Future Storms Like Sandy Will Pack A Wallop

Super Storm Sandy

The energy released by 2012′s Superstorm Sandy in the US was so immense that it triggered seismic waves which registered on equipment designed to detect earthquakes.

Fast Moving Climate Zones Speed Extinction

Fast Moving Climate Zones Speed Extinction
An increasingly warm climate will mean ever more rapid changes in the Earth’s climatic zones, researchers say, and the species that live there will face a heightened extinction risk.

Continental Climate Changes Vary Widely

Work by an international scientific team has disclosed what the patterns of climate change have been across almost all the Earth’s continents over the past millennium. and sometimes longer.

Changes In The Weather Patterns

The authors found that heat waves are occurring more often, while cold waves have been decreasing. That shift is recognized to be in keeping with a warming climate.

Time For The Annual Arctic Melt Vigil

Arctic Melt Ready To Start

The Arctic sea ice melt vigil has begun. Arctic melt is of great importance because it affects the climate of the planet in general and the weather of the northern latitudes in particular.

Islands In The Climate Change Stream

jet stream

Be it in the oceans, on the land, or in the air and from the American breadbasket to the Siberian icy forests, to the land down under. global warming is occurring rapidly, right before our eyes.

Global Warming Will Cost You, Now Not Later

Climate Costs

Think the costs of global warming is something future generations will have to face? Think again. Whether it be drought in the US bread basket or intensified storms in the Northeast, it will cost you now, not later. From increased casualty insurance premiums to the price of strawberries, prepare to open your wallet a little wider.

Storms are Getting Stronger

What exactly does it mean for storms to get “stronger”? Does it mean faster winds? A larger wind field? Lower pressure at the center? More rain and snowfall? Higher storm surges?

It's Not Just About The Birds and The Bees: Are Low Priced Vegetables At Risk?

Bees Pollinating Vegetaples

Once upon a time the doctrine of man's dominion over the earth  implied stewardship. Now many just call for an end to the EPA.  If we continue on this course, it might mean an end to more than to the EPA. But really, ending the EPA is only about ending regulation so that the few can profit at the expense of the many.

Drought Across America Continues Its Toll

Texas Cows Suffer From Drought

According to Rebecca Lindsey of the National Climate Data Center the list of impacts from the U.S. drought seems endless.  There have been record-low hay stocks,  significant damage to house foundations, ethanol and beef processing plants idled, and mandatory water restrictions. In one Texas county alone there have been at least 25,000 dead pecan trees.


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