InnerSelf Newsletter: November 20th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: November 20th, 2016

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This week our focus is on authenticity... on being real, on being yourself and the courage that it takes to follow that path. Sometimes being true to yourself and to your ideals and values is painful, other times frightening. Read our featured articles this week for inspiration, guidance, and real-life examples to help guide you on your own unique and authentic path... 

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Wishing you enjoyable insightful reading, and of course a wonder-full, joy-full, and loving week.

Marie T. Russell
"New Attitudes...New Possibilities"

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Authenticity: A Lesson for Individuals as well as Corporations

Written by Lance Secretan.

Authenticity: A Lesson for Individuals as well as Corporations

When we are authentic, we are living from our essential self; whenever we deny a truth, we are living from the social self—in other words, inauthentically. As Freya Madeline Starke phrased it, "There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different from the things we do."

Read article here:  Authenticity: A Lesson for Individuals as well as Corporations

Understanding The Winds Of Evolutionary Change: Stand Strong and Hold True to LOVE

Written by Nicolya Christi.

Understanding The Winds Of Evolutionary Change: Stand Strong and Hold True to LOVE

The thoughts that have accompanied me throughout these recent weeks regarding the US presidential elections are both ‘God Bless America’, in the literal sense, and “God Help America” (and the World). Viewing events consciously through half closed eyes...

Read article here:  Understanding The Winds Of Evolutionary Change: Stand Strong and Hold True to LOVE

Why Our Wounded Healer Needs To Be Our Constant Companion

Written by Shavasti.

Why Our Wounded Healer Needs To Be Our Constant Companion

The burdens and pain we overcome grow into our greatest storehouse of wisdom and compassion. They literally become the power that enables us to assist others in their healing. Our suffering has been our initiation of the heart...

Read article here:  Why Our Wounded Healer Needs To Be Our Constant Companion

In the Crossfire: Bilingual in Québec

Written by Nora Caron.

In the Crossfire: Bilingual in Québec

Throughout primary school, I became accustomed to being in the crossfire of two opposing camps. When a French friend would insult my English friend, I would raise my hand, step forward, and launch into my own variation of Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a dream” speech...

Read article here:  In the Crossfire: Bilingual in Québec

What Is Life’s Agenda? It's Bigger Than You Think

Written by Tara-jenelle Walsch.

What Is Life’s Agenda? It's Bigger Than You Think

I certainly can’t imagine that we are on this planet simply to eat, work, and sleep. And we aren’t here just to procreate and keep humanity going, because if we were, all of us would have children. Why, then, are we here? I believe it’s for a much larger reason.

Read article here:  What Is Life’s Agenda? It's Bigger Than You Think

Transforming Whatever the Ego Makes Into a Learning Opportunity

Written by Karen Casey.

Transforming Whatever the Ego Makes Into a Learning Opportunity

Our lives feel complicated at times, or stressed; often­times we even feel unable to handle whatever is head­ing our way, certain that this time it may be beyond our capacity to withstand or understand. However...

Read article here: Transforming Whatever the Ego Makes Into a Learning Opportunity

Astrological Journal for the Week

Pam YounghansWritten by Pam Younghans

This weekly column (updated every Sunday afternoon) is based on planetary influences, and offers perspectives and insights to assist you in making the best use of current energies... Read more

It is also highly beneficial to reread the past week's astrological journal as it gives a hindsight view of the events that took place and may provide many "ah-ha" insights. 


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* Managing Climate Risk In Trump's America

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* Why A Fractured Nation Needs To Remember King's Message Of Love

* Why Being Very Industrious Is Not A Compliment

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* Why The Male Birth Control Pill Is Still So Hard To Swallow

* Why The US Presidential Appointee System Is Simply Crazy

* Why There Is No Healing Without Grief

* Why We Are More Grateful For Things We Do, Not What We Have

* Why We Need a New Democratic Party

* Why Your Brain Should Be A Bit Anxious And A Bit ADHD

* Will A President Trump Return To The Wild West Days Of Banking

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