The Energy of Money: Why Do We Make Wealth All About Money?
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Here’s a question for you:

Why do we make wealth all about money?

Money is a form of energy, just like love, time, and breath. However, in our modern world, we have made money the most common currency of exchange. It’s everywhere. We trade our time, our labor?and even, sadly, our love?for it. If you look around your home, most of what you will see are things that have been purchased, or that money has been exchanged for.

Right now, I’m looking around my office. My desk, my computer, my vase and the flowers in it: all these things have been purchased with money.

Without money, we can’t easily obtain the things we need to live. That’s why our money stuff hits us so painfully. It’s a matter of survival. That, combined with the misconceptions and limiting beliefs about money that we pick up from our parents, family, friends, society, and early experiences, can really jam up our energy around money, and make it hard to access?and be guided by?our Sacred Wealth Code and our soul blueprint for wealth.

When our internal Wealth Code circuits are jammed, it makes it hard for us to create, receive, and flow with money. All of those misconceptions and limiting beliefs are playing subliminally in the background, and keeping the wealth we really want at arm’s length. We might be working really hard to create wealth, but while this “white noise” is buzzing in our ears, we won’t realize the full results of our efforts.

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Here’s the thing: money, wealth, and spirituality are inextricably connected. Using spiritual tools to work on your money stuff can be one of the most challenging, and most rewarding, processes you can undertake, because your beliefs about money, worth, and value touch every area of your life.

When I had to let go of my yoga center, I was taken to my knees. To get through this dark night of the soul, I deepened my study of Vedic Astrology and meditated on what I knew and believed about the laws of the universe. I wanted to understand my soul blueprint and its relationship to the energy of wealth and abundance. This potent self-inquiry enabled me to drill down into the essence of my beliefs about myself and how I related to money and wealth. When I discovered how I was living out of sync with my purpose and prosperity, I was able to course-correct and get back on my path. Soon, I was not only attracting wealth and clients, but I also felt happier, freer, and more aligned with my own truth.

When your soul speaks?when your truth speaks?it can transform fear on the spot. But until you get to that deep, spiritual place where the truth can be heard, you will still have to contend with all of the noise of your false beliefs. That’s why inner work is as vital to wealth as physical work.

Your Wealth Operating Instructions

You have a personal “Wealth User’s Guide.” It came with you at birth. It’s a divine plan for your abundance, purpose, and passion, designed on a soul level just for you.

The thing is, in order to use it, you have to know it’s there. Then, you actually have to open it up and read it.

It’s like when you purchase a piece of furniture from one of those big box stores. When you get it home, you take all the parts out so you can see what you’ve got. At first glance, it all makes sense: you can see that these screws go here, and this piece fits with that one. You put it together, thinking you’ve got it covered, and that you don’t really need to read that inch-thick instruction manual. You’re smart enough to screw together an end table without help, right?

Then, when you're done, you notice that there are a few parts left over. “No big deal,” you think. “They’re just some spare boards and screws.” But then, a few months later, when your table is sagging and wobbly, you realize that it isn’t really doing what you intended it to do?which is hold your stuff without falling over.

At that point, do you blame the table, and call it defective? Or do you go back to the instruction manual and figure out the best way to put all the parts together? Maybe that board you ignored was there to stabilize everything. Maybe those extra screws really were necessary.


Your Inner Instruction Manual

It’s the same with your Wealth Code. Without knowing what your inner instruction manual says, you can be tempted to ignore those parts of yourself that don’t immediately fit your picture of how things should be. The difference is that, with an end table, it’s easy to see your mistakes and correct them. On the other hand, when things don’t seem to be working in your career or your life, it’s easy to get disappointed and think that there’s something wrong with you, instead of going back to that set of internal directions and reconfiguring your setup and priorities.

Things get even more complicated when you factor in other people. Imagine that, while you’re trying to build your end table, you have a crowd of people around you, all shouting out different directions and ideas about what’s possible for your new furniture. With that kind of distraction, it would be super easy to put a piece in the wrong place, or forget a screw here and there.

The career and life directions you receive from others amount to pretty much the same thing. Sometimes, those directions are valuable; sometimes they’re completely off-base. But one thing is always true: if you listen to others’ directions without consulting your personal, divine plan for wealth, you're pretty much guaranteed to end up with a wobbly table.

What Happened To Samantha

Samantha is a very confident, grounded, and powerful woman who worked in an educational field. She was skilled at running a team, at helping others find their ideal careers, and at managing a lot of different things simultaneously. Whenever her family, friends, or coworkers needed anything, they always came to her?even if they needed a place to live! She was the number-one problem solver in her world.

The thing was, her passion wasn't in education, but in health and wellness. She had a wellness business on the side, and felt that she could really express her purpose there. But after over-giving all day long in every other area of her life, she didn’t have the bandwidth to get her business off the ground.

More, she had a problem with receiving. She could give what seemed like an infinite amount of energy to others, but she couldn’t ask for it for herself, or receive it fully when it was offered to her. This, combined with a related belief that she couldn’t receive what she needed to survive from her wellness business, kept her stuck in a wobbly-table life that didn’t feel fulfilling.

What she discovered, as she worked with her Sacred Wealth Code, was that part of her wealth was receiving?not just money, but also energy, love, and time. She was stuck in the energy of over-giving, a shadow aspect of her Wealth Code. We cleared the misguided beliefs running behind the scenes that kept her doing things for others in order to feel worthy and loved.

Once that energy was gone, it was easy for her to learn to say no to the things that weren’t really hers to do, and put all of that extra energy toward the work she knew in her heart was aligned with her purpose. More, by tapping into what she really wanted to give, she opened up to receive what others wanted to share with her, and was able to create a prosperous and thriving business.

A byproduct of aligning with her Wealth Code was that Samantha found and married the love of her life. When you align with what true wealth is for you, everything that fulfills you starts to fall into place!


A Foot In Two Very Different Worlds

Another of my clients, Julie, had a foot in two very different worlds. She had a medical career, and she was an artist. When I met her, she really wanted to understand what her purpose was, because she felt like she had a calling beyond what she was doing, but couldn’t put her finger on what it was.

She was truly passionate about her art, and had been painting for a long time. She’d even sold a few pieces, but didn’t believe that she could make a real living through her art. And so, she waffled back and forth between her career and her passion, without being fully rooted in either.

When we looked at her Sacred Wealth Code, we found that Julie is a teacher and healer, and art is one of her mediums. When she got in touch with that truth inside herself, she discovered that, if she was willing to trust herself and her value, she could teach her art in a way that would help people heal. She was already healing in her medical career, so this was just a new expression of that desire.

After that, she started to sell paintings. She also began to teach, and followed through on an inspiration to create a system designed to bring people together in community and teach them through the act of painting. She even took her new modality to the medical field she’d been involved in.

There were some bumps in the road at first. Julie had historically been very shy about her art, and tried not to let it “interfere” in her medical career. When she first brought her art to her peers in the medical community, they were happy for her, but also reacted as though what she was doing was a hobby. They were willing to let her teach classes, but they didn’t want to pay her.

Julie realized that, by not “owning” her art, she was undervaluing one of her greatest gifts, and therefore undervaluing herself. Once she shifted those beliefs and misconceptions, everything changed. Her medical peers and the administration responded by eagerly requesting the work she was bringing to them, and even set up a space in the medical facility where anyone could come and partake in the creative expression and healing she was offering. People came out of the woodwork to purchase her paintings, even though she wasn’t advertising them!


Where Your Prosperity and Purpose Meet

Remember, your Sacred Wealth Code resides where your prosperity and purpose meet. For Samantha, it was where her desire to serve met her passion for vitality and health. For Julie, it was at the unlikely intersection of medicine and art.

Your “sweet spot” is unique to you. To uncover it, you will need to open up your soul’s instruction manual for a wealthy life. When you discover your purpose for wealth, you can lay out all of your component parts?your visions, your passions, your dreams, your talents?align them with your high-value gifts, and begin to see what your Sacred Wealth Code has been waiting to reveal.

As with a high-performance race car, you have no idea what your Sacred Wealth Code can actually do for you until you have cleared the road and can unleash its power under optimal conditions!

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