How To Get Ready For Hurricane Season

How To Get Ready For Hurricane Season

The official Atlantic hurricane season begins on June 1, even as many communities are still recovering from a destructive year in 2018.

Why The US Great Plains Has Such Epic Weather

Why The US Great Plains Has Such Epic Weather

From 78 degrees on Tuesday to snow on Wednesday? Swings like this aren’t unusual in the central United States, where weather can quickly shift from one extreme to another.

Are Natural Disasters On The Rise?

Are Natural Disasters On The Rise?
Natural disasters have filled our news in recent weeks. They wreak havoc in poor and vulnerable communities and cost billions in recovery and aid funding.

How Relaxed Environmental Regulations Heighten Risk During Natural Disasters

How Relaxed Environmental Regulations Heighten Risk During Natural DisastersHeavy rains following Hurricane Florence have raised concerns over the release of toxic materials. Ash from coal-fired power plants stored at a landfill has spilled out and the state of North Carolina has said dozens of sites have released hog waste or are at risk of doing so.

How Meteorologists Predict The Next Big Hurricane

How Meteorologists Predict The Next Big HurricaneHurricane Florence is heading toward the U.S. coast, right at the height of hurricane season. Hurricanes can cause immense damage due to the winds, waves and rain, not to mention the chaos as the general population prepares for severe weather. The latter is getting more relevant, as the monetary damage from disasters is trending up. The growing coastal population and infrastructure, as well as rising sea level, likely contribute to this increase in costs of damage.

How To Know If Climate Change Caused The Weather

How To Know If Climate Change Caused The WeatherAfter an unusually intense heat wave, downpour, or drought, Noah Diffenbaugh and his research group inevitably get phone calls and emails asking whether human-caused climate change played a role.

What Is The Importance Of Precipitable Water?

extreme weather 3 5As the planet warms, rainfall and weather patterns will change. As temperatures rise, the amount of water in the atmosphere will increase.

Why Europe Must Prepare For Extreme Weather

Why Europe Must Prepare For Extreme WeatherCities and towns across Europe are warned to adapt to the battering they face from intense storms as extreme weather events become more frequent.

El Niño Is Over, But It Has Left Its Mark Across The World

El Niño Is Over, But It Has Left Its Mark Across The WorldThe 2015-16 El Niño has likely reached its end. Tropical Pacific Ocean temperatures, trade winds, cloud and pressure patterns have all dropped back to near normal, although clearly the event’s impacts around the globe are still being felt.

El Niño Takes Its Toll on Southeast Asia

cracked earth 5 29Drought has spread in several provinces of Mindanao Island. Photo from the Facebook page of RMP-NMR Rising temperatures and water shortages are affecting many countries in Southeast Asia, thanks to the El Niño climate phenomenon.

Has Climate Change Really Improved U.S. Weather?

Flooding in Houston, April 18, 2016. Laurence Simon/Flickr, CC BY-SAAccording to a new report published in “Nature” on April 20, 2016 by Patrick Egan and Megan Mullin, weather conditions have “improved” for the vast majority of Americans over the past 40 years. This, they argue, explains why there has been little public demand so far for a policy response to climate change.

Rainstorms Raise An Airborne Dust Problem

Splashes from raindrops are an unexpected source of fine soil particles in the atmosphere. Image: Elvis Payne via FlickrAnalysis of air samples shows that the cleansing effect of heavy rainfall is diminished by organic particles spattering up into the atmosphere from the soil.

The Rising Extreme Weather Offers A Warning Of Environmental Dangers

The Rising Extreme Weather Offers A Warning Of Environmental DangersThe world’s climate is already changing. Extreme weather events (floods, droughts, and heatwaves) are increasing as global temperatures rise. While we are starting to learn how these changes will affect

Seven Spectacular Weather Events And What Causes Them

Seven Spectacular Weather Events And What Causes ThemThe weather might seem like it creates weeks of dreary, grey drizzle. But it can also put on a truly sensational – and, often, deadly – show. But what explains these explosive events?

What Is Messing With Weather Patterns? Rossby Waves That Is

What Is Messing With U.S. Weather Patterns? Rossby WavesThis is the year of obscure atmospheric phenomenon. The polar vortex chilled everyone’s winter. Methane releases might be carving mysterious craters in the Arctic ice. And blocking patterns got the blame for Colorado’s so-called thousand-year flood.

Study Predicts El Niño For Late This Year

Study Predicts El Nino For Late This Year

A new study shows that there is at least a 76 percent likelihood that an El Niño event will occur later this year, potentially reshaping global weather patterns for a year or more and raising the odds that 2015 will set a record for the warmest year since instrument records began in the late 19th century.

Africa Exports A Weather Warning System To Brazil

Africa Exports A Weather Warning System To Brazil

As extreme weather events become more common because of climate change, the mobile phone is increasingly being recognised as an important tool for warnings that can not only save lives – but also, in Brazil, the coffee crop.

The Story for Spring: Drought Relief Not Likely

NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center released its Spring Outlook on March 21. The big story for the upcoming spring: relief for many drought-stricken areas of the United States is not likely.

US Winter Warmer and Wetter So Far

Febuary Climate Summary

After a record year in 2012, will 2013 continue the trend? According to the February State of The Climate summary from NOAA, this winter has been warmer and wetter in much of the continental US. We will have to wait for the March summary to see if temperatures topple the record for March of 2012.

Australia's Floods Return

Australia Flood

Australia ramped up its military response to deadly flooding in the country's northeast Tuesday, as troops prepared for a massive clean-up operation following storms which killed four and left thousands of homes swamped.


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