How We Limit Our Abundance, Truth, Love, and Energy

What is prosperity? How can you be more prosperous? Why do people have trouble with prosperity?

Many of you automatically think of prosperity as something primarily financial. However, this is simply not so. Prosperity encompasses much more than money. In fact prosperity is synonymous with self-esteem. Prosperity is manifesting what you feel you are worth. It is success by your standards: it could mean lying in the sun for an hour a day without having to feel you should be somewhere else; knowing that you can lie there and congratulate yourself on having your life so well handled that lying in the sun is a celebration.

Prosperity or havingness (the ability to have) is a pervasive thing. You limit your success according to what you think you are worth. This occurs unconsciously and it so happens that you have that level of success or richness of relationships that matches your self-esteem.

Imagine a family with low self-esteem winning a million dollars in a lottery. Within twelve months it is all gone and they are back to the old lifestyle. They couldn't have that level of success because their self-esteem was not high enough. Their energy level could not contain the huge increase.

Limits to prosperity are imposed by the false personality and come from fear. There are real and specific fears of what may happen to you if you have high, high havingness. For instance, people kill other people for their possessions. If you don't have much you won't get killed. One can look at the specific fears in your conscious mind and dispose of them.

The converse of this is that if you love yourself then all things are possible.

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So, prosperity is about feeling worthy enough to have life be the way you want it. On this account prosperity fills lack; lack of time, lack of things, lack of relationships, lack of love, lack of creativity, and so on. Prosperity is then about having an abundance of anything you wish you had more of, including more spiritual insight.

Prosperity and Higher Centers

Spiritual prosperity, as with spiritual power, has to do with being in higher centers, gaining that distanced perspective on yourself and your life to see how it all fits together. It is about feeling a sense of oneness with other people.

Not surprisingly, prosperity is a matter of how you handle the three components of the higher centers and of the universe -- truth, love, and energy.


The focus of higher intellectual center is truth. Prosperity is a matter of having truth in your life. You can tell the truth to your friends and family and they can tell the truth to you. This is the prosperity that truth bestows.

When you have told the truth and have heard the truth you can then act on it. You can then decide what relationships you want in your life. When you tell yourself the truth about your job, you can decide to change it or to keep it. Having done this weeding out you are automatically a more powerful person. You are not spending time with people you don't want to, so you have more time and more energy. In short you have higher havingness.

Having seen where you fit in, you can then see the whole, and open yourself up as a spirit without boundaries to your guides, channeling, and connectedness, and away from pain, fear, and suffering. From this space you can make powerful choices.


Remember that higher emotional center manifests unconditional love. Prosperity is dependent on having more love in your life. It is about feeling that you deserve it and loving yourself enough to let yourself have it. Fear blocks higher havingness levels and the remedy is learning how to love yourself. Love yourself and all things are possible.


Prosperity is about having the energy to manifest what you want. The energetic quality of the higher moving center makes the integration of truth and love possible. When truth and love work together in your life, you can become as prosperous as you wish. Remember the example of the family with low self esteem who could not take advantage of their good fortune. The energy of higher moving center raises your capacity to have, do, and be more.

Becoming More Prosperous

In order to become more prosperous in an integrated way, balance is required. There must be inspiration, expression, action, and assimilation. Inspiration needs action. Action needs expression. Expression requires assimilation first, and so on. All are interrelated. Each axis must come into play. When satisfying prosperity is blocked, usually one of these four axes have not come into play.

Imagine that you are inspired by a vision of what you want your life to be like. You assimilate the vision and express it to other people. However without a plan of action it is unlikely that your vision will manifest to any degree. Likewise if you go into action without an inspirational vision you will probably only manifest chaos.

What To Do

The following is a pragmatic step-by-step approach to having, doing, and being more in your life.

1. Work out exactly what you want and write it down as a series of goals.

2. Create positive affirmations about these, stating them in present terms, as “I am now enjoying wonderful health and good relationships.” This will instantly bring up the negative beliefs that have held you back in this area. Those beliefs can then be listed, acknowledged, and let go of. New positive affirmations can take the place of each one.

3. Regularly visualize mentally being the way you want to, having what you want, doing what you want.

4. Persist in doing this despite current circumstances and absence of immediate results. It takes time for thoughts to manifest on the physical plane.

5. Make a plan of how to meet the goals. Check off each step as accomplished.

Limitations to Prosperity

Know what your comfort zone is. Pushing beyond your comfort zone and having more can be quite uncomfortable, believe it or not. Do you truly want another forty thousand a year? Do you truly want a committed love relationship? Are you prepared to handle whatever discomfort comes with it?

Ask yourself first? “Can I have it?”

Look at what you have to give up to get above the comfort zone limits of your ego. List the items. Look at how other people rely on you to not increase your havingness. If you do it, they will have to look at theirs because they are often competitive. This may make them angry with you.

You need to give up the belief that you can’t have it. Note that your ego simply wants to be right.

There are two attitudes to money:

1. Spend now and trust — make the space for it. (positive)

2. Expense control — governed by the fear of running out (negative)

Note that these work in a kind of dynamic tension with one another. One does not work without the other.

Look at the structure of the universe. Does anything run out? No, it doesn’t. The law of the universe is that it will replace whatever you spend. What you sow you shall reap. Look at your experience. You can run low on things and stay there, but you never actually run out. You never actually starve to death unless you have specifically chosen an environment to promote this experience. You can trust in this process.

One of the governing principles of this teaching is neutrality, that is, not hanging on to things. There may be pleasures, sadness, money, or whatever. The aim is to experience them as they occur. Let them in and let them out.

Often people dealing in huge sums of money work no harder than those in menial jobs. The energy input is the same. The difference is in the mental tapes they play. Their beliefs about money are different. One believes you have to work hard for a little of it. The other believes you can have lots of it for relatively little effort. They make it fun. They don’t seek to hold on to money. They are philosophical about it. They work hard at working out what they want, and persist until they get there.

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