What Are The Lessons Within The Anger Impulse?

What Are The Lessons Within Your Impulse To Anger?

Anger is more often than not a symptom of profound disappointment. In many cases, it can also represent a feeling of inferiority or an inability to express frustration in an educated or controlled way. Sometimes it’s just an instance of someone being emotionally arrested: during their development stages as a child, they were not taught or given the example of how to handle life’s challenges. Their parental examples were a cluster of bad “acting out” examples. This makes children grow up, to a greater or lesser degree, socially inept. The individual acts out with anger and rage. We see it behind the wheel with the concept of “road rage.”

Those who feel powerless in their lives act out because in their car, they feel safe acting on their impulses. Or they lash out at people who are stuck behind the bank teller cages because the “worker” has been taught that the customer is to be handled respectfully.

Are You an "Anger-aholic"?

This is also an abuse of power. What all this anger reveals is a profound lack of psychological education combined with a lack of self-worth, which is usually at the core of all of this. Being deficient in self-love usually happens because the individual was to some extent not given healthy love as a child, and therefore, without ever having a good example, they did not learn self-love.

This treatment, or lack thereof, has these children growing up to be “anger-aholics,” often because they feel comfortable with the reaction they were raised with. A person either grows up to be completely against that reaction and they fight that inclination in themselves, or they embrace it because it is what they find familiar.

Learning The Lessons Within Your Impulse To Anger

There is always a lesson within the feeling of anger. Take a moment to analyze the levels of your anger. The healing frequency is waiting for you to answer. When you get angry, take a look within yourself and embrace the lesson. In more cases than not, anger toward friends and loved ones or fellow workers always snaps back to the idea of feeling “less than.” Know that you are worthy and have the ability to release and heal your anger without lashing out at others.

This brings us back to square one: true forgiveness. If you have done the work of forgiving, then you will have instant access to the frequency to handle anger.

It is much more painful not to do the work, and to remain wrapped in anger and resentment. There is a strong and clear motivation for learning the lessons within your impulse to anger: you clear the way for miracles in your life. Holding on to anger and resentment costs only you, because it seals you off from love.

Opening Up Space For Love In Your Life

Forgiveness heals you and opens up space for love in your life. It allows your energy to move freely in uplifting directions. You have nothing to lose but the anger.

The words you choose have the power to move you forward or backward. Be aware of your words during the most challenging moments in your life. Words are powerful tools. They are the fuel that moves you forward in life.

The next time that you encounter any problematic issue, know that you hold the tools to eradicate any first response and release all feelings of irritation that are not constructive. I promise once you are in this frequency, you will never leave it again.

Life Key Code

All ideas and words are blueprints for something new in our lives. Fill your mind only with positive thoughts, and become the master of your own divine radiant expression.

It is hard to escape the harsh memories of having been chastised, bullied, or spoken down to. Undoing these negative influences will be a process. If you have a lapse and forget, you are not allowed to punish yourself for using negative words.

When you find yourself thinking or saying a negative word, or using a negative tone, remember to say in its place (nicely), “No comment.” This will derail your negative belief system. Follow this immediately with a positive word or thought.

Here are a few of the positive thoughts you may use to derail your negative self-beliefs:

* I am honest.

* I am loving.

* I am compassionate.

* I am inspiring.

* I am joyful.

See how these words evoke a different feeling? See how they create a powerful feeling inside you? Remember: you are human. You are not faultless; you will make mistakes. But when you do, stop calling yourself names.

As we move forward, keep writing down the negative words you use to describe yourself, and shred or burn the list every few days. With time, the list will become shorter.

Taking Positive Action

When you say “No comment,” give yourself permission to examine any mistakes you’ve made to determine if they are just singular events or if they are part of a pattern. If you decide that there is indeed a pattern to any set of errors, you are free to make the necessary changes.

For instance, if you are late to work and appointments because you are constantly misplacing your car keys, rather than calling yourself stupid, you can put a hook by your door and hang your keys there when you come home.

Taking this positive action will not only help prevent you from being late but will bring more order to your daily routine. It will keep you positive by creating emotional homeostasis – a balanced state where you are no longer “less than” or “not good enough.”

Choosing Empowering, Loving, Positive Words

Remember: once you have spoken certain words aloud, you cannot take them back. It is important to choose empowering, loving, positive words. Every word has a cause and effect, and contributes to an end result.

Now I’m going to show you how, through reinforcing statements, you can activate The YES Frequency within seven days and change your life.

7 Days to Activate the Yes Frequency

There is a power in the universe, and you can use it. What you admire and acknowledge increases the flow of energy.

Practice speaking these principles each day to nourish your soul.

Day 1: Have a Solid, Positive Attitude

Know that everything works for the highest good. Be aware of your thoughts, and only speak higher positive ones. Love your­ self, your body, and your whole being.

Day 2: You are Limitless and Infinite

Supply is directly associated with love. All life is love! Love is the essence of what we are. Loving yourself and loving life means being excited about all your ideas and experiences.

Day 3: Activate Desire and Clarity

Map out a plan (for example, a mission statement) of exactly what you see yourself being and doing. Learn to ask specifically for whatever it is you desire. Have a clear map of what it looks like.

Day 4: Align with Personal Excellence and Commitment

Trust that you are the BEST, and choose to surround yourself with only enlightened people. Make choices that move you into GREATNESS! Commitment requires that you step from “I hope it happens” to “YES, that’s for me” and “It always works.”

Day 5: Support Yourself and Give

Take action in creating an ongoing flow of money and abundance coming to you at all times. Give abundantly, without fear or thinking you might lose anything. Fear will stop you.

Change the thought and belief. Take an action item that supports this new thought. Contribute a tithe.

Day 6: Trust

Learning to trust yourself and universal principles is difficult. But if you learn to live in this way, you will set a pattern of prosperity in all areas of your life.

Day 7: Believe and Receive

Build your self-confidence and believe in the possibility of potential customers, soul mates, healing, finances, health, balance, family, and all the above. You will manifest it, if you believe!

Forgive Those Who Have Hampered You

If you look back at your life and make a kind of inventory of the people you have known, you may recognize a kind of pattern. Either people have supported you, or they have shut down your ideas.

When you think of this second group, if you look back at their reasons, it is usually not because they want to punish you or fight you or take your passion away. It is usually because, in some way or another, they were afraid “for” you, or trying to protect you in the only way they knew how, which was to stop you from taking that step they themselves were too afraid to take toward their own goals.

Often they didn’t have the talent or imagination, and therefore could not see your potential. This does not mean that you don’t have it; it just means that these people are tone deaf to your abilities. Just follow your passion, and do it anyway.

Part of the forgiveness frequency is learning to truly forgive those who have hampered you with what at the time may have felt like unsupportive behavior. Forgive them their negative notions, and move ahead without them. They will come around eventually. When you stand assured and positive, nothing can stand in your way.

Yes, Yes, Yes (Reinforce the Flow of Creativity)

What does your YES Frequency look like in your own mind? Reinforce the flow of your creativity by painting a picture in your mind – a kind of motion picture wherein you are the star and all that flows around you are the people, places, and things that you are working toward in life but in your meditation you already have it!

Build a kingdom in your mind to pull from and go to. Pave the streets with your kind of gold. The Field of Dreams, wherein life is “as if”... and when you see it, it will come. Envisioning the results you want in your life and living “as if” can be your reality when inside The YES Frequency.

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The Yes Frequency: Master a Positive Belief System and Achieve Mindfulness
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The YES Frequency by Gary QuinnFilled with practical and deeply insightful strategies, this concise guide offers methods for breaking old habits, becoming more successful, and giving life a greater purpose. Focusing on recurring problems existent in today’s hectic world, readers will be encouraged step into a positive vibration frequency to access inner power, creativity, and intuition. Recognizing the ways in which fear creates chronic anxieties and alienation, new approaches are explored for healing limiting wounds—opening a path for an optimistic life approach geared towards discovering and manifesting one’s desires.

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