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Tim Radford, freelance journalistTim Radford is a freelance journalist. He worked for The Guardian for 32 years, becoming (among other things) letters editor, arts editor, literary editor and science editor. He won the Association of British Science Writers award for science writer of the year four times. He served on the UK committee for the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction. He has lectured about science and the media in dozens of British and foreign cities.

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Plant Biodiversity Is At Risk As The Climate Changes Climate Impacts
Can We Still Avoid The Major Climate Tipping Points? Climate Solutions
Understanding Why Extreme Weather Events Could Double Climate Impacts
Energy Is Being Poured In To Cutting Edge Conservation Ideas Science & Technology
Saving Money Is Not The Key To Cutting Household Energy Home & Garden
Will Higher Social Costs Bolster The Case For Emissions Curbs? Climate Solutions
Satellite Provides Sharper Picture Of Shrinking Greenland Ice Sheet Warming Evidence
US Coastal Cities Are Warned About Daily High Tide Floods Climate Impacts
Hi Tech Mirrors Are A Real Cool Answer To The Air Conditioning Problem Climate Solutions
Why The Poor And Elderly Are The Most Vulnerable To A Warming Climate Environmental Health
Bad News For Hay Fever Sufferers As Climate Change Will Send Pollen Count Soaring Environmental Health
Seals in the North Sea Approve of Offshore Wind Turbines Climate Adaptation
Science Offers New View Of Human Survival Hopes Science & Technology
Why Warnings on Climate Spark Aggressive Denials Climate Solutions
Solar Dimming Reflects The Complexity of Climate Change Warming Evidence
Imagine A World of Clean Energy By Mid-Century Climate Solutions
Some Trees and Coral Are Climate Change Winners and Losers Climate Impacts
Global Warming Causes Big Changes To Ocean Habitats Warming Evidence
Cycling, Walking and Public Transport: Clean Urban Transportation Will Drive Emissions Cuts Climate Solutions
The Arctic Sea’s CO2 Clean-up Role Is Being Diluted By The Melting Ice Warming Evidence
The Future of Croplands As The Climate Warms Climate Impacts
Simulations Show Human Activities Are Speeding Up Glacial Melting Warming Evidence
A Win-Win Way To Aid Food Security and The Climate Climate Solutions
Cut Carbon Emissions by Moving to a Warmer Climate & Losing The Lawn Science & Technology
Researchers Discover Ingenious New Ways To Save Energy Climate Solutions
Can We Avert Dangerous Levels of Climate Change? Technofixes Won't Work Climate Solutions
The Canary In The Arctic Ice Melt Warming Evidence
Greenland’s Jakobshavn Glacier Picks Up Speed To The Ocean Climate Impacts
How Plants Are Adapting to a Changing Climate Gardening

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