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Alan CohenAlan Cohen is the author of many inspirational books including A Course in Miracles Made Easy and of the newly-released Spirit Means Business. Join Alan for his life-changing Holistic Life Coach Training beginning September 1, 2020. For information on this program and Alan’s books, videos, audios, online courses, retreats, and other inspirational events and materials, visit

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Blissful Innocence: Ignorance Is Bliss Creating Realities
The New Year Lays Gifts Upon The Altar Of Your Heart Creating Realities
Begging or Choosing? The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It Creating Realities
The Guru in Your iPod: Spirituality Is Everywhere Inspiration
While Atlas Is Often Romanticized, His Job Sucks Personal Development
You Can Grow Beyond Victim To Fulfill Your Destiny Yourself
Enough Already! Do You Ever Have "Enough"? Prosperity & Finance
Which Movie About Life Are You Watching? Creating Realities
Be True to Your Passion and Experience Livelihood not Deadlihood Career & Success
The Healing Funeral: A Masterful Reframe on Endings Death and Dying
Is It the End of the Trail or Just the the Beginning? Life Changes
The Sequel's Not Equal: Being a Copy or an Original? Performance
When We’ll All Get There Perfectionism
Change Your Frequency and Stay Tuned to Inner Peace Attitude Adjustments
It's All In How You Look At It Performance
Birthing a Planetary Reset Creating Realities
Are You Headed in the Right Direction? Creating Realities
Whenever You’re Ready: Your Mindset Shall Set You Free Creating Realities
No Small Meetings: The Power of A Kind Word Life Purpose
Where to Find the Love of Your Life Couples
Where Will We Find The Love We Desire? Couples
What's In A Title: Are You The Buddha? Are You The Messiah? Religions and Beliefs
2020 is the Year of Clear Vision Life Changes
Mistake Salad: True Perfection Has Space For Imperfection Forgiveness & Acceptance
A Profound Truth: Be Conscious of What You Ask For Creating Realities
When God Shows Up on Earth as You and Me Life Changes
Why Your Life Sucks and How To Make It Better Yourself
To Boldly Go or To Play It Safe Life Changes
How To Awaken on Your Path and Dare To Be Yourself Fear and Worry
What It’s Really For: There's A Nobler Purpose To Every Experience Inspiration
Renewal Is Possible: True Forgiveness Is A Clean Slate Life Changes
How I Flunked the Science Fair but Saved the World Inspiration
A World Beyond Labels: Love Without Labels Self-Help
Puppy Pregnancy Syndrome: The Witch Doctor’s Secret Creating Realities
Why Hope is Trustworthy Behavior Modification
You Already Know The Answer Intuitive Awareness
Doing Everything 100% and Being Where Your Heart Is Mindfulness
The Best That Can Happen Performance
Leave Your Cover Behind and Live Your Truth Couples
First Class Expectations for a First Class Experience Creating Realities
Where To Get More Love and Healing Energy Yourself
The Faith Factor: Practice Trust and Somehow It Will Work Out Behavior Modification
Fear is the Liar -- Only Love Speaks Truth Fear and Worry
A Happy Outcome is Assured: One Day, Only Love Will Remain Happiness & Success
The Most Powerful Prayer Is Based On The Intentions Of The Heart Inspiration
Nothing New Under the New Year... Unless You Make It So Life Changes
I Can't Believe It's Not Buddha... Wait, Maybe It Is! Inspiration
Is Your Heart Light or Heavy? Yourself
Twigs and Shout: Let Success Be Your Theme Career & Success
Guess Who’s Coming to Christmas Dinner Communication
What Are The Chances? Right Place, Right Time, Right Purpose Creating Realities
The Best Rejection: A New Path, A New Direction, and The Real You Perfectionism
Personal Blessings Abound: You Just Have to Look Career & Success
Where Healing Really Lives Performance
Business for Lovers and Authentic Communicators Communication
There Are Signs When You Need Them Inspiration
The Big Game: What Is Most Important To You? Creating Realities
How You Can Take Your Power Back After You've Given It Away Relationships
How To Get Into The In Crowd Yourself
Where Is The Holiest Spot on Earth? Creating Realities
Shifting the Focus from The Addict to The Sage Diseases & Conditions
Don't Follow Me: Take the Road with Your Name On It Yourself
The Value of One Heartbeat: A Heartbeat to Remember Inspiration
Helping You Remember That You Are Innately Wise and Magnificent Self-Help
A Different Kind of Valentine Family
The Law of the Vital Few Is Incredibly Simple and Powerful Life Changes
The Quality of Mercy: Choosing Kindness and Love Relationships
The Word and the Womb: Getting the Support You Need Creating Realities
Finding Beauty and Good Wherever We Go Spirituality & Mindfulness
Getting Sober and Remembering What Is Real Behavior Modification
Resign as Your Own Teacher Inspiration
When Weird Becomes Wonderful Forgiveness & Acceptance
Claim Your Inheritance and Let Life Love You Life Changes
The Dial to Nowhere: How To Add Value To Your Life Life Changes
What Happens When Spiritual Seekers Become Finders? Inspiration
Last Year’s Birds and This Year’s Nest Life Changes
The Cosmic Coincidence: Who Sent the Ants? Intuitive Awareness
Raise the Bar on Love Relationships
How to Get All of Your Needs Met this Year Creating Realities
The Year of Redirection: Going Where Life Leads Happiness & Success
They're Playing Your Song... Are You Singing Along? Yourself
How to Get Paid Big Time for Your Creations Leisure & Creativity
It’s Not About The Website Career & Success
Where Terrorism Ends: Starting From the Inside Out Attitude Adjustments
How to Safely Remove Your Husband’s Skull Forgiveness & Acceptance
Being At Your Best When Things Are At Their Worst Creating Realities
Truth or Sabotage? The Hidden Value in Direct Communication Communication
The Truth about Fairy Tales Happiness & Success
Life 101: How to Produce a Classic Scene Creating Realities
Seven Doorways to Escape the Prison of Guilt Forgiveness & Acceptance
Letting Go of Fear Based Beliefs and Finding True Love Relationships
Why the Holidays Don’t Matter... Life Changes
Free Yourself From Your Mental and Emotional Nets Inspiration
Allowing Your Soul to Stand at the Helm and Guide Your Destiny Life Purpose
How Many Miracles Do You Get? Creating Realities
What Motivates Your Choice of the World You Prefer? Life Changes
Get Off Your Cross, Somebody Needs the Wood Attitude Adjustments
Judging By Appearances: The Alcoholic Saint Forgiveness & Acceptance
Shining the Light on The Jewel in the Lotus Yourself
Remember What’s Important Because Every Moment is Precious Relationships

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