Non-Local Consciousness and Exceptional Experiences (with Stephan A Schwartz)

A Transformation Dialogue with Stephan A Schwartz and Dr Craig Weiner: Non-Local Consciousness and Exceptional Experiences; Genius, Religious Epiphany, Near Death Experiences and Psychic Phenomena

Two hundred years of reductive materialism has failed to explain the extraordinary experiences we know as moments of genius, religious epiphanies, near death experiences and psychic insights. This dialogue will talk about these experiences showing that they are in essence the same experience, differentiated only by intention and context. The dialogue will talk about the well-conducted experimental research across the continuum of science that proposes a new interdependent model of consciousness, one that is not limited by space or time. We'll compare shamanic and spiritual traditions with this new research suggesting they arrive at similar worldviews. Finally, we'll talk about meditation and other psychophysical self-regulation techniques that offer a powerful avenue for producing these exceptional experiences. (Transformational Dialogues were created by Craig Weiner, DC

Read excerpts from Stephan's book: The 8 Laws of Change: How to Be an Agent of Personal and Social Transformation.