Why In The Future It Should Be Consumers That Go On Strike

Why In The Future It Should Be Consumers That Go On StrikeI belong to a generation that has been told there is no other choice other than to be flexible in the labour market. For many of us, the idea of a long-term employment contract in a company where there is the possibility to progress belongs to another time.

Why Prison Building Is Booming In Rural America

Why Prison Building Will Continue Booming In Rural America

The election of Donald Trump signals an end to the recent optimism about reducing the mass imprisonment of two million U.S. citizens each year.

How To Identify And Stop Fraudsters

How To Identify And Stop FraudstersA common stereotype of fraudsters is that they are psychopaths. That fraudsters are considered manipulative, callous and remorseless is understandable, considering the consequences of fraud.

Why Every American Deserves a Guaranteed Minimum Income From Common Wealth

Why Every American Deserves a Guaranteed Minimum Income From Common WealthThe big, rarely asked question about our current economy is who gets the benefits of common wealth? Common wealth has several components. One consists of gifts of nature we inherit together: our atmosphere and oceans, water­sheds and wetlands, forests and fertile plains, and so on (including, of course, fossil fuels).

Why Corruption Looks Different In China Than In The West

Why Corruption Looks Different In China Than In The WestThere has been significant suspicion in Australia and elsewhere on the wealth of particular business people, investors and companies from China. There’s always the suggestion that there is something unacceptable about it...

Does More Regulation Lead To More Fraud?

Does More Regulation Lead To More Fraud?When top-level managers find governance mechanisms too coercive, they’re more likely to commit fraud, according to a new paper.

How to Break the Power of Money

How to Break the Power of MoneyWe can refuse to accept the pervasive, but false, claims that money is wealth and a growing GDP improves the lives of all.

Why a Tax on Wall Street Trades is a Great Idea

Why a Tax on Wall Street Trades is a Great IdeaOne of Bernie Sanders’s most important proposals didn’t receive enough attention and should become a law even without a president Sanders. Hillary Clinton should adopt it for her campaign.

There Is Another Way To Do Capitalism

There Is Another Way To Do CapitalismMarissa Mayer tells us a lot about why Americans are so angry, and why anti-establishment fury has become the biggest single force in American politics today.

How To Reverse The Widening Racial Wealth Gap

How To Reverse The Widening Racial Wealth GapWealth inequality is even more of a problem than income inequality. That’s because you have to have enough savings from income to begin to accumulate wealth – buying a house or investing in stocks and bonds, or saving up to send a child to college.

Here Is Where Bernie's Justice Ideas Already Work

college in denmark 4 9In an election year, we hear endless promises of what our politicians will do to help the people. But are the ideas we’re hearing from Bernie Sanders and others—like Medicare for all, free college tuition, paid family leave—just slogans to pander to voters suffering under stagnating wages and burdensome debt? Could those ideas ever actually take hold?

Why Even $15 An Hour Is Not Enough In Some States

Why Even $15 An Hour Is Not Enough In Some StatesLow-wage workers nationwide have been campaigning for a $15 hourly "living wage" and the right to organize without employer labor law-breaking. But a new think tank report says that in most states, $15 is not enough - even for one person.

Why Do We Assume That Life Is Fair?

Why Do We Assume That Life Is Fair?Income inequality in America has been growing rapidly, and is expected to increase. While the widening wealth gap is a hot topic in the media and on the campaign trail, there’s quite a disconnect between the perceptions of economists and those of the general public.

The Rest of the Story About Greece

greece debtEU’s economic demands seek to derail small business and local communities, paving the way for multinational corporate giants. One demand is that Greece abolish any laws restricting the days or hours a business can operate despite the fact that several European countries including have enacted such policies to protect workers and small business, including Germany.

Cracking Down On The New Teflon Dons And Their Crime Families

Cracking Down On The New Teflon Dons And Their Crime FamiliesLike green-shaded teflon dons – mobster John Gotti’s nickname for managing to stay out of jail – the largest banks have been repeatedly prosecuted over the past decade and yet have so far avoided any harsher consequences. Instead they’ve received “deferred prosecutions” or non-prosecutions that trade criminal charges for promised reforms and criminal fines.

America's $124 Billion Secret Welfare Program

Social Security Disabilty Abuse

The fact that abuse of the Social Security Disability system is occurring is no revelation for it has been known for some time to all but the casual observer. Some people are and have been drawing funds when they are not actually disabled.

Why the Trader Joe's Model Benefits Workers--And the Bottom-Line

Trader Joes

A well paid, healthy, happy employee is a more productive employee. How much more productive? Very, and there are plenty of examples of these employees paying for themselves. Why don't most businesses do the same? Because shorting an employee's wages flows into the pockets of the management and owners for awhile.


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