How Was I Supposed To Know There Would Be Six More Weeks of Winter

I Don't Believe In ScienceI Don't Believe In Science

How global warming prevented spring's arrival

Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring - but boy was he wrong! So what's causing these frigid temperatures and winter conditions to stick around across much of the US? Scientists from NOAA and various university climatology departments said that melting Arctic sea ice may be weakening the planet's jet stream currents - and causing extreme weather systems to linger in the United States.

The bottom line here is that - if we do nothing to curb the current rate of climate change - the Arctic will continue to lose ice - the Arctic waters will continue to warm - and the jet stream will continue to slow. And while we may think that freezing temperatures and snow storms during the first week of spring are bad now - just wait.

If we continue on the path that we're on - and continue to do nothing to stop the devastating effects of climate change - we won't just be talking about freezing temperatures during the first week of spring. We'll be talking about the beginning of an out-of-control spiral of weather effects that could range from a new ice age to the death of our oceans.

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The Energy Glut: Climate Change and the Politics of Fatnessby Ian Roberts. Expertly tells the story of energy in society, and places 'fatness' next to climate change as manifestations of the same fundamental planetary malaise. This exciting book argues that the pulse of fossil fuel energy not only started the process of catastrophic climate change, but also propelled the average human weight distribution upwards. It offers and appraises for the reader a set of personal and political de-carbonising strategies.

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Last Stand: Ted Turner's Quest to Save a Troubled Planet by Todd Wilkinson and Ted Turner. Entrepreneur and media mogul Ted Turner calls global warming the most dire threat facing humanity, and says that the tycoons of the future will be minted in the development of green, alternative renewable energy. Through Ted Turner's eyes, we consider another way of thinking about the environment, our obligations to help others in need, and the grave challenges threatening the survival of civilization.

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