InnerSelf Newsletter: June 5th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: June 5th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: June 5th, 2016

Welcome... Our InnerSelf welcomes your inner self.

Walls... Sometimes we sit on them, sometimes behind them. At other times we build them, or tear them down. This week we look at self-imposed barriers, and how to heal them, transcend them, and move on.

Jim PathFinder Ewing introduces us to A New Man: Archetypes for a New World while Dr. Bernie Siegel asks Where Does the Path to Healing Begin?  And perhaps one of the answers to Bernie's question is found in Sara Chetkin's article, Are You Allowing Your Mind to Fence You In?

Donald Altman, author of the powerful book Clearing Emotional Clutter, recommends Softening and Letting Be: Switching from Velcro Thinking to Teflon Thinking while Sarah Varcas focuses on the new moon's energies in Sharing the True Self: Reflections on the New Moon.

Dan Millman rounds up the Editor's Choice articles with Learning Life's Lessons: Smarten Up, Grow Up, Wake Up.

And of course we have a myriad of additional articles on a wide range of topics from health, relationships, climate change, social and political matters, and much more (including aging, alcohol, and skin orgasms). Scroll on down for the links to all of the new articles of the week.

Wishing you enjoyable insightful reading, and of course a wonder-full, joy-full, and loving week.

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A New Man: Archetypes for a New World

Written by Jim PathFinder Ewing.

A New Man: Archetypes for a New World

Our culture needs men who are compassionate, rational, intuitive, and judicious in their use of force. They do not traffic in fear and anger as the means to a self-serving end, promoting patriarchy and domination, but see the world as a place of competing choices where responsibilities are shared and impacts of behavior are carefully assessed.

Read article here: A New Man: Archetypes for a New World

Where Does the Path to Healing Begin?

Written by Dr. Bernie Siegel.

Where Does the Path to Healing Begin?

I find it sad that people have to keep discovering wisdom through their own tragedies. I am saying this in the hope that you will take the time to read on, learn from the wisdom of others, and not require a disaster to become your teacher.

Read article here: Where Does the Path to Healing Begin?

Are You Allowing Your Mind to Fence You In?

Written by Sara Chetkin.

Looking at Life Through the Distorted Lens of the Past

Life is intelligent, and it’s powerful, too. Yet, we rarely consider it as anything other than unpredictable and unknowable. What an amazing journey we’d have if we trusted life. Instead, in our fear of the unknown, we have turned life into a series of attempts to make the future as predictable as possible.

Read article here: Are You Allowing Your Mind to Fence You In?

Sharing the True Self: Reflections on the New Moon

Written by Sarah Varcas.

Sharing the True Self: Reflections on the New Moon

This New Moon augurs unexpected developments that may surprisingly ease progress despite conditions that indicate the opposite! Take nothing at face value right now. Remember, the universe is born of its own design... We simply cannot see the whole picture and much is destined to remain a mystery.

Read article here: Sharing the True Self: Reflections on the New Moon

Softening and Letting Be: Switching from Velcro Thinking to Teflon Thinking

Written by Donald Altman.

Softening and Letting Be: Switching from Velcro Thinking to Teflon Thinking

Much of our pain comes from the emotional clutter of resisting or hardening ourselves against the way things are. For example, how often do you resist what appears before you during an average day? Suppose you’re stuck at a stoplight and late for work. Do you get anxious or frustrated and blame the red light...

Read article here: Softening and Letting Be: Switching from Velcro Thinking to Teflon Thinking

Learning Life's Lessons: Smarten Up, Grow Up, Wake Up

Written by Dan Millman.

Learning Life's Lessons: Smarten Up, Grow Up, Wake Up

Earth is a perfect school, and daily life is the classroom. This idea is hardly new, but what follows will help you appreciate the full value of your life experience. And once this central premise penetrates your psyche, you’ll stop seeking and start trusting — because you’ll confront a higher truth.

Read article here: Learning Life's Lessons: Smarten Up, Grow Up, Wake Up

Astrological Journal for the Week

Pam YounghansWritten by Pam Younghans

This weekly column (updated every Sunday afternoon) is based on planetary influences, and offers perspectives and insights to assist you in making the best use of current energies... Read more

It is also highly beneficial to reread the past week's astrological journal as it gives a hindsight view of the events that took place and may provide many "ah-ha" insights. 


* Ageing In Harmony: Why The Third Act Of Life Should Be Musical

* Antarctica May Not Be As Isolated As We Thought

* Blame Your Immune System If You Are Mysteriously Itchy

* Can Neuroscience Change The Way We Punish Criminals?

* Can We Reset Earth's Damaged Ecosystems

* China's Desertification Is Causing Trouble Across Asia

* Could The West Sleepwalk Into A War With Russia

* El Niño Takes Its Toll on Southeast Asia

* Finding Solitude In An Era Of Perpetual Contact

* How Did Public Bathrooms Get To Be Separated By Sex In The First Place?

* How The British Defeated Napoleon With Citrus Fruit

* How You Argue May Predict Your Future Health Trouble

* If We Know So Much About Disease, Where Are All The Cures?

* It's Processed Food We Should Be Worried About Not Fats

* Living With The Complexity Of Evolution, Ecology, Viruses And Climate Change

* Meet The Philosopher Who Wrote The Blueprint For The New Authoritarianism

* Money Plays A Key Role In Family Violence Across Cultures

* People With Williams Syndrome Face Extra Risk Online

* Ready For College? Here's Why You Should Think About A Gap Year

* Securing Web Browsing: Protecting The Tor Network

* Sometimes The Best Medicine For A Veteran Is The Company Of Another Veteran

* Rule-breaking Iceland Completes Its Miracle Economic Escape

* The Actual Impact of the Trans-Pacific Partnership on Trade

* The Chemical Reaction That Makes Our Favorite Foods Taste So Good

* The New Political Divide Is Populists vs Cosmopolitans Not Left vs Right

* The Trillion Dollar Question Nobody Is Asking The Presidential Candidates

* To Fight Zika, Let's Genetically Modify Mosquitoes The Old-fashioned Way

* Train Your Brain If You Want To Lose Weight?

* What Is Going On With India's Weather?

* What Social Insects Can Teach Us About Resilient Infrastructure

* What Will Happen When Antibiotics Stop Working?

* When New Moms Are Stressed, Sex Life Takes A Hit

* Where Do You Draw The Line On Genetically Modified Food?

* Which Social MediaFriends Can Help You Land A Job?

* Why Alcohol Makes You Feel Warm And Strange

* Why Are Fewer People Getting Married?

* Why Are Some Bird Species So Successful In Cities?

* Why Birth Labor Is Such A Pain And How To Reduce It

* Why Good Sex Ed Doesn't Lead To Teen Pregnancy

* Why Should Prostitution Be Decriminalized?

* Why The Octopus And Squid Populations Are Booming

* Why World Leaders Should Heed Warnings From The Fall Of The French Court At Versailles

* Why You Get Skin Orgasms From Listening To Music?

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