Is The Law of Attraction Actually A Principle of Physics?

The Law of Attraction: A Principle of Physics

The Law of Attraction isn’t a “tool.” It’s not a personal development technique. The Law of Attraction is a principle of physics that explains how Energy works — more specifically, how energy “attracts” and “repels.”

We are a Universe composed of Energy. That means Everything is Energy. You, me, the dog, and the dog’s thoughts. All Energy. It is a complete illusion that we are separate from one another, as we are all connected through Energy.

Interacting with and Interpreting Energy

This “cluster” of Energy that we call our “selves” (our body, our spirit, etc.) is configured in such a way that we interpret Energy through this gift we have of our senses. We can hear, taste, see, feel, and smell Energy in the various forms that it takes through our perception of reality.

We are able to manipulate this Energy in such a way that we occur as separate entities that are interacting with a physical Universe. In truth, this is just an interpretation of electrical signals — Energy. We truly do create our reality every moment through how we interpret Energy.

What we’re only just now learning is how much control we have over how we interact with Energy.

You and Me and Everything Are Really Just Energy

Imagine that everything in your world is really just a hologram — a projection of light that represents the “real thing” and manifests in a very photorealistic way.

In a way, our “reality” is just like that. Everything that we perceive as physical is really just Energy — space, in essence. But our senses interpret that energy to be something “out there” — a couch, a Chihuahua, an ukulele, or whatever.

When you understand fully that you and everything are Energy, you can begin to appreciate the vast intelligence behind the fact that we even exist and what we may be capable of.

Creating Things Through Our Imagination

But even though I believe we’re just scratching the surface of human potential, we do have immediate access to some pretty extraordinary gifts already, many of which we rarely use, but that are capable of creating our lives like writing a script for a movie.

We’ve been gifted with the ability to create things that aren’t yet a part of our experience through our imagination. We have desires and dreams.

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Why do you suppose we have those? They exist for us to experience them!

The Law of Attraction Responds to Our Emotions

An amazing intelligence created the human being with our entire range of emotions — and some of those emotions clearly feel better than others. We are naturally guided to thoughts that will make us feel better, and when each of us follow these thoughts, we begin tap into our sense of passion and purpose.

Every response in our bodies tells us that living inside a feeling of passion is Good. And yet we are often taught to fight against that natural tendency early in life. We are taught what is good and bad, possible and impossible, right and wrong. If our passions don’t fall in line with those things, we are often sidetracked from our passions at a very early age and we begin creating paths for ourselves with no significant intention or direction.

Remember that the Law of Attraction is always responding to our emotions and delivering things that are in vibrational resonance with where we are energetically.

Negative Thoughts Resonate with Negative Situations

The Law of Attraction: A Principle of PhysicsWhen you have a thought and an emotional response, your body responds energetically as well as chemically. While the chemicals your body creates may cause you to feel sad in a certain situation, your overall vibration changes to one of sadness as well, and you are more in resonance with things that are sad than with things that are happy.

So until something happens to change your vibration when you’ve gotten into upset, it’s going to be harder to attract things that are positive and helpful.

Just being aware that your thoughts are this powerful can change your life dramatically. If you become aware that negative thoughts are only going to resonate with negative situations, and that the more you dwell in a negative space, the more negative things you’re going to attract, then you can make the choice to feel something else.

Changing Gears: Can You Force Yourself to be Happy?

Granted, changing gears from a very negative space to a very positive space is not always easy and can feel unnatural if you try to force it by deciding to just “be happy.” However, there are numerous ways to shift emotionally without it feeling forced or fake.

First, you can engage in an activity that will naturally change your state of being. This can be anything — taking a walk, playing a musical instrument, petting a dog. Engaging in virtually any kind of creative activity can create a positive effect on your vibration.

You can also change your state dramatically by moving powerfully into action on your dreams, and by learning how to release the feelings associated with that negative space, along with years of limiting beliefs.

Going From Resistance to Vibrational Resonance

If we have energy within us that is running powerfully at a subconscious level, it will affect our ability to get into resonance with what we truly do want, because the various energies just don’t mesh. Resistance quite literally acts like an energetic force field against what you want.

Interestingly, when you are fully living a life of passion and purpose, the Law of Attraction works “the way you want it to” without effort or any conscious consideration that it’s even part of the equation. I added “the way you want it to” because obviously the Law of Attraction is at work ALL the time, but if we’ve got resistance in certain areas, it can show up in ways we don’t enjoy.

Living in a state of passion automatically puts you into vibrational resonance with exactly what you want . . . and you don’t even have to think about the Law of Attraction if you don’t want to. This is why you’ll see many people who live amazing lives who have no knowledge at all about the Law of Attraction. They simply spend most of their time in a vibrational state that naturally attracts the good stuff.

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