The Power of Metamorphosis: Being a Conscious Co-Creator

The Power of Metamorphosis: Being a Conscious Co-Creator

We are on a long journey together, yet this is just the begin­ning of our new lives and of our work in co-creating new worlds. We are a growing band of pioneering souls scattered in every culture, field, discipline, age, and background. We can have compassion for all others and ourselves. We are very young and still fragile in our ability to stabilize our identity as Essential Selves, as young Universal Humans. What is new in us is so original and imperceptible that it is often difficult to recognize what is emerging.

Since Emergencewas first written in 1999, it is obvious that the process of change has accelerated. The global set of crises has intensified so rapidly that some observers be­lieve we have reached a point of irreversible breakdown of our own and other species' life-support systems, through climate change, global warming, resource and water short­ages, and devastation of the soil, the seas, and the very air we breathe.

Which Way Will We Choose: Breakdown or Breakthrough?

It could be that our collective shifting from ego to Es­sence, one by one, is a decisive factor in determining which way the system goes: breakdown or breakthrough. I would not underestimate the significance of any one of us making this inner shift of identity.

It is said that small islands of co­herence in a sea of social chaos can tip the system toward a more synergistic order. This is the tendency in nature. Nature takes jumps through greater synergy, the coming together of separate parts to make a whole greater than and different from the sum of its parts. Is it possible that as countless ones of us make the in­ner shift from ego to Essence and reach out to others to "join our genius," to express our creativity, we are the tipping point in person. Each of us!

Everyone Counts! We Are All Members of the Living Planetary Body

I believe this is so. Everyone counts. Each person is a living member of the living planetary body. This whole plan­etary organism is itself under the stress of its emergence to­ward a new phase. Mother Earth gave birth to bacteria, to single cells, to animals and humans. Now she is giving birth to us, to co-creative, co-evolving humans, very young and immature, not fully knowing how to participate in a plane­tary shift. Yet this is the tendency of evolution.

When we say yes to the evolutionary impulse within, when our own egoic, local selves become transparent to our Essential Selves, this impulse is rapidly coming into new form through us. As I have said, we are not doing this alone. It is not a neutral universe. It is a universe informed by exquisite universal in­telligence. It is this universal intelligence that breaks through when we are sensitive to the true nature of our Essential Selves.

This is a mighty adventure, and we are the ones crossing the great divide from unconscious to conscious evolution. Our joining together in mutual support, as a global commu­nion of pioneering souls, may indeed be a most critical factor in making the Shift in time.

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Our Visions of the Future Guide Us

The Power of Metamorphosis: Being a Conscious Co-CreatorTo make this great journey, we need some positive visions of our own future to allure us, energize us, empower us. Where there is no vision, the people perish. Where there is vision, we flourish, we are attracted, we have something toward which to move. Visions of the future equal to our spiritual, social, and scientific/technological potential are necessary now to guide us to "cross the gap" from here (breakdowns) to there (a co-creative, sustainable, and compassionate plan­etary culture).

None of us can evolve fully into the stage of Universal Human Adulthood until the collective culture is transformed by us. It is our work to help create the culture that can call forth Universal Humans in the future. The challenge is huge and faces us on the personal, social, and planetary scale. It is vital for us to envision what it may be like when every­thing works for the evolution of life. These kinds of visions become, as I have said, magnetic attractors to guide us in the use of our rapidly expanding capacities.

Positive Visions of the Future

What could a positive vision of our future be? There is no one answer. Here are some of the visions I see.

When and if we get through this very dangerous crisis of birth on the social scale, I envision that we will be moving toward a more "co-creative society," one in which all people will be free to be and do their best. We will have developed new kinds of social systems in every field — mind/body/ spirit education, sustainable environment, clean energy, new approaches to health and healing, new forms of currency, ethical business and sustainable economics, self-organizing, nonhierarchical structures for our institutions, to name a few.

On the macrocosmic, global scale, we will have learned planetary ecological management and sustainable, regenera­tive economic development. In an Earth/space expanded environment, we will have access to nonpolluting, miniatur­ized technologies. These powers could transform the entire physical complex in which we live to one of sustainability, abundance, and unimaginable new powers, provided, of course, that we move beyond our egoic, collective misuse of these capacities.

The Next Stage of Consciousness: Living Our Identity of Divine/Love Intelligence

At this next stage, we can imagine that the higher ranges of unitive consciousness, experienced even now by a growing number, will become a new norm. At this stage of consciousness, we experience the nature of reality as divine love/intelligence and will live out our identity as that in person, in touch with many dimen­sions of reality.

This is one person's vision. What is yours? As we are co-creators, it is very important what we envision, because, as I have said so often, our images of the future affect reality. As we see ourselves, so we act; and as we act, so we tend to become. It is a participatory universe. There is freedom at the very core of reality. To be a conscious co-creator is not a metaphor; it is the power of metamorphosis.

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Emergence: The Shift from Ego to Essence by Barbara Marx Hubbard.Emergence: The Shift from Ego to Essence
by Barbara Marx Hubbard.

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