The Shift: What Is It? When Is It? What Do We Do?

The Shift: What Is It? When Is It? What Do We Do?

There may be concerns about being in the right place for the Shift. Any uncertainty or anxiety about this is coming from fear, and thus from the ego. Begin now to affirm to yourself, "I am always in the right place at the right time" and know that you will be. Think of all the survival fears you have had all your life up until today. Where are they? Did anything happen as you feared? Are you here, now, perfectly safe in this moment? Case closed.

Here is a possible scenario for the actual crunch time of the Shift. The details may be off track, but it will give you some idea of what's going on as we move through this incredible birthing. The real outcome is that we will know we are making up this entire world, and so it's really anybody's guess as to what we'll be making up in the future.

With almost 7 billion of us here, there will likely be 7 billion versions or variations of the actual event. My only responsibility is to hold my peace, and extend it. If enough of us do this, there will be lots of peace to go around! If we are in a state of Oneness at this point, how­ever, I am confident we will be making up something that will be fun, interesting, creative, expansive, and helpful to all. The paradox, of course, is that the closer we get to the appointed time, the less time will matter at all!

Splitting of the Worlds: There's More Than One Way to go Home

Some, including Lynn Grabhorn, have suggested that there will a splitting of worlds into a 5-dimensional Earth and a resid­ual 3-D planet, which will provide a home for those not willing or ready to make the shift to 5-D. Another variation is that, as this Earth goes 5-D, the unwilling are transported to another 3-D planet and get to do the whole human thing over again. Either of these scenarios could result in what appears to be mass death.

Please remember, there is no death, just a transition from one form to another. The Biblical idea of “one taken and one left standing in the field” has served to feed the divisive and elitist doctrine of only the “saved” surviving, while the rest go to hell. According to David Wilcock, the Earth has been a repository for humans who didn’t make the grade in the past on other planets, making Earth more or less a galactic reform school.

Either way, I am not too concerned, as in the Big Picture we all make it home. Whether some decide to take a detour or get caught up in a cul-de-sac of more forgiveness lessons is immaterial in the largest sense. Our freedom to choose even against what appears to be our own best interests is indicative of the trust our Creator has in us, knowing that nothing we choose in the dream universe affects in any manner the Reality of Who we are.

Experiencing Mind Unburdened By The Past

The Shift: What Is It? When Is It? What Do We Do?On 5-D Earth, we will experience Mind unburdened by the past. It will be the ultimate spin-cycle of the Mind and the end of karma! What was never true will be forgotten for good. Even the pollution and filth of the 3-D world will return spontaneously to 2-D, where it properly belongs.

We are still in a dream at this point, but we have awoken within the dream, and so can begin to dream consciously and lucidly as masters and no longer as victims — no longer held back in the dualistic mental prison we have endured for eons. Our nightmare will have become our dream come true and the next major step on our ascendancy to our true home in the spiritual kingdom of God.

Then the real work for the Awakened on this planet will begin. Before the Shift, they related for the most part to each other. If you went to a spiritual talk before the birthing, it was likely someone preaching to the choir. Nobody else seemed inter­ested. After the Shift, everyone will be asking: “What the heck was that? What just happened?” Many will need a complete re-education and orientation as Spiritual Beings having a human experience. Many teachers will be needed. Are you one?

Conclusion or Beginning?

I trust that by coming this far in the reading you have absorbed at least some of this content and considered the possibility that some, if not all, of it is true. Or at least true for now, knowing that in the shifting sands of the third and fourth dimensions, truth is often provisional — that is, relative and subject to revi­sion as things ultimately change.

In that case, I applaud you, and implore you to stay open to more truth as it is revealed. You may also have come to taste the subtle flavors of uncon­ditioned Truth — that is, Truth as it is in its higher, non-dual expression and without an opposite. This is Truth that does not change, nor is it subject to any influence. It always is. This is the Truth of your Being, which is unshakeable, invulnerable, and forever joyful and free. To that aspect of your Self, I say “Welcome home!”

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