"Magical" Remedies For Your Health Emergency Kit and For Your Life

"Magical" Remedies For Your Health Emergency Kit and For Your Life

There is clearly a Mind-Body Connection and when you start to feel something coming on always visualize yourself as being healthy, strong, and confident. Imagine yourself feeling good when you suddenly realize that you are being challenged.

I always carry an “Emergency Kit” when I travel and I include things I cannot get in the hotel gift store and the nearest drug store may not be within walking distance. I keep things like Emergen-C packs, Bach’s Rescue Remedy, essential oils like Oregano, Thieves, Lavender, and Eucalyptus, an ice pack bottle, a small heating pad, apple vinegar cider, and band aids! This is just to give you an idea of the things that I personally pack to be prepared for the worst…your list may be different.

Remedies from the Hotel Kitchen

I’d also like to share a couple remedies that you can actually request from the hotel kitchen that are really helpful if you feel yourself coming down with something:

1) Ask for fresh lemons, some bottled water, and a knife. Squeeze the lemons into a glass and do a “shot” of straight lemon juice without water and then drink as much water as you can. This stimulates your immune system. Do this as much as possible.

2) The other remedy I use is called: Dragon’s Breath. Trust me, you will have Dragon’s Breath for sure once you use this but it will sincerely help your body to alkalize itself and will stimulate your immune system.

Dragon’s breath is made from lemons, fresh garlic, onions, and honey. All these ingredients are normally available from a hotel kitchen. Create a glob of this concoction and then stir to mix. Take one tablespoon every hour.

Honey is a very important ingredient for Dragon’s Breath

(Remember, I am not a doctor so this is just a suggestion). I personally cannot eat onions so I leave those out but this is the remedy I was given by my grandmother as a child. As unpleasant as it is, I have found that it works.

I highly suggest that if you are traveling during this seasonal change, you create some type of Emergency Kit so you can ward off or at least shorten any illness!! And remember…to always visualize yourself being healthy and strong!

Feeling “Out-Of-It”?

You are most likely feeling the exhaustion, overwhelm, and stress from all the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial challenges life is throwing at you daily. The human race is moving at a pace no one in our recorded history has ever experienced. The ever-changing world and its values, the relentless and negative fear-based media programming, and the intensity of our fast-paced lives all has a cumulative effect on the amount of energy we have left to proactively participate in making time and space for our own goals and dreams.

If you are feeling something is missing in your life, you are right—it is!

You’re missing the magic you used to feel about the hope of a better future, the joy of living, and your true knowledge of your own divinity and ability to manifest in the world.

Right now most people are feeling that life has changed and what used to be fulfilling has lost its luster. What that means is that you are being called into a more authentic direction for your soul’s growth.

Sadly, the world programs us to stop listening to our hearts, to disregard our feeling nature, and to only make our decisions and actions from our left brain’s rational programmed mind. This has caused a huge imbalance in our natural instincts.

The Magic of Miss Samantha and the Thumb Wart

A very significant event happened that changed my life and made me totally believe there was an energy that I call “Magic.” I was about eight years old and got this very bad wart on my thumb. It was getting progressively worse and it would not stop bleeding because I kept picking at it.

In Chuckatuck, Virginia there was this one little teeny tiny grocery store/post office. A few of the locals used to joke that it was “Glenda, the White Witch” who ran the store and lived above it, but everyone else called her Miss Samantha. People from surrounding areas came not only for supplies but also for physical healings for problems the local doctor couldn’t solve. She was a bit of a challenge for the so-called “church folks,” who were afraid of her and referred to her as a witch. What others said never seemed to bother her and she seemed to find this label funny.

Miss Samantha was this beautiful vibrant woman with very long blond hair who was actually a hands-on healer. She had this delicious sense of humor and an endearing infectious laugh. There was something that just made you feel good to be around her. She always paid attention to me and remembered my name and would give me candy when I was in the store. She somehow always made me feel special, so I loved going in to see her and would do so as often as I could.

One summer day when I was in her store, clearly picking at the thumb wart, she told me to follow her outside to the back of the store. There was no one else around at the time. As we were standing alone she put her hands over my infected hand and told the wart to go away. I remember how hot her hands were! Then she did something that seriously changed my view of reality forever. She looked at me in the eye and said:

“Lee, you will never think of this wart problem again. The Christ within you is now totally healing you and your hand is now perfect. You will never think of this on your hand again. You are whole, happy, and healthy. You will never think of this again.”

As I stood there listening to her and feeling these amazing hot hands on me I thought, “How can I not think of this? It’s bleeding. I’m picking at it. It hurts.” She repeated the entire thing a couple more times and then I remember going back in the store where she gave me an ice cream cone. Then I totally forgot the entire problem.

Later that fall I was on the bus going to school and sud­denly remembered I once had a wart and I looked at my hand and it was gone. Whatever she did, it worked and the wart had vanished and never came back.

I suddenly was awakened to the fact there was some kind of magical wisdom or knowledge to life that wasn’t being shared in my reality. It changed my perception of what is possible. It opened up doors of curiosity that maybe life had more to offer than I had been previously led to believe . . . and yes, there is real magic in life!

Reclaim the Magic That Is Inside of You

As a society, we have been beaten down from the relentless media who program us to feel and act like victims. Today is the day you can stop the insanity and reclaim the magic that is truly inside of you, wanting to come out. Change the way you view your life in the future and discover a new framework of what the real rules of the universe are for harmony, success, love, health, well-being and prosperity, and a connection to your Divine Source.

You don’t have to be stressed out, frustrated, overwhelmed, and depressed. You have simply forgotten that there is real magic in the world and that you can choose to tap into it. When I refer to magic, I’m referring to your natural connection to Infinite Intelligence and your inner knowing that you have the power to manifest all that you desire, which sparks an unparalleled passion and excitement for life.

Instead, most people live their lives just trying to soldier through it. You do your best but inside there are doubts and questions: When is life going to be fun? When is it my turn to live well and be prosperous? Why do these bad things keep happening to me?

You’re unhappy because your soul is craving the magic of being realigned with your spirit and purpose of living again. You are disconnected from your Spirit / Source / God / Infinite Intelligence energy and want to have a partnership with this divine energy again so you can experience the magic of love, joy, prosperity, health, fun, and hope for the future. Only you have the power to create for yourself.

We are being called now to shed our old skins of what is no longer important and open up to a new empowered life. Now is the time to unplug from the wrong things, beliefs, and behaviors that have gotten us into the mess of living an unfulfilled life and being victims who are programmed by other people with their own agendas.

Identity Crisis

Most people are experiencing an identity crisis because what used to work no longer works. We need new tools for a new reality. We must now claim our birthright to be the king or queen of our own reality.

Think of yourself as a powerful bright light. When you are plugged into the unlimited supply of Spirit / Source / the Universe / God, no matter what you call it, this Infinite Intelligence is always there and can be utilized to assist you. Take your personal power back, plug into the unlimited source of true power, and design a life for yourself that truly makes your heart sing!

You must give yourself permission to believe that you have the power and ability to change your life and create a new life right now! I ask you to start listening to that inner part of you that wants more. Listen to your own feeling nature about what is right for you right now!

Today is the day to give yourself permission to see the big picture of amazing possibility and new exciting and rewarding adventures that can open for you. The past is a locked door; the future will depend on what you do today. Your point of power is this very moment.

©2015 by Lee Milteer. All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted with permission of the publisher: Rainbow Ridge Books.

Article Source:

Reclaim the Magic: The Real Secrets to Manifesting Anything You Want by Lee Milteer.Reclaim the Magic: The Real Secrets to Manifesting Anything You Want
by Lee Milteer.

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Lee MilteerLee Milteer is an internationally known bestselling author, award-winning professional speaker, TV personality, entrepreneur, visionary, and intuitive business mentor. She is also a Reiki healer, a shaman, and runs a Metaphysical Mystery School, where she teaches students how to manifest on levels that mainstream education or business schools cannot teach. Lee has created and hosted educational programs airing on PBS and other cable networks throughout the U.S. and Canada. She is the author of Success is an Inside Job and Spiritual Power Tools, as well as the co-author of ten books. Lee is the founder of the Millionaire Smarts® Coaching program, in which she provides success and spiritual advice and resources to people worldwide. You can find her at www.Leemilteer.com

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