InnerSelf Newsletter: December 4th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: December 4th, 2016

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This week we look at courage... the courage to do things differently, to follow our heart, to do the "right" thing, to just be true to ourselves. While these don't seem as courageous as saving someone from a burning building, or jumping into a turbulent ocean to save a child, they nevertheless require courage.

Joyce Vissell writes "There Are Many Unsuspected Heroes Among Us" while Alan Cohen recommends "Going Where Life Leads".  Ransom Stephens, author of The Left Brain Speaks, the Right Brain Laughs, brings you "5 Keys for Unlocking Your Innate Creativity". One of those five keys is moving out of your comfort zone, which also can require courage.

Scroll down for more "Editor's Choice" articles and of course the numerous additional articles that have been added to the InnerSelf website this week. And remember, as Tama Kieves shares, that once you decide to take those steps forward "An Extraordinary Life Is Calling You".

Wishing you enjoyable insightful reading, and of course a wonder-full, joy-full, and loving week.

Marie T. Russell
"New Attitudes...New Possibilities"

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5 Keys for Unlocking Your Innate Creativity

Written by Ransom Stephens, Ph.D.

5 Keys for Unlocking Your Innate Creativity

A blank canvas. An empty music score. A newly opened Word document or electric circuit simulation. Trying to harness creativity at will haunts artists, scientists, technologists, and even bureaucrats. How can we open our minds and wander into new, innovative territory?

Read article here:  5 Keys for Unlocking Your Innate Creativity

There Are Many Unsuspected Heroes Among Us

Written by Joyce Vissell.

There Are Many Unsuspected Heroes Among Us

In 1960, I was fourteen years old and my mother was the first civil rights activist that I knew. She did not march the streets. She lived her beliefs. She had Blacks, Muslims, Gays and other minorities over to our house for dinner almost every Sunday.

Read article here:  There Are Many Unsuspected Heroes Among Us

The Year of Redirection: Going Where Life Leads

Written by Alan Cohen.

The Year of Redirection: Going Where Life Leads

What seems to be a dead end sign is an arrow pointing you in another direction. The universe is saying, “This is not it. There is a better direction for you. Go that way and you will find what you are looking for.” No movement in life is wasted. It all has a purpose. You just have to know how to read the signs.

Read article here:  The Year of Redirection: Going Where Life Leads

The Importance of the Cat in Meditation

Written by Paulo Coelho.

The Importance of the Cat in Meditation

Many things we do are imposed on us by necessity, or by the absurd. Why wear a tie? The fact is, many of the rules we obey nowadays have no real foundation. Nevertheless, if we wish to act differently, we are considered “crazy” or “immature”.

Read article here:  The Importance of the Cat in Meditation

Is There a Mind/Body/Money Connection?

Written by Margaret M. Lynch.

5 Kinds of Money and the Mind/Body/Money Connection

People tend to lump all money issues together, but they can actually be divided into five categories, each representing a different aspect of how you deal with and manage your money and wealth. It’s important to look at these categories individually, since each elicits its own set of feelings and beliefs...

Read article here:  Is There a Mind/Body/Money Connection?

An Extraordinary Life Is Calling You

Written by Tama Kieves.

An Extraordinary Life Is Calling You

I doubt you want a “mediocre” life. I doubt you want to just pay your bills or settle for a sort of loving relationship and call it good. I think you want to cry with gratitude when it’s all said and done. I’d like you to cry with gratitude before then.

Read article here:  An Extraordinary Life Is Calling You

How To Replace Old Mind Tapes with New Thoughts

Written by Sam Bennett.

How To Replace Old Mind Tapes with New Thoughts

Of the approximately sixty to seventy thousand thoughts we have each day, most of them are exactly the same as the thoughts we had yesterday. Not incidentally, most of these thoughts seem to be negative or critical, which is why...

Read article here:  How To Replace Old Mind Tapes with New Thoughts

Astrological Journal for the Week

Pam YounghansWritten by Pam Younghans

This weekly column (updated every Sunday afternoon) is based on planetary influences, and offers perspectives and insights to assist you in making the best use of current energies... Read more

It is also highly beneficial to reread the past week's astrological journal as it gives a hindsight view of the events that took place and may provide many "ah-ha" insights. 


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* How Nations Are Playing The Long Game In Fighting Global Warming

* How Right To Be Forgotten Puts Privacy And Free Speech On A Collision Course

* How The Brain Changes In Alzheimer's Disease

* How Tribal Thinking Has Left Us In A Post-truth World

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* Is The American Media Trying To Divert Their Culpability In Screwing Up Our Election?

* Is The Amount Of Teacher Outreach Affected By Student Racial Stereotypes?

* Is The Cuban Healthcare System Really As Great As People Claim?

* Mexicans Are Migrating, Just Not Across The US Border

* New Study Finds Common Link Across Autism Spectrum Disorders

* Our Political Beliefs Predict How We Feel About Climate Change

* Research Shows That Salmonella Thrives In Salad Bags

* Smoking Harms Both Your Physical Health And Mental Health

* Teens Can't Tell The Difference Between Love Or Abuse

* The Central Pacific El Niño Gets A Little Less Mysterious

* The Seeds of the Emergent Right-Wing Populist Movement

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* What To Do About The Climate Change Hotspots

* Why America Needs A New Social Contract To Ensure The Economy Works For All

* Why Breast Cancer Eats, Sleeps, Then Wakes Up And Grows

* Why Coal Fired Power Stations Need To Shut On Health Grounds Alone

* Why Frequent Dieting Makes You Put On Weight

Why It's Important to Meditate Even When You’re Happy

* Why Men Wake Up With Erections

* Why Palliative Care Really Does Boost Quality Of Life

* Why Smartphones Could Be Ruining Your Love Life

* Why There's A Backlash Against Globalization And How It Needs To Change

* Why Toddlers With Autism Might Not Look You In The Eye

* Why Trump Is Right And Wrong About Killing Off The TPP

Without Empathy For Trump Voters, Activists Can’t Succeed

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