InnerSelf Newsletter: September 11th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: September 11th, 2016

Welcome... Our InnerSelf welcomes your inner self.

This new issue of InnerSelf can best be resumed by a quote from Pam's weekly journal:

"Trusting in the process is one of the tests of this time... focused on helping us heal a lack of faith. This week, the path to this healing leads us through the contentious realms of right vs. wrong... and meanders its way through thickets of worry and mental stress... It may take us some time to relax into Trusting the Process, but once we start walking on that path, we will begin to feel much more supported and our stress level can ease."

And with that, I leave you to scroll down below to the Editor's Choice articles which all somehow touch upon the above mentioned issues. (The articles this week also include a new article by yours truly, entitled "What If I Wasn't Afraid?"). And of course there are numerous additional articles for you to peruse as well (all listed below).

Wishing you enjoyable insightful reading, and of course a wonder-full, joy-full, insight-full, and loving week.

Marie T. Russell
"New Attitudes...New Possibilities"

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The Power of Your Words – A Little Reminder

Written by Barbara Berger

The Power of Your Words – A Little Reminder

I am quite sure we would all be much more careful of what we say if we were aware of the power of the spoken word. If we understood that every word we speak or write is an affirmation. To affirm literally means to make firm....

Read article here: The Power of Your Words – A Little Reminder

Finding A Path Back To Life After Pain and Tragedy

Written by Eileen Campbell

Finding A Path Back To Life After Pain and Tragedy

We cannot avoid emotional pain in life, and it’s through our experience of it that we come to under­stand what it means to be human. The whole of life is a series of beginnings and end­ings, a succession of mini-deaths, that we have to learn to take in our stride...

Read article here: Finding A Path Back To Life After Pain and Tragedy

The "Something to Worry About" Thoughts

Written by Ora Nadrich

The "Something to Worry About" Thoughts

Sometimes the thoughts bothering us are not based on anything concrete, like health or career problems. But they’re in our mind anyway, and it’s unsettling us enough to make us feel agitated or irritated, and maybe even angered by it...

Read article here: The "Something to Worry About" Thoughts

There Are Two Voices In Your Mind—One Is Always Wrong

Written by Karen Casey

There Are Two Voices In Your Mind—One Is Always Wrong

There are two voices in our minds. One belongs to the ego, the other to the Holy Spirit (you may call this peaceful inner mes­senger your Higher Power or Great Spirit or Universal Source or whatever name you choose). Both voices are always available to us, but one is very loud and generally gets our attention.

Read article here: There Are Two Voices In Your Mind—One Is Always Wrong

Living and Talking with The Dead

Written by Thomas John

Living and Talking with The Dead

I quickly learned—at the age of four—that while the dead may be dead, they still have a lot to say, and it is my job to listen. As kids, we all learn to look both ways and never take candy from a stranger. I also learned to never argue with a dead person—they often know more than the living.

Read article here: Living and Talking with The Dead

How To Open Your Heart Totally and Be In Oneness

Written by Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell

How To Open Your Heart Totally and Be In Oneness

We are all one. When you are in Oneness your heart is totally open. Your Illumined Self gives freely, receives gratefully, is utterly compassionate and em­pathetic. You accept everyone exactly as they are with glowing love in your heart. You are the heartbeat of the universe.

Read article here: How To Open Your Heart Totally and Be In Oneness

What If I Wasn't Afraid?

Written by Marie T. Russell

What If I Wasn't Afraid?

How many times have we stopped ourselves from doing something we really really wanted to do, but were afraid to? If you think back, imagine where the road would have taken you had you had the courage to do what your heart wanted you to do, or not do... or to say, or not say.

Read article here: What If I Wasn't Afraid?

Astrological Journal for the Week

Pam YounghansWritten by Pam Younghans

This weekly column (updated every Sunday afternoon) is based on planetary influences, and offers perspectives and insights to assist you in making the best use of current energies... Read more

It is also highly beneficial to reread the past week's astrological journal as it gives a hindsight view of the events that took place and may provide many "ah-ha" insights. 


* 3-minute Saliva Test Would Spot Stoned Drivers

* Academics Must Speak Out To Remain Relevant

* America Seeks the Answer to The Labor Question

* Can A Mediterranean Diet Better Ward Off Heart Disease And Stroke Than A Statin?

* Can Bad Experiences On Facebook Increase The Risk Of Depression?

* Can You Trust ‘Organic’ Produce From China?

* Curing Health Care With A Dose Of Big Data And Common Sense

* Do Kids Who Grow Kale Eat Kale?

* Economic Inequality Is On The Rise Worldwide

* Electric Fans May Not Help The Elderly In A Heatwave

* Finding Better Ways To Get Hydrogen Fuel From Water

* Forest Fires In The Amazon Region Are Reaching Record Levels

* Have We Forgotten The True Meaning Of Labor Day?

* How Bill Clinton's Failed Campaign Promise Is Playing Havoc With Your Life

* How Class And Wealth Affect Your Health

* How Does A Computer Know Where You're Looking?

* How Happiness Improves Business Results

* How Language At 3 Can Predict 3rd Grade Depression Risk

* How Personalization Could Be Changing Your Identity Online

* How Sports Bras Keep Women With Larger Breasts In The Running

* How Star Trek Almost Failed To Launch

* How The Horror Of War Gets Lost In The Media's Short Compassion Cycle

* How The World's Elites View The US

* How Threats To A Group Encourages Cooperation

* How We Could Feed Growing Population With Flies

* In Another Newly Discovered Song, Woody Guthrie Continues His Assault On 'Old Man Trump'

* Is It Bad To Regularly Sleep Wearing Earplugs?

* Is The Internet A Help Or Hindrance To Democracy?

* Is There A Link Between Car Exhausts And Alzheimer’s?

* Lessons From Argentina For Europe's Newly Impoverished Middle Class

* Low Vitamin D May Be Linked To Mental Decline

* Machines No Longer Need Our Help To Learn

* Maternal Mortality Rates Rise As US Falls Further Behind

* McDonald's And The Global Revolution Of Fast Food Workers

* Melting Glaciers, Shifting Biomes And Dying Trees In Our National Parks

* New Kitchen Wrap Clothes Would Help Us Stay Cool

* Quitting Smoking Pays Off, Even For Those Considered High-Risk

* Racist Communities May Be Bad For Your Health

* Sex May Threaten Older Men’s Heart But Not So For Women

* Short Menstrual Cycle Is Linked To Lower Fertility

* Should We Worry About The Privatization Of Genetic Data

* Some Tropical Butterflies Are Picky Eaters

* Spying On Pets At Home With Pet Wearables

* The Five Second Food Drop Rule Isn’t So Simple

* The Psychology Behind The Unfunny Consequences Of Jokes

* To Understand What Young People Think, Speak Their Language

* Trudeau Is Canada's Diplomatic Super-Weapon To Stay Relevant

* Understanding The Reality Of Our Free Trade Deals

* Unnecessarily The Legacy Of 9/11 Is Defining The US For Years To Come

* US Presidency Is The Strongest Branch Due To Broken Congress

* We May Be Able To Treat Depression With Anti-inflammatory Methods

* What Dogs See When They Watch Television

* What You Need to Know About the Dakota Access Pipeline Protest

* When Does A Seemingly Benign Experience Become Psychotic?

* Why Are Police Inside Public Schools?

* Why It Matters What The G20 Is Doing

* Why Russians Support Putin's Foreign Policy

* Why Smart Utilities Are Embracing Distributed Electricity

Why The Fight For Voting Rights In Mississippi Still Matters

* Why There Is Value Living On The College Campus

* Zika Outbreak Proof Congress Doesn't Care About The Public It Doesn't Serve

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