How Do You Feel About Money?

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Self-made millionaires, even the heart-centered, spiritual ones, have learned to love money and have let go of negative feelings and conditioning around it. They’ve stopped telling themselves that money is evil or only for greedy people and have embraced the reality that money is an amazing tool that can be used to serve their families, their communities, and even the world.

So the question is, how do you feel about money — greenbacks, cashola, cabbage, coin? And I mean, really feel about it? Do you resent money? Do you secretly think that cashola is evil? Do you hate it? Does coin make you nervous? Do you think that only greedy or bad people have a lot of cash? Do you resent rich people?

Check in with yourself about it real quick. If you want to know how you really feel about money, try this:

Sit quietly for thirty seconds and let yourself think about money and your financial situation. Think about the money in your bank account, your bills, and your credit cards. Notice what happens to your body and your emotions when you do.

When people do this brief check-in with themselves, some immediately feel their heart begin to race or experience nervousness in their belly or heaviness on their chest. Sometimes they even break out into a sweat! I know I used to.

So did you feel excited about money? Or did it make you a little anxious, frustrated, or angry? If you don’t feel all good about money, then it’s time to give your relationship with it a little love.

Garbage In, Garbage Out

Money is energy and responds to the energy that you put out toward it. If you spend a lot of time consciously or unconsciously sending a stink vibe toward it, then you may accidentally be repelling instead of attracting it. It’s much like wooing a new lover. When wooing a new lover, would you write a dating profile that looked like this?

Hi, I’m Billy and I hate dating. Dating never works out for me because I really suck at it, plus I’m not really worthy of love. For fun, I like to spend my time sulking, punching myself in the head, and taking long strolls down Butthurt Alley.
P.S. I don’t believe in love, I’m especially heinous in bed, and I hate you already. Hit me up.

Doesn’t Billy sound like a tasty treat? Not really. Just like Billy would repel a new lover with his not-so-hot profile, if your thoughts are full of negativity about money, you will end up pushing money away instead of attracting it.

It's Time for A Mindset Shift

If any of this negativity around money resonates with you, it’s time for a mindset shift. I want you to begin thinking of money more like a new lover than a foe. Keep an open mind and have curiosity about it. Make the choice to shift your attitude toward money. Take the time to really get to know it and to understand how the energy behind money works.

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The following practice has helped me and many of my clients detox their relationship with money and re-create a healthy mindset around it. This healthier mindset will bring you one serious step closer to your wealthy lifestyle.

Practice: Chatting with the Spirit of Money

This technique is rooted in Gestalt psychology and can help you quickly discover your wealth blockers so that you can rebuild a healthy relationship with money.

Take a moment to first write out all your negative thoughts and feelings about money on a sheet of paper.

Pull out your wallet and place it opposite you on a table or on a chair next to you. Your wallet is going to represent the spirit of money.

Invite the spirit of money to come and have a chat with you as if you are enjoying a cup of coffee or tea together.

You are going to ask money a series of questions. In between the questions, you will listen and feel with your inner ears for the answers that money gives you. Trust the information that comes to you.

Next, you can ask money questions like the following. Feel free to change the questions or use questions of your own. I’m simply offering you a guidepost to get you started:

  • Money, why do you make me feel this way?
  • Why don’t I have more of you?
  • How can I make and attract more of you?
  • How can I have a better relationship with you?

Ask any other questions you may have. After each, make sure to listen closely and trust the information you receive; then write down the answer.

At the end of this process, thank money for the information. Thank it for all the support it’s already given you in life, and let it know you are ready to receive a whole heck of a lot more of it.

Reflect on and write down what you discovered during your meeting with the spirit of money. Based on your conversation, write down one specific action step you can take to begin healing your relationship with money.

 Money is Fairly Neutral

What most people discover when they do this exercise is that the spirit of money is quite friendly and kind. They also discover that money is fairly neutral and isn’t “out to get” them the way they thought it was. They realize that their money situation is simply a result of their dominant thoughts about it.

If you know that your relationship with money needs a lot of work, I recommend that you keep doing this exercise frequently until you love the spirit of money and feel like money has become a true ally.

Remember, if you love money, money will love you back. Say it with me now: “I love money and money loves me.” Keep saying it until you can feel the truth of it, and watch money begin to flow to you in magical ways. 

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Angel Wealth Magic: Simple Steps to Hire the Divine & Unlock Your Miraculous Financial Flow
by Corin Grillo, LMFT

book cover of: Angel Wealth Magic by Corin Grillo, LMFTCorin Grillo teaches us how to detox from self-defeating notions of lack, unworthiness, and personal or familial shame. Through simple practices, rituals, and everyday mindset shifts, she shows us how to be the happy, healthy, and truly fulfilled people we were meant to be.

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About the Author

photo of Corin Grillo, LMFTCorin Grillo, LMFT is the author of Angel Wealth Magic: Simple Steps to Hire the Divine & Unlock Your Miraculous Financial Flow and The Angel Experiment. She is a licensed psychotherapist and transformational leader, and founder of the Angel Alchemy Academy.  She has a popular podcast and offers online and in-person workshops and counseling.

Visit her website at

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