What If You Gave A Party and Nobody Came?

What If You Gave A Party and Nobody Came?So, stop a minute and ask yourself that question: "What if I gave a party and nobody came?" . What feelings come up for you? While we may not ever have found ourselves in that particular situation, I think we can all identify with the feeling of insecurity... That feeling connects to so many things...

This Father's Day: Let Not The Children Suffer

This Father's Day: Let Not The Children Suffer
As I sit down to write this message, today is Father's Day. The day that children honor their fathers. However my message to you today is about honoring the children and the family. This is a plea to take action at some horrible injustices and callous behavior that is currently taking place in the USA.

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Like Jesus

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Like JesusI was reminded lately of a thought that came to me as a child. I don't know what age I was, but I do remember that I was sitting in church on a Sunday morning. I vividly remember thinking to myself, almost as a declaration of life purpose, "when I grow up I want to be like Jesus".

You've Been This Way Before

You've Been This Way BeforeWhatever path we're on, whatever attitude we've taken, we can probably recognize that we've experienced it before... with other partners, other bosses, other co-workers, other friends, other family members. We seem to repeat the same attitudes and the same experiences...

What Needs to Change?

What Needs to Change?What needs to change? Wow! That's a loaded question. Or perhaps not loaded so much as extensive! If we were to start with a list of what needs to change, it could go on forever. Or at least my list could.


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