Delays Of UK’s Nuclear Program

Delays Of UK’s Nuclear Program

The British government’s promise not to subsidise new nuclear power stations in the UK looks set to torpedo its own stated energy policy which is to build a range of new reactors to keep the lights on.

Alpine Lakes Of Austria Are Warming Up.

Alpine Lakes Of Austria Are Warming Up.

On both sides of the Atlantic scientists studying lakes have discovered they are warming – and this is bad news both for water quality and the fish. The Alpine lakes of Austria are warming up. By 2050, their surface waters could be up to 3°C warmer, according to new research in the journal Hydrobiologia.

China/US Agreement Necessary For World To Avoid Climate Catastrophe

China/US Agreement Necessary For World To Avoid Climate CatastropheChina/US Agreement Necessary For World To Avoid Climate CatastropheNew hope for the climate with US/China agreement?

One of the great stumbling blocks of climate talks in the last 15 years has been that America refuses to move to cut emissions of greenhouse gases until China does – but at the weekend leaders of the world’s two great polluters reached agreement to phase out one of the most potent of them hydrofluorocarbons (HCFs).

Plenty Of Surprises As World Warms

Plenty Of Surprises As World Warms

Estimating how alterations in rainfall patterns will affect tree growth in different regions is a puzzling business. Nobody knows for certain what climate change will bring but on the basis of the latest research by plant ecologists, one thing has been established: there will be surprises.

Thunderstorms To Batter As Earth Warms

Thunderstorms To Batter As Earth Warms

Forecasting is still difficult but it looks like the world will become a more stormy place in the years ahead. More intense thunderstorms combined with damaging winds are expected to occur because of climate change, according to speakers at the seventh European Conference on Severe Storms being held in Helsinki, Finland.

Arid Regions Plant Growth Surges With CO2 Rise

New study predicts a big jump in foliage growth in arid regions as carbon dioxide levels increase.Australian scientists have solved one piece of the climate puzzle. They have confirmed the long-debated fertilization effect.

Rising Acidity Threatens Squid

That jet-propelled cephalopod of the seas, the squid, could be in for a hard time. As atmospheric carbon dioxide levels rise, so the oceans become more acid, and this is not good news for one of the most important animals of the ocean ecosystem.

The Warming Oceans Are Confirmed By 19 Century Data

The Warming Oceans Are Confirmed By 19 Century Data

Indications the rate of warming in oceans is greater than previously thought. Now scientists are using data collected during the Challenger’s four year expedition to try to understand the heat content of the oceans.

Panamanians Reject UN Forest Plan

Panamanians Reject UN Forest Plan

A flagship UN policy designed to help to save the world’s forests faces rejection by indigenous groups in Panama, who believe it is being used in an attempt to usurp their ownership.

Majority Face Water Shortages Within Two Generations

Majority Face Water Shortages Within Two Generations

The majority of the 9 billion people on Earth will live with severe pressure on fresh water within the space of two generations as climate change, pollution and over-use of resources take their toll, 500 scientists have warned.

Be Warned: Hurricane Season To Be More Intense

Be Warned: Hurricane Season To Be More Intense

One of the factors which has prompted US scientists to warn of intensified hurricane activity in the Atlantic this year is warmer water temperatures, linking storm frequency with climate change.

New York City’s Summers May Heat Up

New York City’s Summers May Heat Up

Cities are liable to heat up much more than open countryside as the climate warms – and in the case of New York City, this could mean a big increase in heat-related deaths.

Arctic Tundra Will Turn To Forest

Arctic Tundra Will Turn To Forest

The Good News for humans is the arctic will be warmer and it will sprout forests although it will be bad news for many other animal species. The Bad News? Southern areas will also be warmer and be deforested. Perhaps you can move to Russia or Canada, eh.

Widespread Greenland Melting A Sign of Things to Come

Widespread Greenland Melting A Sign of Things to Come

When 97 percent of Greenland’s ice experienced at least some melting in July 2012, scientists wondered if it was a one-time phenomenon. Now a new study in Geophysical Research Letters indicates it is a sign of things to come and by 2025, there is a 50-50 chance of it happening annually.

Migration Of Fish Reveals The Oceans Are Warming

Migration Of Fish Reveals The Oceans Are Warming

Scientists have wrestled for years with the problem of detecting evidence of climate change in the oceans. Now a Canadian team has found a way to do so: by working out what temperatures suit different fish species.

UK Farm Pests Linked To Warming Climate

UK Farm Pests Linked To Warming Climate

Agricultural scientists are linking several pests and diseases affecting British farming with climate change, posing problems for both livestock and crops.

Can Tricking Mother Nature Save the Planet?

As the carbon dioxide in the air hits 400 parts per million for the first time in human history, some are arguing that the best way address climate change is to use the controversial practice of geoengineering — the deliberate altering of the Earth’s ecological and climate systems to counter the effects of global warming.

Pollution Helps Clouds To Slow Warming

Pollution Helps Clouds To Slow Warming

Unexpected, perhaps, but true – clouds are sending more sunlight back out into space because pollution from human activities is making them more reflective.

If The Oceans Die - We Die!

 If The Oceans Die - We Die!

Our society's addiction to fossil fuels is not only polluting our skies and wreaking havoc on our climate - it's also threatening to kill one of mankind's most precious resources.

Let Us Not Forget The Other Greenhouse Gases

Let Us Not Forget The Other Greenhouse Gases

The world has a chance to slow the speed of sea level rise and to buy more time for tackling climate change by reducing emissions of some potent pollutants apart from carbon dioxide.

Future Storms Like Sandy Will Pack A Wallop

Super Storm Sandy

The energy released by 2012′s Superstorm Sandy in the US was so immense that it triggered seismic waves which registered on equipment designed to detect earthquakes.

Warming Trees Limit Warming – A Little

Warmer temperature prompts trees to release aerosols which in turn stimulate cloud formation. And that can help to cool the temperature, at least modestly.

Fossil Snails Explain Ancient Transition

Fossilized Snail

The fossilized remains of snails are helping scientists to understand how a fall in carbon dioxide levels signaled the start of a far colder and quite different climate.

Fast Moving Climate Zones Speed Extinction

Fast Moving Climate Zones Speed Extinction
An increasingly warm climate will mean ever more rapid changes in the Earth’s climatic zones, researchers say, and the species that live there will face a heightened extinction risk.

Continental Climate Changes Vary Widely

Work by an international scientific team has disclosed what the patterns of climate change have been across almost all the Earth’s continents over the past millennium. and sometimes longer.

Solar Power Is Here To Stay

Rooftop solar

Solar power is here to stay. So is efficiency and conservative use of electricity. Solar power and local or community production is the best bet for combating global warming. Decentralized and personal production gives home owners and business managers a stake in production and thus conservation.

Solar Link Will Bridge Mediterranean

Renewable energy is rapidly becoming a much more serious possibility, as novel technologies come of age and offer the prospect of a new relationship between Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

China’s Warming Is From Human Causes

China Coal Plants

Floods will become a greater menace in China as warming continues. Work by Chinese scientists which confirms that greenhouse gases are affecting temperatures in the country may prompt more domestic political action to reverse the trend.

Linked Renewables Avoid Blackouts

Linking Renewable Energy Sources

German researchers have found a way to overcome one of the problems with renewable energy – the fact that it is not always available – by linking different options in a unified system.

Changes In The Weather Patterns

The authors found that heat waves are occurring more often, while cold waves have been decreasing. That shift is recognized to be in keeping with a warming climate.

Time For The Annual Arctic Melt Vigil

Arctic Melt Ready To Start

The Arctic sea ice melt vigil has begun. Arctic melt is of great importance because it affects the climate of the planet in general and the weather of the northern latitudes in particular.

Why Big Oil Doesn't Need Uncle Sam's Help

Oil Company Subsidies

Oil companies are drawing government welfare to the tune of some $7 billion a year. That government handout is to one of the most profitable industries in the history of commerce.

Rapid Melting In The Canadian Glaciers

Canadian Glacier

Many of the Canadian far north’s glaciers are likely to have melted by the end of the century, researchers believe, making significant sea-level rise inevitable.

Islands In The Climate Change Stream

jet stream

Be it in the oceans, on the land, or in the air and from the American breadbasket to the Siberian icy forests, to the land down under. global warming is occurring rapidly, right before our eyes.

How To Green the Deserts & Reverse The Impact of Climate Change

How To Green the Deserts & Reverse Climate Change

While many of us are bemoaning the fate of the planet, one man has actually gone out and experimented with solutions to the desertification taking place (grasslands drying out and turning into desert areas) and he has found a solution that works...

Global Warming Will Cost You, Now Not Later

Climate Costs

Think the costs of global warming is something future generations will have to face? Think again. Whether it be drought in the US bread basket or intensified storms in the Northeast, it will cost you now, not later. From increased casualty insurance premiums to the price of strawberries, prepare to open your wallet a little wider.

Storms are Getting Stronger

What exactly does it mean for storms to get “stronger”? Does it mean faster winds? A larger wind field? Lower pressure at the center? More rain and snowfall? Higher storm surges?

History of Drought Offers Clue To Our Climate Future

History Of Drought Offers Clue To Our Clinate Future

As parts of Central America and the U.S. Southwest endure some of the worst droughts to hit those areas in decades, scientists have unearthed new evidence about ancient dry spells that suggest the future could bring even more serious water shortages.

It's Not Just About The Birds and The Bees: Are Low Priced Vegetables At Risk?

Bees Pollinating Vegetaples

Once upon a time the doctrine of man's dominion over the earth  implied stewardship. Now many just call for an end to the EPA.  If we continue on this course, it might mean an end to more than to the EPA. But really, ending the EPA is only about ending regulation so that the few can profit at the expense of the many.

A New Manhattan Project - A lesson from Australia!

Something interesting is happening in Australia. A new study by the research firm Bloomberg New Energy Finance has found that unsubsidized renewable energy is now cheaper than fossil fuels like coal and gas.

Superstorm Sandy and Sea Level Rise

New York Skyline After Sandy

We can’t immediately link Hurricane Sandy itself to climate change, says climate scientist Cynthia Rosenzweig, but the flooding damage we can. Partly due to global warming, sea level has climbed about a foot in the NYC area over the past century, giving storm surges a “step up” along the coast.

Drought Across America Continues Its Toll

Texas Cows Suffer From Drought

According to Rebecca Lindsey of the National Climate Data Center the list of impacts from the U.S. drought seems endless.  There have been record-low hay stocks,  significant damage to house foundations, ethanol and beef processing plants idled, and mandatory water restrictions. In one Texas county alone there have been at least 25,000 dead pecan trees.

A Sign Of Change: Species Move North

A Sign Of Change: Species Move North

One of the ways we can tell how climate is changing is how other living things adapt.  Whether it is the sugar maple tree or the swallowtail butterfly, even the most casual observer detects the differences. These changes, as well higher or lower temperatures, occur as you move north and south and as elevation changes.

2012 One For The Record Books

2012 A Record Year In Warming

On a statewide and seasonal level, 2012 was a year of both temperature and precipitation extremes for the United States. Each state in the CONUS had annual temperatures which were above average. Nineteen states had annual temperatures which were record...


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