Hoarding Capitals of The World: Where The Very Rich Live

Where The Rich Live

Where do the rich live? Mainly in the banking, investment, and speculation centers.. I wonder why? To put a spin on an old saying, "vultures of a feather flock together".

Global Cities of the Super-Rich

THE ATLANTIC CITIES - The Occupy movement focused the world's attention on the "1%" of big banks, large corporations, and wealthy people who control the economy, undermine democracy, and shape extreme inequality. Back in October 2011, Cities published a map of the leading cities and metros where America's one percent lives.

But where do the global super-rich live?

The map below, by my Martin Prosperity Institute colleague Zara Matheson, charts the 30 leading global cities of the super-rich.  It is based on data from Knight Frank's The Wealth Report 2013, which identifies the location of high-net worth-individuals (HNWI) with a whopping $30 million or more in net assets.

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