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If you have had a strained relationship with money in the past, this is an incredible opportunity for you to close out that tired old story and begin imag­ining what life looks and feels like when that money rela­tionship is repaired and good to go.

Making a Choice

The life you are standing in right now has not come about by accident. A very mighty and mysterious power has shaped it, and I can guarantee that this mighty power is the primary reason why your love life, your bank account, your circle of friends, and even your career look the way they do. Because this book talks about a lot of spiritual concepts, you may be thinking that I’m about to blame the outcomes in your life on divine design, karma, fate, or some kind of high-level spiritual theory like this, but that’s not what this is about.

The mighty power that I’m alluding to is your power of choice. Your ability to make a choice is one of the most significant life-shaping tools that you have in your grasp. This life you are living didn’t happen by chance; it happened by choice.

Before I go further, I want to be clear that what happened to you when you were a child wasn’t your choice or your fault. Your life back then was an expression of the whims or choices of your caretakers. If you were surrounded by poverty or abuse growing up, that wasn’t because of you, and you are not responsible for that. And specifically, because this is about wealth magic, you need to understand that you are also not responsible for any of your family’s financial trauma or financial patterns that may have affected you as a child. Nor did you choose the unforeseen or disastrous events in your adult life that sent negative ripple effects into your bank account.

What matters, however, is how you choose to respond to all that crap. You are responsible for the financial choices that you make now as an adult. Those choices do inform your financial outcome.

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Good Questions to Ask Yourself

  • How is my upbringing still informing the choices, especially the financial choices, I make today as an adult?

  • Do I make choices in life that still minimize my value, because I didn’t feel valued in my family?

  • What financial trauma have I had in the past that may be negatively impacting the finan­cial choices I am making today?

Whatever your answers are, what’s important now is how you choose to move on and heal from past traumas. And healing from the past can help positively guide your future financial life.

A magician understands that they have the option in every moment to choose differently — to choose a different trajectory. And essentially, that is what you are doing by deciding you want to learn how to work with angel magic to open up new portals to wealth. A magician strives to know and understand that the first power they employ in any magical act is making a clear and proactive choice to change their reality. They consciously choose to move away from victimhood and take radical responsibility for the conditions of their life.

A magician is willing to take their power back from society, from their family of origin, or from the haters or the naysayers. They fully realize that they have the power to separate themselves from the struggles of the past and re-create their lives in accordance with their own beautiful vision, or their True Will.

Making a Conscious Choice to Be Wealthy

The success of your wealth magic depends on the power of your choices, specifically the choice to be wealthy — and mean it. And mean it not just for a week or a month or a year, but for as long as it takes.

Making the conscious choice to be wealthy can allow you to create an extraordinary shift inside yourself. You can open up to new pathways of being and thinking about yourself. You can learn to drop the old stories you’ve been telling yourself about your life and about money. So, if you are really ready to make a different choice in life — if you are ready to make the choice to be wealthy — then say this out loud: “I choose to be wealthy!”

Say it as if the angels are standing in the room right there with you (because they are). Say it over and over again until you feel like you really mean it. Get yourself revved up about it. Let your body feel the enthusiasm of it, and know that this choice is real and the first beautiful step of your wealth-making journey.

How does it feel to make the choice to be wealthy? What do you notice? Are you stoked? Is there a part of you still resisting? Take a moment to write down how it feels to make the choice to be wealthy. Don’t have a place to write it down yet? Well, you will in just a minute. Keep reading.

PRACTICE: Your Magical Wealth Grimoire

Now that you have made the powerful and ultra-magical choice to be wealthy, you’ll need a magical wealth grimoire — a magical journal of sorts. Your magical wealth grimoire can be either paper or digital, whichever works best for your lifestyle. It will be your go-to place to record all your magical findings, experiences, wealthy thoughts, inspirations, and successes along the way.

A grimoire is a key companion for most ancient and modern magicians. A magician understands that they can use their words as a powerful manifesting machine. They write in their grimoire often, using it not as a place to vent, like a traditional journal, but instead as a tool to magnify their magic and cocreate their new reality, wishes, and desires into being with the support of divine forces. I want you to think of yours as a vessel for magical creation.

You can use the pages of this grimoire to write love letters to your Spirit team, to make pleas for divine intervention, and to recommit, over and over again, to your wealth-making journey. You can also use it to write down powerful thoughts, feelings, and affirmations; create wealth-inspired art; or write down your worries, concerns, and imagined limitations with respect to achieving your next level of wealth.

As you discover limiting beliefs and new Wealth Blockers, you can write them in your magical grimoire too and ask the angels to assist you in transforming them into feelings and thoughts of beauty, hope, and inspiration.

This kind of magic can ignite new ideas and inspiration from your Spirit team concerning how to attract more wealth in your life, so you will definitely want to pay attention and write all these revelations in your grimoire. You’ll want to keep this grimoire with you most of the time, as you never know when a flash of divinely inspired genius is going to hit your sweet little noggin.

There are a variety of ways you can use your magical wealth grimoire, so feel free to work with it however you see fit, as long as you work consistently with this awesome magical tool.

In case you need a little help getting started, here’s a basic template for your magical grimoire. These questions and reflections will help you focus your magical mind daily on the task at hand — manifesting your next level of wealth. Before you begin, however, I want to be clear that this is not busywork. Think of these daily writings as a sacred and powerful aspect of your magical wealth creation.

Daily Prompts for Your Magical Grimoire

  • Say out loud: “I am truly wealthy.” Contemplate this statement. Write down two ways in which your life already reflects a sense of wealth.

  • What are you creating today? Write down how you desire to feel, how you want your day to go, and what outcomes you would like to experience.

  • Name one success. Take a moment to write about and celebrate the success you are already having.

  • What ideas, inspirations, signs, synchronicities, or magical happenings would you like to record?

  • What is one sacred action step that you can take today to create more wealth?

  • What are you grateful for? Authentic gratitude opens the portal to receiving more blessings.

  • Do you need any help from your divine team today? If so, with what? Make sure to thank them for their support.

  • Write down anything else that you want to record for the day.

Understanding Your Why

When you have big goals, dreams, and an awesome vision for your life, it goes without saying that more than likely it will take some serious time, energy, and investment. One of the secrets to turning your dreams into reality is finding a real, heart-centered motivation to make this goodness happen. You’re reading this, so it’s already obvious that you’re looking for a wealth uplevel, but have you taken the opportunity to truly understand why? Have you really thought about the benefits of having more cash in your life and the impact it would make?

When I ask folks why they are looking to attract more cash, most say that they want more money to pay off debt or pay their rent, mortgage, or other bills. And though, yes, these things are important, sometimes they are not quite sexy enough to get you fully motivated to make all the big stuff happen.

I want you to go a little deeper with the question of why you want more cash. The more you ask why, over and over again, the more you discover your underlying motivations for achieving that next level of wealth. Magic often works best when you are in touch with your deeper feelings surrounding your intention. I want you to feel lit up when thinking about having more cash in your life.

The best way to work through the why is to sit quietly, bust out your grimoire, and make a list. Ask yourself this question: “Why do I want to be wealthy?” Once you have your answer to that, then ask yourself: “Why else do I want to be wealthy?” Write that one down, and ask again, “Why else?” Do this six or seven times — ten times if you are feeling really frisky. I want you to let yourself feel the desire for wealth inside your body. Again, the point of this is to help you feel the emotion around your vision, from your heart.

Sometimes you will come across deeper desires to serve others or your family, or to be an inspiration for others. Maybe you want to buy your parents a house or build generational wealth for your children. Some of these whys may actually make you a little weepy. That’s a good thing. You can really channel that emotion toward your magic. Make sure to review your why as often as you like to help you stay committed to your wealth vision.

 What I came to learn was that the best kind of magic always involves a big, juicy, open heart. It comes from an authentic desire to make a connection with something bigger than yourself. Call it the universe, God, Mother Nature, Gaia, Bob, Love, or whatever name suits you; when you create a real and palpable connection with the big It/They, and when you begin to see the Divine truly working for you — in nature, including the sky, birds, and trees; your relationships; and even your bank account — it changes the magic game altogether.

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