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Jude Bijou, M.A., M.F.T., author of: Attitude ReconstructionJude Bijou is a licensed marriage and family therapist (MFT), an educator in Santa Barbara, California and the author of Attitude Reconstruction: A Blueprint for Building a Better Life. In 1982, Jude launched a private psychotherapy practice and started working with individuals, couples, and groups. She also began teaching communication courses through Santa Barbara City College Adult Education. Word spread about the success of Attitude Reconstruction, and it wasn’t long before Jude became a sought-after workshop and seminar leader, teaching her approach to organizations and groups. Visit her website at AttitudeReconstruction.com/

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Intuition: Firing Up Your Power Source Intuitive Awareness
Step Up and Step Out: Taking Personal Responsibility Performance
Just Say NO to Negativity! Anger Management
The Three Constructive Ultimate Attitudes Attitude Adjustments
5 Steps To Get The Upper Hand Over Your Moods Self-Help
Four Ways To Easily Decrease Fear And Increase Peace Fear and Worry
How To Increase Feelings Of Love At Any Time Of Year Forgiveness & Acceptance
An Attitude of Gratitude: Enjoying the Here and Now Gratitude & Service
Standing Up and Stepping In: Taking Personal Responsibility for Your Life Performance
The Art of Speaking Up and Taking Charge of Your Life Communication
Breaking Free Of Your Addictions Behavior Modification
Don't Let Stress Get The Upper Hand Fear and Worry
How to Experience More Happiness and Generate More Joy, Love, and Peace Happiness & Success
The Four Communication Rules and Four Main Violations Communication
Seven Strategies for Getting the Upper Hand Over Depression Behavior Modification
Getting the Upper Hand Over Impatience Perfectionism
Tips for Creating Awesome Relationships and Great Valentine Gifts that Don't Cost a Cent Couples
Making Your New Year Bright Life Changes
Using Your Tears to Build Joy from Sadness Self-Help
Five Steps To Overcome Backsliding Into The Dwindle Effect Behavior Modification
Four Steps To Give Up Your Expectations and Feel More Love Forgiveness & Acceptance
5 Steps To Deal With The Many Types of Loss Life Changes
Giving Your Intuition a Seat at the Table Intuitive Awareness
Two Powerful Ways to Transform Self-Criticism Perfectionism
How To Use The Three Bridges to Create Joy, Love, and Peace Communication
How To Practice Simple Acts of Kindness Behavior Modification
How to Melt Anger and Boost Love Anger Management
RX to Move from the Past and Future and Land in the Peaceful Present Fear and Worry
Holiday Jitters? Nine Ways to Handle Controllers, Critics, and Unsolicited Advice Communication
Why It's Important to Make a Distinction Between Feelings and Emotions Self-Help
Anger Begets Destructive Thoughts, Words, and Actions Anger Management
How To Change Your "Not Enough" Thinking Fear and Worry
Feeling Down: 7 Ways to Restore Hope Happiness & Success
Giving Up All Hope Could Be Beneficial For You Forgiveness & Acceptance
Freeing Yourself of Bad Moods Behavior Modification
The Merits of Focusing on the Bright Side Self-Help
Learn The Art of the Apology and Feel the Love Forgiveness & Acceptance
Collaborating vs. Competing: Working Together Towards Agreement Communication
Connecting with Truths about What’s Really True for You Behavior Modification
When You Can't Make Up Your Mind Fear and Worry
How to Thrive Rather than Just Survive the Holiday Season Behavior Modification
What To Do If You’re Around Blamers and Criticizers Communication
How to Avoid Emotional Flooding: The Four Rules of Communication Relationships
Learning to Shift from Anger to Love Anger Management
Rewiring Destructive Thinking: Affirmations vs. Truths Life Changes
How to Speak Up about Anything: The I-5 Communication
Obeying Your Intuition Can Bring Up Emotions, Fear, Doubts, Criticism... Intuitive Awareness

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