Vision of the Future: From Generation to Generation

Vision of the Future: From Generation to Generation

Vision of the Future: From Generation to Generation

How could we lighten up and do things differently? Seeking answers to this question, I’ve been hanging out with younger people, because they exhibit emerging characteristics of the new world to come. They will raise their families in the new times, and what they are thinking about offers some clues about where we’re headed amid the dizzying changes.

Changes in Generations from 1965 to Now: From Materialism to Cooperation

Many people who were born since 1965 seek ways to live in a less material world. They know this is the only possible next step, since Earth can’t sustain the current level of technological overload.

We will be less materialistic in the next cycle as we remember how to align with Earth’s forces instead of callously using Earth. The remnants of cultures that have retained simple ways of life are suddenly being rediscovered and valued as critical resources, such as the precataclysmic cultures of the Australian Aborigines.

Precataclismic Cultures May Hold Solutions for Modern Day Problems

Precataclysmic cultures were using currently unknown technology, and nobody has figured out how they cut and moved huge stones. One of the best examples of this technology is the Osireion in Egypt, which has precisely cut and placed stones that weigh hundreds of tons.

Their forgotten builders must have known how to work in alignment with Earth’s forces, and there must be ways to recover these forgotten skills. For example, the anthropologist Felicitas Goodman discovered how people in shamanic cultures gathered information to solve their problems for thousands of years. They went into trance while assuming very specific postures that helped them access spirits in the alternate reality for advice.

The alternate reality is a world that coexists with ordinary reality that contains shamanic wisdom and powers. We can visit it to recover archaic methods, healing techniques, and even lost technologies.

Health & Wellness: From Materialistic Medicine to Alternative Wellness

The most painful situation in this last stage of materialization is health and wellness. Many people, even many young people, are very ill in the midst of the rapid changing. 

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In striking contrast to those who use solely alternative wellness, those who depend on materialistic medicine are plagued by chronic disease. They are nailed on the medical cross as the suffering Age of Pisces closes. Newtonian physics has caused people to think of their bodies as machines that periodically need new parts.

The health of people in modern Western countries has deteriorated; their kundalini energy is weak, and they are losing their life force and genetic integrity. Chemical and nuclear medicine toxify the environment and people’s bodies, and we need the vibrational repatterning that comes with strong kundalini energy flow. Individuals with awakened kundalini are very psychic and energized.

Returning to Our Origins: Enhanced Kundalini Energy

As the Aquarian influence builds, many people are seeking healing methods that enhance kundalini flow to reduce this wave of chronic disease. For thousands of years before Western medicine, enhanced kundalini energy was used to revitalize people, and these medicines are legacies from even before the great cataclysm.

Growing up after the Second World War in Michigan, I watched the ecosystems around my childhood home deteriorate. According to my grandparents, these destructive traits were taking over because the people had totally forgotten their origins.

Vision of the Future: From Generation to GenerationGeneration of 1910 to 1930: Pursuing Security

My parents’ generation — born between 1910 and 1930 — did not think in terms of meaningful origins. They had lost hope in the future because they were disheartened by the Great Depression and living through two world wars. They were convinced they had only one life to live, possibly the most lethal Christian dogma.

This life was their only life, and it was battered by global and economic trauma. For them, Earth was a torture chamber. The term Great Depression caught on because it describes the psychological condition of a generation.

Grandfather said the darkest hours on Earth during the past 10,000 years were during the Second World War when the climb to enlightenment also began. My parents’ generation believed their one life was all they had to live, so they frantically pursued security.

Generation of 1940 - 1960: Facing & Healing Emotional Scars

Meanwhile their children — born between 1940 and 1960 — watched Earth dying. Herded like sheep into concrete “shelters” during nuclear alerts and taken to the doctor to be inoculated with traces of disease, the children concluded the plan was to kill them. They knew there was something very wrong with the radioactive mushroom clouds exploding on the television screens.

In light of such a limited future, these “war babies” dedicated themselves to facing and healing their own emotional scars to avoid passing on negativity to their own children. These children — born during the 1960s and ’70s — are assuming roles in the world, and many of them possess great emotional strength.

A Vision of the Future: The World to Come

In the midst of the awesome death of life and culture after the Second World War, my grandparents’ greatest gift was an unshakable vision of the future that protected me from the depressed attitude of my parents. Still in touch with their own origins and marvelously educated in Egyptology and other ancient cultures, they knew the great awakening would come after they were gone. They knew my father would not live to see it happen, so they passed their legacies to me. Together we studied Plato and other classical sources, Egyptology, and Cherokee and Celtic stories.

My Celtic grandmother taught me how to see the nature spirits in her garden and the wee spirits in the house, and my Cherokee/Celtic grandfather taught me how to hear the sounds of the stars in the wetlands, to see the spirits (Little People) in the forest, and to read the messages from animals and insects, the numinous Earth.

They shared their knowledge of the long time cycles, and they taught me how to work with the Ancestors — unseen teachers who are symbiotic with Earth and who commune with all receptive humans. In my grandparents’ home, modern culture was not thought of as enlightened or superior in any way. Instead, they explained that we are the descendants of an advanced culture that disappeared in a day.

This article was adapted with permission from the book:

Awakening the Planetary Mind by Barbara Hand ClowAwakening the Planetary Mind: Beyond the Trauma of the Past to a New Era of Creativity
by Barbara Hand Clow.

Reprinted with permission of the publisher, Bear & Company, an imprint of Inner Traditions Inc. ©2001, 2011 by  Barbara Hand Clow.

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