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Remember Your Future On 3rd of November

InnerSelf.com will be covering the issues that are directly related to the 2020 US Presidential Election. We will not be covering the candidates or the horse race. We will leave that to the national media who sadly mostly ignore the issues and instead concentrate on sensationalism that brings monetary rewards.

Our regular readers already know that InnerSelf.com is about personal empowerment. We strive to balance personal growth, living in harmony, and social/political issues affecting them. However this election is of both national and global importance so we will be including more social and political but without disturbing our usual balance. Thus the special section: Remember Your Future on 3rd of November.

It's not that the US is the center of the universe as many seem to think, but the US now needs a leader who will return the US to the position of a world leader on climate change, diplomacy instead of war, and the betterment of the human condition and not just serving the rich and powerful.

While most of the social and political issues covered here are applicable to all countries, we will be concentrating on the US as we have lost our way --- for now.

Marie T. Russell and Robert Jennings, Editors

When The Truth Is So Terrible It Hurts, Take Action

When The Truth Is So Terrible It Hurts, Take Action

Marie T. Russell, InnerSelf.com
Why Donald Trump Is History's Biggest Loser

Why Donald Trump Could Be History's Biggest Loser

Robert Jennings, InnerSelf.com
Why Did Women Vote For Hitler?

Why Did Women Vote For Hitler?

Sarah R. Warren, et al
Where People Are Satisfied With Democracy And Why.

Where People Are Satisfied With Democracy And Why

Roberto Foa and Andrew James Klassen
Let's Cut The BS!!! Some Straight Talk On US Healthcare

Straight Talk On The State Of U.S. Healthcare

Robert Jennings, InnerSelf.com
Predicting The Future Of The Climate Crisis

Can You Predict The Future?

Robert Jennings, InnerSelf.com
Fulfilling Martin Luther King Jr.'s Dream With Higher Education

Fulfilling Martin Luther King Jr.'s Dream With Higher Education

Roland V. Anglin; David D. Troutt; Elise Boddie ; Nancy Cantor, and Peter Englot, Rutgers University Newark

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