White Men Replace Black Men As Most Feared

Man With A Gun

The despicable stereotype that the black man is to be feared from the get go has long lived in the south. Many injustices have been tolerated by the white population at the mere hint of "you should be afraid. be very very afraid". Of course this is no more true today than it was in 1850 and points in between. But perhaps it is projection by the group we should most fear, if anyone is to be feared.

Hold Your Tongue Martha. He Might Have a Gun.

Florida recently passed a remarkable if not horrifying milestone. It has issued its 1,000,000 concealed carry gun permit. The population of Florida is some 19 million plus. Twenty percent of those are children, that leaves 15 million. Of those remaining, 50% are women. That leaves about 8 million potential gunslinger men. Of those 57% are white. So that leaves about 4.5 million white gun toters. Of which nearly 1 in 4 are potentially carrying a concealed weapon. The saving grace? Loaded guns are heavy and tiring to carry. Thank goodness for small blessings.

Men, Married, Southerners Most Likely to Be Gun Owners

GALLUP - Nearly two-thirds of Southern married men own guns. Men are three times more likely than women to personally own guns, representing one of the largest demographic differences in gun ownership, according to an analysis of Gallup polls from 2007 to 2012. Gun ownership also varies significantly by region, with Southerners more likely to own guns than those living in other regions of the United States. Marriage is also a strong predictor of gun ownership.

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Which Kills More People in Your State — Cars or Guns?

Not long after the massacre at Sandy Hook school massacre in Newtown, Conn., Bloomberg published a study suggesting that by 2015, guns would kill more Americans than traffic accidents do.

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