anything that makes you feel in close connection with your Soul. Do not waste this time by doing things that will just make you feel empty afterwards. Instead spend your sacred time doing that which fills you up with divine life-energy.

2. Set The Tone For The Day

Start your day with giving yourself sacred time, where you meditate, pray and exercise. This will set the tone for the rest of the day and you will carry this uplifted, happy and peaceful energy with you throughout your day. It is also much easier to meditate in the morning, because our minds are less cluttered with the stresses a normal day brings.

By spending the morning stilling your mind, you start to connect with your wise Soul, making it easier for your higher divine wisdom to guide you throughout your day. See if you can go to bed a little bit earlier so you can get up in time for you to be able to set aside at least 20–30 minutes each morning for YOU.

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3. Get Enough Sleep

It is very important to make sure the body gets enough rest. It is during our sleep that the body recovers and rejuvenates. Make it a habit to go to bed at the same time every night and to get up at the same time every morning, and aim to get at least 1–2 hours sleep before midnight.

Turn off your Internet at night and make sure your mobile phone is not recharging next to your bed, as this can affect your nervous system making it harder for you to sleep.

4. Effective Planning

Most of us fill our time with activities that do not need to be done. It can even be activities that actually drain us of energy – that we don’t even like to do, perhaps certain work-related tasks, or social engagements we feel do not give us anything, but we feel obliged to do them. Sometimes it can be activities that we might feel are okay, but that have started to eat into most of our free time. It here becomes important to learn to prioritise and plan effectively.

Time Schedule Overview

Make a list of everything you have to do during each week and month. Then go through the whole list and write 1 next to that which you have to do, 2 next to that which you love to do, and 3 next to that you do not want to do and do not have to do, but which has still managed to creep into your schedule. Everything that had a 3 next to it you completely take away from your schedule!

Now look at all that you have given a number 1 to – these are the tasks you have to do – and notice if you can change your attitude to them. For example, if you do not like cleaning, but it is something you have to do, could you find a way to somehow fill yourself with positive energy whilst you are cleaning? Perhaps by putting on some happy music and dancing around with the vacuum cleaner? One of my clients hated doing her bookkeeping, but by playing her favourite music whilst going through her receipts and bills she found she felt so much happier and lighter that the bookkeeping seemed to get done in a flash.

Please also look if some of these have tos and musts really are have tos and musts. Perhaps you can cut down on how often you have to see people you don’t naturally get on with. It is all about prioritising. You see, your energy is important, and you have to start looking after what you spend your energy on. So be really strict in what you allow as a 1 into your time schedule. This will free up both time and energy, which is a vital part of bringing back your power again.

5. Find A Natural Rhythm and Balance

Restoring Balance and Harmony With A Divine Energy Time Budget PlanEverything in nature has an inbuilt rhythm: the seasons have their rhythm, there is a full moon every 28 days, the sun rises in the morning, the stars light up our sky at night. We too need our own rhythm and balance, and we need to find which one suits us the most. We are all unique and different. I feel the best when I get up early so I have time to exercise and meditate before the children get up. I have noticed getting up with the sun makes me happier and more awake. Just notice what your own body rhythm is and honour it. Be kind to yourself, accept your rhythm and plan your time schedule accordingly.

6. Stop Procrastinating!

Something that drains our energy enormously is when we procrastinate that which would only take a few minutes to actually get done. We know it has to be done and still we do not do it. But the nagging thought is still there, at the back of our mind, and it is as if we get swept inside a sluggish, grey, foggy blanket, and everything feels harder and more difficult, as if the energy has just been sapped away. When I procrastinate I feel as if I have got stuck in old chewing gum, where my whole energy is totally blocked and drained. But as soon as I start doing that which I have put off, I get rewarded by immediately feeling lighter and happier.

So set aside one hour per week where you just get done all that which needs to be done and only takes a few minutes to do: pay the bills, post the letters, clean the drawers, make that phone call or take out the trash. You will be rewarded immediately as you are doing this because you will feel your energy return and your whole being feels happier, lighter and more energised.

7. Cleanse Your Home

Weekly Energy-Cleansing

It is important to cleanse the energy in our homes on a daily or at least a weekly basis. We can do this in several says such as:

* In your meditation, you can imagine sending light and love to every room in your home, filling your home environment with this beautiful light. Then you can imagine how this light and love start to extend also around the house, filling the surrounding area with this light. If you believe in angels or ascended masters, you can ask them to protect your home, and bless it with peace, happiness, grace and divine love.

* Weekly clean your home and whilst you do that, silently bless each room with happiness, love and peace.

* Keep an altar – a dedicated place – where you keep your own sacred objects, such as photos of loved ones, flowers, or anything else you feel connects you with your Soul and heart.

Yearly Spring Clean

Once per year, make sure you do a complete Spring Clean of your home. Clean out your closets, your house and your garage, and give away what you no longer use. Scrub the floors and clean the windows so you get rid of all that old energy. When we do this we end up feeling so much lighter – it is as if we free up an abundance of energy that had got trapped in all that old ‘stuff’.

8. Have Boundaries with Energy Vampires!

Most of us have probably experienced feeling drained after having been in someone’s company. You might have to say no to seeing this person that much, and in some cases you may have to limit all contact for a while, especially if you are going through a difficult time yourself, where you need all the energy you have within.

Check to see how often/seldom you would like to see them. Are there any boundaries you have to set with this person in order to look after your own energy? Remember to set these boundaries with love and acceptance, instead of with anger and bitterness. The more we manage to put down boundaries with love, the better we will feel.

Sometimes we feel drained after being with someone, not because they drain us, but because our expectations are not fulfilled, or something this person says or does triggers a negative reaction in us. When we learn to fully accept the other person, forgive them and have no expectations, then we cannot get disappointed, and this person’s behaviour will no longer trigger our own negative thoughts and emotions. We stop fighting reality and instead we learn to accept whatever is. This is true freedom.

This does not mean we allow others to treat us badly; it just means we accept what is so we can objectively and in a detached way use discernment to know how we can best deal with it.

Other energy vampires are activities we engage it that just make us feel empty and drained afterwards, such as surfing the Internet, checking e-mails, watching trash TV, gossiping etc. If you do this, take steps to limit this drastically, as it can quickly turn into a bad habit, and at worst into an addiction.

Why It's Important to Take Care of Yourself

Remember, the more energy you have within, the more you have to give to others, so take care of yourself. By looking after your energy, it will be so much easier for you to be there for the people you love, and to create the life you want to live. Then the journey of manifesting your dreams into reality will be so much smoother, because you have the energy you need to move them from being a thought into becoming a physical manifestation.

©2013 Cissi Williams. All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted with permission. Published by O Books,
an imprint of John Hunt Publishing Ltd.

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Supercharge Your Dreams Into Being: By Trusting Your Soul's Inner Guidance by Cissi Williams.Supercharge Your Dreams Into Being: By Trusting Your Soul's Inner Guidance
by Cissi Williams.

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