General World Predictions (2012 - 2032)

General World Predictions (2012 - 2032)

General World Predictions & Forecasts (2012 - 2032)

A forecast is the likely outcome based on the situation and mindset of the people at a given time. A forecast, therefore, is not set in stone. People are changing and moving rapidly in their ideas and consciousness, and this affects future outcomes.

Lightworkers have been focusing healing, light, love and joy into many dark places, and in doing so dissolving the karma and shifting the negative energy. This means that cleansing is no longer needed in these places, and a much more positive outcome becomes possible.

There are many influences on the world that we are not aware of. The influx of millions of angels, the re-incarnation of many evolved souls and the opening of ancient portals and sacred sites full of wisdom will have a massive effect on the planet. Also, many energies were placed into the ground in ancient times, which will awaken during the transition to assist humanity in making the necessary shift.

World Economy Prediction

The world has never before experienced a shift like the current one that will turn us inside out. Economies will change dramatically during the transition, until money no longer has relevance. Dinosaur businesses out of tune with the new paradigm will collapse and be replaced by smaller ventures working for the good of the animals, people and the planet.

By 2020, the governments everywhere will curb the power of the banks and many big corporations will be struggling for their viability. They will fight back stealthily and secretly by trying to create global governments, but eventually the rising consciousness will sweep them away.

People power will have an increasing influence on decisions, which have always been the province of banks, big business and governments.

From a higher spiritual perspective, the recession and financial problems of the world are false, created by the decisions of governments worldwide. World debt is not actually a debt but a deficit as the money owed is illusory. We are trying to solve something that cannot be solved, so we need to be ready to adjust worldwide. China holds 'false wealth' based on illusory money. Like banks, they are not playing with real money but with promises. They are killing the environment to produce this illusion, which cannot be fed back to the people in a tangible form. World debt would be quite simple to resolve by not trying to pay back. Corporations would not like it because they do not want to lose power. This overall economic situation needs a global agreement, and for this the countries of the world need to trust each other.

As money has less viability, creativity, music, art and sport will be honoured again. People will start to take responsibility for their own health and healing using natural methods. A big brother state will no longer be acceptable to our societies. Sharing, caring and community will take us into the fifth dimension.

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Unemployment and what to do about it

For generations people have been doing unpalatable jobs solely to earn money and keep a roof over their heads. Because this is no longer in tune with the new energy sweeping the planet, the Higher Selves of many are calling on them to find work that makes them feel alive and full of joy; that harnesses their creativity and enables them to live in the fifth dimension. As a result, such souls are finding themselves made redundant or otherwise without work. Many spend hours running round in circles applying for jobs similar to the ones they have left; this, though, is wasted energy. They are being called upon to do spiritual work on themselves to raise their frequency. When their vibration matches that of their perfect soul work, the right employment will automatically find them.

General World Predictions (2012 - 2032)Archangel Gabriel, in charge of the cosmic portal of Mount Shasta in California, brings clarity. If this is your dilemma, one thing you can do is to ask each night before you go to bed to visit Gabriel's retreat during your sleep to receive purification and clarity about your divine right path. You can also meditate daily with Archangel Gabriel for this.

Another way of calling forward the right work for you is to remember what brought you great joy when you were a child. Before you were squashed into an adult world, what was your vision? What did you really want to do? Even if you cannot see how it can earn you a living, start doing more of it. If you are almost aligned to your soul purpose, this will have an effect very quickly. If you are not, you may need some patience. But the universe will inevitably carry you forward in the right direction.

Health Predictions

Throughout the world there will be more stress, caused by the economic falseness, causing people to turn to alcohol, drugs etc. Others will create self-sustaining communities, where friendship and happiness will offset the stress.

Health will be different everywhere in the world, for in some places, such as Africa and India, there will be famine unless we change our energy and open our hearts.

If we all stop focusing on a false situation and instead focus on alternative solutions, better education and shared consciousness, we can transform the possibilities for humanity and for the planet. For this, we need to develop trust between and within nations. This may get worse before it gets better, but by 2020 people everywhere will be working together.

Tools to Help

1. Learn to be self-sufficient. Grow vegetables, learn about hens and plant trees.

2. Walk more and use bicycles.

3. Build up a bank of kindness within your community by noticing and honoring good deeds, so that people have a sense of goodwill and want to help each other.

4. Bless all water.

5. Get to know your neighbors.

6. Eat local produce.

7. Connect with elementals and angels.

8. Look at and connect with the stars.

9. Be grateful every day.

10. Meditate.

11. Love each other.

12. Love yourself.

©2011 Diana Cooper. Reprinted with permission of the publisher, Findhorn Press.

This article was excerpted with permission from the book:

Transition to the Golden Age in 2032Transition to the Golden Age in 2032: Worldwide Forecasts for the Economy, Climate, Politics, and Spirituality
by Diana Cooper.

Explaining what will happen after the spiritual changes predicted to occur in the year 2012 according to ancient prophecies, this handbook shows how to tap into the energies of the universe to gain understanding of the changes taking place. From what to expect to how to prepare, the teachings in this book serve as guidance for the next 20 years.

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