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Eileen WorkmanEileen Workman graduated from Whittier College with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and minors in economics, history, and biology. She began working for Xerox Corporation, then spent 16 years in financial services for Smith Barney. After experiencing a spiritual awakening in 2007, Ms. Workman dedicated herself to writing “Sacred Economics: The Currency of Life” as a means for inviting us to question our longstanding assumptions about the nature, benefits, and genuine costs of capitalism. Her book focuses on how human society might move successfully through the more destructive aspects of late-stage corporatism. Visit her website at www.eileenworkman.com

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Rewriting the Script: From Separation to Symbiosis Performance
What Makes A Good Relationship? Couples
Modern Beliefs About Economics vs. Following The Laws Of Nature Economy
What Lessons Has Humanity Yet To Learn To Generate Awesome New Creative Potentials? Inspiration
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Humanity and The Money Game... Where Do We Go From Here? Prosperity & Finance
There IS a Reason for Living Life Purpose
Walk With Joy: Discover The Limitless Nature Of Who You Truly Are Performance
The Truth About Change: Relaxing and Allowing Life To “Do Me, Through Me” Forgiveness & Acceptance
Living in Full Abundance: Delivering Our Gifts To The World and To Each Other Life Purpose
The American Dream: Our Energy Quality Determines Our Output Quality Life Changes
Transforming Humanity By Becoming Whole Creating Realities
Turn, Turn Turn... The Fourth Turning and Where We Are Headed Life Changes
Musings on Beliefs, Opinions, Facts, Knowledge, and Truth Creating Realities
From Animal-self to Human-self to Spirit-self…the Evolution of Human Consciousness Life Changes
Life Beyond Childhood's End: Humanity Begins A Brand New Chapter Creating Realities
Choosing Our Destiny By Picking A New Course Of Action Life Changes
The Real Energy Shortage Lies In Unexpressed Potential Performance
Let's Talk About Fear: Illuminating the Shadow Fear and Worry
Become Deeply Rooted In A Deep Trust of Life Happiness & Success
How To Tell The Difference Between The Will Of Ego and The Will Of Spirit Inspiration

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