Competition & Being Competitive: A National Treasure?

Competition: A National Treasure?

It seems that our world works very much on a competitive basis. Whether it’s the university you attend, the grades you get, the scores you receive, the wages you earn, your position on the job, or the games you play, competition is at the center, the very core of it all.

Is there a way to be truly competitive and not become emotionally attached or involved?

If the answer turns out to be yes, is this what we really want?

There are environments today in which children compete but don’t receive an accurate representation of their abilities. That is, everyone wins. Many adults complain that this doesn’t prepare kids for the real world, and the truth is, it doesn’t.

Competition in the Marketplace: Is It Bullying?

Competition in the marketplace isn’t new. Businesses compete with each other, and that drives down prices. As consumers, we like the lowered figures.

When the contest may cost us personally, however, perhaps because a company competes with our employer and we lose our job due to their low prices, there’s a great outcry opposing “unfair” competition. After all, it might be argued, no one likes a bully.

Competition: A National Treasure?

Competition: A National Treasure?We seem to highly treasure our athletes, and thus they’re rewarded with huge salaries and bonuses. We also prize the corporate leaders of the world, especially if they’re at all like Jack Welch and we own stock in General Electric. When someone like Welch or Lee Iacocca (one of the world’s most successful businessmen) comes along, we recognize his value and want him rewarded.

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So we make the world even more competitive, for it’s not just about gaining for customers; it’s about competing for salary and position. We’ve all seen the movies portraying Wall Street and the activities that lead people to commit crimes in order to win and to commit suicide when they lose.

Does Balanced Competition Exist?

What, then, is a balanced perspective?

Should we try to take first place?

In my mind, the real competition exists within. When I redefine the game to examine myself against my top effort, there’s no one to become upset with except me, myself, and I. If I’ve done my best and work to improve steadily in every way, every day, then that’s simply all there is.

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