InnerSelf Newsletter: January 11th, 2015

InnerSelf Newsletter

InnerSelf Newsletter: January 11th, 2015

January 11th, 2015

Welcome... Our InnerSelf welcomes your Inner Self.

This new issue also brings with it the new website... All new programs, new look, more ways for you to discover articles to read and videos to watch.... At the bottom of each article, you'll find more articles by the author (when they've written more than one article on InnerSelf).

We would love your assistance in making this transition to the new website as seamless as possible. There may be some kinks in the transition to the new website, so we invite you to contact us and let us know. The website is huge and it's near impossible for us to check each and every page, so as you're browsing through the site, if you find something that's wrong or that doesn't work, please let us know. (Use the contact form under the "This and That" menu on each page.)

If you encounter a problem on the site, to make sure it's not just a glitch with cache, please refresh your page first to make sure it's not just a one-time issue. If you contact us to advise us of a problem, please make sure you include the type of computer you're on (desktop or mobile, PC, Apple, iPhone, Android, etc.) and also the browser you're using (Firefox, Opera, etc.) Also, providing us with the url address of the page on which you experienced a difficulty will help resolve any issues.

We hope you'll enjoy the new website which is the culmination of weeks of diligent and intense work on our part, and also the celebration of InnerSelf's 30 year existence.

There are lots of new articles this week, and rather than tell you about them, I'll let you discover them for yourself. :)  Scroll down below for the list and links.

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Wishing you enjoyable insightful reading, and of course a wonder-full, joy-full, and loving new year.

Marie T. Russell
"New Attitudes...New Possibilities" 


How To Go From Wrong-Mindedness to Peace of Mind

How To Go From Wrong-Mindedness to Peace of Mind

Written by Debra Landwehr Engle

This story is about a seemingly small event in my life that took on miraculous significance because of the lessons that came with it. I’m not a theologian; in fact, I’ve found most of my spiritual sustenance outside traditional religion...

Read more: How To Go From Wrong-Mindedness to Peace of Mind

Would You Call Yourself A Replica or A Rebel?

Would You Call Yourself A Replica or A Rebel?

Written by Simran Singh

Your truth cannot have an effect if it goes unspoken, or if not acted upon. Where would we be if people did not question systems? Where would we be if people such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Mother Teresa, Einstein, John Lennon, and Jesus did not speak and live their truth?

Read more: Would You Call Yourself A Replica or A Rebel?

You Can Reactivate Your Dream & Your Purpose After Retirement

What Does One Do After Retirement?

Written by Pamela D. Blair, PhD.

As a retiree or person nearing retire­ment, you now have the opportunity to go where your heart leads you. You can also get lost or run in circles. To know where you’re going and how to get there, you need a map. Even if you look forward to retire­ment, you’re giving up an identity and need to create a new one.

Read more: You Can Reactivate Your Dream...

It's Not About What You Gain in Meditation, It's About What You Lose

It's Not About What You Gain in Meditation, It's What You Lose

Written by Robert Kopecky

All kinds of discomforts disappear when we’re asleep, and changing our attitudes and thinking—our consciousness—can completely change our experience of living. That may be easier said than done; but there is a sure-fire way to make it happen.

Read more: It's Not About What You Gain in Meditation, It's About What You Lose

I Came to My Senses by Taking a Spirit Walk

Come to Your Senses by Taking a Spirit Walk

Written by Tina Welling

I had just been outdoors, but I couldn’t say what the sky looked like, cloudy or clear, or whether birds sang or if I’d felt a breeze on my cheeks. I had been locked inside my head, thinking. After that, a phrase I’d heard all of my life, “Come to your senses,” began to take on new meaning.

Read more: I Came to My Senses by Taking a Spirit Walk


How To Get Your Stress Levels In Check
Written by James Scott, The University of Queensland

Naomi Klein on the Climate Heroes Who Inspire Her
Written by Sarah van Gelder, YES! Magazine

New Year's Resolutions: Symbolic Gestures, Magical Thinking
Written by Jayashri Kulkarni, Monash University

Satellite Provides Sharper Picture Of Shrinking Greenland Ice Sheet
Written by Tim Radford, Climate News Network

Play Hard And Work Hard: The Animal Guide To The Good Life
Written by Robert John Young, University of Salford

How to Grow Oyster Mushrooms at Home And Get Plenty of Flavor and Protein for Free
Written by YES! Magazine Editors

How Scorpion Venom Could Yield New Cancer Treatment
Written by Benjamin Burke, University of Hull

Like It Or Not Your Life Is Facebook's Business Model
Written by Paul Levy, University of Brighton

What Is Gastroenteritis And Why Can't I Get Rid Of It?
Written by Vincent Ho, University of Western Sydney

Gender Stereotypes Make Teenagers More Accepting Of Violence
Written by Vanita Sundaram, University of York

Many People Use Drugs – But Here’s Why Most Don’t Become Addicts
Written by Paul Hayes, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Can And Will Germany Ease Greece's Debt Burden?
Written by Gregory T. Papanikos, University of Stirling

Does the University of Michigan’s New Football Coach Need Food Stamps?
Written by Dean Baker, Center for Economic and Policy Research

Investment Falters As Fossil Fuels Face Perfect Storm
Written by Kieran Cooke, Climate News Network

Poverty Is Moving To The Suburbs
Written by Gwilym Pryce, University of Sheffield Could A Corporate Accounting Change Cost Millions Of Jobs?
Written by Marvin Phaup, George Washington University

Oil Prices: Eventually The Gulf States Will Run Out Of Power
Written by Steffen Hertog, London School of Economics and Political Science

2014 Was Australia's Third-hottest Year On Record
Written by James Whitmore, The Conversation

Like The War On Drugs And Terror, Did We Lose the War on Poverty?
Written by John Iceland, Pennsylvania State University

Brick And Mortar Retailers Must Reinvent Themselves To Survive The Shift To Online Shopping
Written by George Cook, University of Rochester

Why Bacteria Could Be The Answer To A Future Without Oil
Written by Jeff Errington, Newcastle University

Fracking’s Future Is In Doubt As The Price Of Oil Plummets
Written by Kieran Cooke, Climate News Network

When Good Enough Is Not Good Enough
Written by Ethan Zuckerman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Why the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is a Pending Disaster
Written by Robert Reich

Why We Need To Listen To The Real Experts In Science
Written by Michael Clarke, La Trobe University and Susan Lawler, La Trobe University

US Coastal Cities Are Warned Of Daily High Tide Floods
Written by Tim Radford, Climate News Network

10 Dynamics That Will Shape the Next Two Years of American Politics
Written by Joshua Holland, Bill

Down With Multinational Corporations And Up With People
Written by Robert Reich

New IRS Rules on Dark Money Likely Won't Be Ready Before 2016 Election
Written by Theodoric Meyer ProPublica


Astrological Journal for the Week (updated Sunday afternoon)

Pam Younghansby Pam Younghans. This weekly column (updated every Sunday afternoon) is based on planetary influences, and offers perspectives and insights to assist you in making the best use of current energies... Read more

It is also highly beneficial to reread the past week's astrological journal as it gives a 20/20 view of the events that took place and may provide many "ah-ha" insights.




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A Song Can Uplift the Heart and Soul
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I have several ways that I use to clear the darkness from my mind when I find it has crept in. One is gardening, or spending time in nature. The other is silence. Another way is reading. And one that…